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    Just as Hope and Liam fans thought they may get their pay-off, the Bold and the Beautiful writers have torn Hope and Liam further apart.

    With all the circumstances around her marriage to Wyatt now exposed, Hope had been on her way to a life with Liam after confronting Quinn and Wyatt about Quinn’s constant meddling.  Hope had been scathing in her verbal assault of Quinn going so far to tell Quinn that whenever she thought about Wyatt being raised by a mother like her it made Hope want to cry and that she hoped Wyatt now hated Quinn as much as she did.

    When Hope found out about Quinn’s involvement in Ridge’s accident in the Gulf, Hope broke up with Wyatt, in no small part because she couldn’t imagine Quinn as her mother in law or as a grandmother to her children.

    Hope Married Wyatt on the Rebound

    That sentiment was forgotten, however, when Hope rebounded into a marriage with Wyatt when Liam didn’t make it to Paris on time.  The feelings did resurface when Wyatt raised the question of wanting to start a family with Hope.  Hope told Brooke she just couldn’t imagine playing that genetic lottery given the crazy gene that Quinn clearly possessed.  What if it skipped a generation?  Hope decided she wasn’t ready for children – yet.

    Quinn Exposed

    Then Liam showed her the video proof Charlie had provided that it was Quinn’s meddling that had once again interfered with Liam and Hope having their future together.  Had it not been for Quinn pushing Ivy into the Seine, Liam would have made his Parisian rendezvous with Hope and they would have been married.

    Instead, Hope married Wyatt.  Hope and Wyatt arrived home from their honeymoon in Monte Carlo to learn the truth – Liam had been in Paris but been delayed because of Ivy’s accident.  Hope chose to stand by her wedding vows.

    But as the truth came out about Quinn orchestrating Ivy’s accident Hope was prepared to walk out on her marriage and begin life with the love of her life Liam.


    Hope had something she had to do first.  She’d thought she’d been late due to the stress in her life.  Unlike last time she hadn’t wanted to cry wolf and took a pregnancy test to be sure.  She was pregnant.  With Wyatt’s child.  But who did she tell first?  Liam.

    Hope is Pregnant

    With Hope still reeling from the realization herself, Liam went through denial and moved right onto anger.  He asked Hope is she was sure and Hope confirmed that she had taken a test.  She had been ready to come back to Liam – the love of her life and for them to plan their life together.  But she’d had a feeling….a baby – that was Wyatt’s Hope stated – changed everything.

    Liam Comes Up With a Plan

    Liam then presented Hope with the same arguments that Hope presented him when Steffy dropped her bombshell – that she was pregnant with Liam’s baby.

    Liam is the Father?

    A baby didn’t have to change anything.  Liam would raise this baby with Hope.  They would tell everyone the baby was his.  Hope was aghast that Liam would raise his brother’s child as his own.  Alternatively, Liam suggested that if no one but them realized so far that she was pregnant there was time to do something about it.  But not much. Liam didn’t say the words “abortion” but it was clearly what he meant.

    Hope told Liam that she couldn’t do that.  Sure they would have their life together but it would be tainted by Hope always wondering who her baby would have turned out to be.  Liam understood.

    Hope Will Raise her Baby with Wyatt

    So Hope would have a baby with Wyatt – and they would share that magical bond, but Hope could be married to him.  But Hope vetoed that idea – for the same reasons Liam didn’t consider that an option when Steffy was pregnant with his child.


    Hope had grown up with a range of wonderful father figures – Nick and Ridge amongst them – but they weren’t her dad.  All she’d wanted was her dad.  Hope told Liam she couldn’t do to this child what her mother had done to her.  Hope kissed Liam goodbye and told him that for all the meddling that people had done in their relationship they could never take away their memories.[hr]

    Hope prepares for a life raising her baby with its father – Wyatt – which means saying goodbye to the love of her life – Liam.

    [hr] Where to now?

    Warning – below contains pure speculation of where Hope’s pregnancy storyline COULD go.  These are not intended to be read as spoilers.

    So Hope is pregnant and she seems certain that the child is Wyatt’s.  It is true there were never any Hope and Liam love scenes played out of screen before Hope married Wyatt, but that needn’t mean it didn’t happen.  The mere fact that Hope spelled out “It’s Wyatt’s” means that perhaps it wouldn’t have been unreasonable for Liam to think it might be his. Of course that piece of dialogue may have been intended more for viewer’s information than anything else.

    What if Hope was Pregnant in Paris?

    That is one area that is open for a storyline twist.  Sure Hope believes the child is her husbands, but she hasn’t been to a doctor or had an ultrasound.  Perhaps she was already pregnant when she headed to Paris?  That would explain her erratic behavior in marrying Wyatt so quickly after Liam failed to make their rendezvous – Hormones…Could the baby be Liam’s yet?

    If this is the route that the storyline takes you can bet Quinn will have something to say about the truth being exposed.  With Quinn’s long list of crazy and criminal behavior it is easy to see her blackmailing Hope’s OBGYN (Dr Caspary?) to keep the truth being revealed and keeping Hope and Wyatt together.

    Who’s the Daddy?

    There’s also the soap opera favorite of changing test results.  Hope’s ultrasound may indicate she is further along in her pregnancy than she thought and Liam may become a contender in a “Who’s the Daddy?” storyline.  That would certainly cast Hope in a very Brooke-like light – as Hope herself stated – in love with two brothers.

    Change the DNA results?

    A “who’s the Daddy” storyline during Hope’s pregnancy could see Hope refusing to put her baby at risk by having an in-utero DNA test forcing everyone to wait for the results until after the baby’s birth.

    Would Quinn change an DNA test?  Again with her long list of misdeeds that’s highly likely.  Of coures Quinn has also been adamant that Hope would stay with Wyatt – almost too confident.  Could Quinn have orchestrated Hope’s pregnancy by messing with her birth control?  How would Hope feel about raising her child with Wyatt if that turned out to be the case?

    Another Baby Tragedy?

    Somewhat less likely is the possibility that Hope will:

    1. Discover she isn’t pregnant after all – Hope has already had a pregnancy scare.  Seems like this pregnancy is the real deal.
    2. Hope’s pregnancy will end under tragic circumstances – since the last two B&B pregnancies ended in miscarriage (Brooke’s and Steffy’s) it seems less likely that Hope’s will.  But never say never!

    Hope, Liam and Wyatt – Not Over Yet

    Whatever route Hope’s pregnancy storyline takes one thing is certain there is years of storyline potential in this one pregnancy.  The Hope, Liam and Wyatt love triangle is a long way from over…


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