The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: September 22 – 26, 2014

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (September 22 – 26, 2014): A kiss between a mystery couple; Will Hope stay with Wyatt or go back to Liam? Maya plants seeds of doubt with Rick and Katie over their relationships

    Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy

    Wyatt tells his mother that his future and his marriage are in jeopardy because of her. Deluded  Quinn doesn’t believe it.  In her heart she believes that Wyatt and Hope are going to grow old together.

    Meanwhile, Liam is telling Hope that he will do whatever it takes.  he is not letting go of her.  That is not an option.  He is not accepting any other way.

    Liam tells Hope that if she has Wyatt’s baby it is the end of them.  Hope tells Liam that she can’t do what her mother did to her.  What Hope wants is for this child to have what she didn’t.

    Ivy confronts Quinn about what Quinn did in Paris – pushing Ivy off a bridge and into the Seine so that Liam would miss his rendezvous with Hope.  Quinn feels no guilt over her actions and is unapologetic.  Ivy tells Quinn that because of her Wyatt is about to lose Hope and his marriage – basically everything he cares about.

    Ivy however is left with regrets of her own.  She’s allowed herself to fall for Liam knowing he was still in love with Hope.  With Quinn’s actions now out in the open could Hope also regret her marriage and go back to Liam?  Will Ivy’s first experience in LA be a broken heart?  Quinn tells Ivy she did her a favor.  Ivy reminds Quinn that the only reason Liam and Hope didn’t get married was because Liam didn’t make it to the Eiffel Tower in time

    It could well be.  Liam is determined that he and Hope still have a chance and he lays out a plan to Hope for them to be together.  Will Hope walk out on her marriage?  Not if Wyatt has anything to do with it.  He begs Hope just as convincingly as Liam, but Wyatt wants Hope to stay in her marriage.

    Hope goes back to Wyatt.  Wyatt tells Hope that they are together for a reason and it has nothing to do with Liam or his mother.  (No its now because of a baby…)

    Meanwhile everyone weighs in on what Hope will do not realizing that Hope is pregnant.  Aly notes to Ivy that Hope and Wyatt don’t have the same connection that Hope and Liam have. Ivy thinks its true what is said about Logan women (?).  They can have any man they want and once they have them; they never let go.

    Liam paces his home.  Any chance he had with Hope was gone before Pam and Charlie even showed him that video, he tells someone…(Bill?)

    Hope tells Brooke  that instead of telling Liam we were going to start a life together I had to tell him there was no chance.  Hope is going to spend the rest of her life being so grateful for her family.

    Liam realizes that Wyatt doesn’t know the full reason why Hope chose to stay in her marriage.

    Ridge and Katie

    Though Katie is thankful that Caroline has been able to do something she hasn’t – help Ridge with his drawing problem – Katie is also questioning the strength of her relationship with Ridge.  She’s been wearing that engagement string for months but Ridge has been too involved with his own issues to make any plans for their future.  It is hard for Katie not to see the chemistry between Ridge and Caroline and the almost spiritual experience they share when they design together.

    Maya places doubt in Ricks mind about his wife.  Maya also plays on Katie’s insecurities that she has been “orphaned” by Ridge and Caroline as well (presumably Rick is the other orphan).  Maya sincerely tells Katie that she doesn’t want what happened to her and Rick to happen to Katie and Ridge (Caroline stealing their men!)

    Ridge tells Caroline that he needs her.

    Katie asks Ridge how long he thinks his collaboration with Caroline will last.  Ridge asks Katie if she’s jealous.  Ridge tells Katie he and Caroline have a partnership and its working.  Why does Katie want to mess with it?

    Bill, Deacon and Brooke

    Bill and Deacon  vie for Brooke’s romantic attentions.  Bill gets some news that he hopes will persuade Brooke to take him back – the dress maker is designing again!  Bill tells Brooke he wants her back in his life – as his wife.

    Caroline, Rick and Maya

    Maya sees Ridge and Caroline’s new close working arrangement as an opportunity to cause friction between Rick and his wife.  Maya still wants Rick and has been very open and determined in her pursuit. Now Maya has another angle to work.  She also works on Katie questioning her and Ridge’s relationship.  Katie though appreciative of Caroline helping Ridge clearly has insecurities regarding her relationship with Ridge having confided in Brooke about them.

    With Maya constantly working her angle on Rick and Caroline’s relationship and Caroline keeping the secret about Ridge’s inability to draw from her husband (and boss) Rick begins to wonder where Caroline’s loyalties actually lie.


    Next Week’s Spoilers!


    B&B Recaps and History


    Monday September 22, 2014 – Hope is Pregnant!

    Tuesday September 23, 2014 – Hope stays with Wyatt!

    Wednesday September 24, 2014 – Hope tells Wyatt she’s staying

    Thursday September 25, 2014 – Liam realizes Wyatt doesn’t know

    Friday September 26, 2014 – Brooke gets two proposals!


    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Buzz: In the coming weeks:

    Deacon keeps working towards his goal – Brooke – But Bill Spencer isn’t giving up on Brooke either.

    Brooke takes some time out from her life in Los Angeles and head to the Forrester Creations Milan office (Katherine Kelly Lang is taking a sebatical from The Bold and the Beautiful to take part in Italy’s version of Dancing with the Stars.  Lang’s first performance is on October 4, 2014.  Fear not Brooke fans, Brooke and Katherine Kelly Lang will be back later in the year.  Could B&B see this as an opportunity for an Italian remote shoot?  Cast are already in the Netherlands in early October….

    Ivy’s father, John Forrester, comes to town.  He visits with Ivy and reconnects with his older brother , Eric.  Who is John Forrester?

    Hope realizes that her marriage is too damaged to survive while Liam considers a future with Ivy.

    Maya is presented with an unexpected opportunity and seizes it.  Could Caroline’s new relationship with Ridge (through helping him with his drawing) give Maya the opportunity she wants to become a Forrester?

    Quinn and Deacon’s plan takes a deadly turn.  Not surprising really given Quinn’s plans have all had a deadly or potentially deadly element…Quinn is also using Ridge as a pawn to keep Bill and Brooke apart.

    European adventure again early winter – this time the destination is Amsterdam.

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



    1. Am so sick of the wyatt hope liam triangle…she married wyatt she did not have to rush off and marry him right then. Stop blaming eveone butthat brooke wanna be….sick of it put liam wih ivy leave wyatt with his wife and get on. With something else

      • I beg to differ let Liam and hope be together they deserve it and start on another couple with all of this drama. I am so tired of people trying to keep them two apart. Put ivy and Wyatt together.

      • I totally agree Alisha. Is this the only storyline the writers know? Personally if I were Liam, I would not want her back anyway after she has “slept” with Wyatt over and over again even before Saint Hope married Wyatt. She is just like her mother. If Hope is pregnant, this is going to go on forever. It will be Liam’s but Quinn will switch the DNA sample and substitute Wyatt’s. Then as time passes, the baby or child or teenager, will get really really sick and only Liam will have the right blood type. Surprise surprise surprise….I quit watching this show several months ago and just turned it back on last week. Ha! SOSO…

    2. And another thing I think Liam and hope have been put through this for far to long. They deserve to be happy together not with anyone esle. First, it was Steffy now it’s wyatt come on people give true love a break Liam and hope belongs together just let it be.I think wyatt and ivy would make an awsome couple it’s not fair that the two of them fall for two people who has a past and very much in love with one another they just can’t seem to let go so let them be.

      • Agreed. Ivy’s heart can’t be that broken she’s only known Liam for 2 weeks or a month at best!
        Liam and Hope deserves a life together without someone meddling.

      • Hope and Liam let them have a forever. come on Writers get realistic Quinn would have been in jail or prison a long time ago in real life. Let relationships be sacred instead of tearing up everyone one of them


    3. What everyone seems to forget is that HOPE could have waited for Liam but SHE choose not to. That is all on her. She could have waited a few minutes or longer IF she really believed that Liam would come to Paris for her. BUT she didn’t, when trouble pops its head up with her and liam, she runs. That is her habit. So her marriage to Wyatt was all her choice. No one made her say yes. All she had to do was say no. Wyatt didn’t do anything wrong this time. And Quinn was right, Hope made her own choice who to marry. She needs to stay married to Wyatt at least for a while. Let Liam and Ivy have a go at it. Now as soaps go her and Liam will end up together. As for if they will stay together I doubt it cause Hope doesn’t have faith in their relationship. That is obvious with her running off to marry Wyatt at the 1st sign of trouble. She needs to grow up. Liam needs to leave her alone, and respect her marriage.

    4. Hope and Liam should get the hint and stop trying. How many chances have they had to get it right? Enough already, this storyline is sooo worn out. Let Hope and Wyatt move on already so we can watch some new situations finally!

    5. When is Quinn going to jail. She killed Ricardo, attempted to kill Liam and Ivy. Enuf already. Arrest her. Im sick of her. Hope does not deserve Liam. She just wants 2 men fawning over her. She’s just like her mother. She married Wyatt, so stay with him and all his craziness. Im sick of all of them. Its time to move on The Hope and the Boring.

    6. To much back and forth with Liam and Hope. Move on with a different story line. It’s nice to see Ivy in the picture. I hope you but her with Liam. Hope marriage is not gonna last anyway because she’s to busy worrying about Liam. Ivy is a strong girl like Steffy. She goes after what she wants but won’t stand in the way if she can’t have it. She’s has morals. She gets respect that way.

    7. While Hope thinks of the children she might have being married to Wyatt, how come she doesn’t consider the same forever dumping into the ocean almost killing Ridge and all the who cares attitudes of Liam’s crazy father and the genes he can pass on. Both Liam’s and Wyatt’s parents. Everyone forgets how Liam cheated from the get go on Hope from the night of his stag, orchestrated by his father, and they blame it on Bill not Liam…Lol. Who is the best man is when you add up the dumping on Hope? Liam is a slimy, crummy, weak and inappropriate husband material for Hope. Wyatt from the get go has always been everthing he should be and I don’t know why he doesn’t the credit on the show for it. And why Bill doesn’t get the same nuts time as Quinn on the B&B.
      The storyline is so weak and is getting terribly boring. And Hope…that’s another story. She is being portrayed as a no brainer who takes piles of garbage from men, being Liam. Poor example of a hope for the future. She should have thrown Liam to the curb a long time ago and quit blaming everyone else for her and Liam’s inability to get together. It’s been Liam each time that has thrown her to the curb. Both of them and their quick turn arounds.
      Some poor examples for young ladies sitting at home watching this show.

    8. The owners/writers would be smart to let Liam and Hope have their fairy tale ending before they loose more viewers. Enough! Haven’t they heard the customer is always right. The viewers including myself would like this to end. They deserve to be together. Let wyatt move on with Ivy! Start listening to the viewers. Pretty sure your losing them. Your ratings have probably dropped. Let them marry and have kids.

    9. I agree move on with Hope & Liam! Not before Liam demands Hope get an annulment from Wyatt as she requested he get from Steffy, being that she has been in the shoes Liam is in. Liam is getting a dose of his own Karma from being involved with the only sense of a sister Hope had. He’s had his life threatened and more, so time to call it square and let them be the first happily ever after couple on this show. Ivy and Liam don’t make sense cause it does appear that they are replacing Steffy, Steffy gone so kill that thought of a storyline. Hope is suppose to be an example for young women, so she needs to be with Liam to show a sign of women following their heart and being true to themselves after making a quick unthought out decision. Wyatt is not innocent because his mother knew where to be and what was suppose to happen thanks to him telling her. He knew Quinn was gonna put a twist on things to do whatever she could to make sure Liam didn’t get to Hope. That’s why he was so convinced Liam wouldn’t make it, cause he informed his mommie dearest. I am a devoted fan. Love is not easy, but it weathers all storms. It’s time for their love to be safe and they make their house a home. Wyatt just as wicked as his mother, and likes the fact that Quinn will take the blame to give him what he wants. Get rid of both of them, Wyatt and his mother, they can die together. Maybe that’s too harsh but it’s time to write him out of Hopes life. Including the fact he has ownership to a Diamond thanks to his murderous mother. Wrap that up too, Deacon full of crap too because he know Quinn not right. Bill and Brooke make a good couple, idc what happens with Ridge and Katie or maya and Rick. Time for drama to end with Brooke for sure, and her daughter. They both deserve happiness. Stephanie would want that for the both of them.

    10. The bold and the beautiful is really becoming boring, it always the same story, someone interfere with Hope & liam tell us something different, our interest is really going down & eventually stop watching.

    11. I have only been watching for about a year and I am already tired of this Liam,Hope BS. Let witless Hope stay with idiot wyatt and his crazy mother and let Limn have Ivy. Then move on to Hope having a crazy kid and the heartbreak of the stupid decisions she has made in life. Let Liam and Ivy have a great relationship with Hopeless being green with envy as she puts up with grand ma quinn.
      Let wyatt chew on hopeless last nerves as sh contemplates divorce from chimp boy and runs home to mama,Loosey goosey,as they celebrate Laim and Ivy’s beautiful first born,whereupon Hopeless really contemplates suicide and wyatt stops her because she is preggers ,again.

    12. I agree…..i think Aly or Ivy should be the new face for the Hope of The Future line. Hope is as skanky as her mother and a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT for the message her and her line are suppose to be portraying. Writers, you are losing your audience big time with this sorry story line that you seem to keep going on and on and on about, just like the energizer bunny. Give it up. What you should do is have Quinn be discovered as the culprit for killing Ricardo, and have Ivy press charges so she can go to jail. Then develop a story line with her messing with some inside the lockup and they kill her. Let the baby be Liam’s and Wyatt gets sent to Ital where he hooks up with Brooke.

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