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It has been a bad week for Rick Forrester.  Rick’s father Eric Forrester announced after a visit from his brother, John, announced that he was stepping down as CEO of Forrester Creations. One of his son’s, Ridge or Eric would become Forrester Creations new CEO.

A New CEO for Forrester Creations

Eric called everyone together in his office to make his announcement.  Eric praised both of his sons.  Rick had really stepped up and using the business skills learned while at International pulled them out of financial hole recently.  Eric told Ridge that he was perhaps the world’s best designer – and a man of integrity and honor.

Eric announced Ridge the new CEO of Forrester Creations disappointing Rick.  But there was more to come.

Maya Exposes Caroline and Ridge’s Affair

Maya took exception to Ridge’s appointment and Eric calling Ridge a man of integrity.  She stood up in the meeting and told everyone they would want to hear what she had to say.  Carter tried to stop Maya and Rick tried to tell her that this was a family matter.  But Maya wouldn’t be silenced.  She announced that Caroline and Ridge had been doing more than just designing during their drawing sessions.

She told Rick that he had to know what Caroline was doing behind his back and on hers.  Caroline and Ridge were having an affair Maya announced.

Just Kisses….

No one believed Maya’s accusations.  Eric tried to have Maya kicked out of the meeting.  But Maya challenged Ridge and Caroline to say it wasn’t true.

A teary Caroline told Rick that she and Ridge weren’t having an affair, but that something had happened.  They’d kissed a few times.  Caroline begged Rick to forgive them after explaining that they’d simply gotten carried away with the feelings triggered by designing together.  But Rick couldn’t see past the animosity that had been a consistent part of his relationship with Ridge.

Family History Blame Game

The conversation quickly degraded to a family history blame game.

Rick accused Eric of choosing Ridge as CEO out of some kind of loyalty to Stephanie – choosing her son to run the company, rather than his own blood son.  Rick said he’d proven himself over and over and thought he was finally going to be rewarded for his hard work.

But Ridge had taken his job – and now he learns – his wife too.


Eric was disappointed in Ridge – he had the maturity to know better than to kiss his brother’s wife – regardless of the circumstances.  Eric asks if Ridge had manipulated this whole situation secure his position as CEO.  Ridge denied it.

Eric told Ridge that when he hurt Rick, his blood, he hurt him.  Ridge was hurt that this would again become about him not being Eric’s blood son.  He also told Eric that he knew about his children hurting.  He’d watched his child die in his arms – because of Rick.

Caroline was Tempted

Caroline tried to bring the conversation back to what this was about.  She and Ridge had betrayed Rick and she begged her husband to forgive them.  They didn’t have an affair.  They shared a few kisses but put an end to it.  Maya had her own agenda, Caroline reminded Rick and that was why she had blown this out of proportion.  Ridge had to agree that Maya’s agenda was showing.

Rick, however, was too hurt and betrayed by everything that had happened that day.  He stormed out of the office and told them he didn’t want to hear what any of them had to say.

Rick, However, Cheats….

An emotional Rick went to the cabin on Brooke’s property where Caroline and Ridge had shared their final design session – and kisses.  He smashed the photo of his and Caroline’s wedding and fell to the floor in tears.

Maya entered…She told Rick she was sorry he was hurting but that she felt he had to know what Caroline and Ridge were up to.  Maya told Rick she still loved him and had since the day they’d met at Daisy’s.  Maya told him that he’d turned to her then, because he and Caroline had been having difficulties.  Maya asked him to turn to her again.  And he did.

Maya and Rick kissed and sunk onto the sofa.  Maya awoke next to Rick on the floor of the cabin the following morning.  She happily reflected on their lovemaking last night.  She left with her clothes and Rick’s wedding ring and headed to the main house, where she made herself at home.  Maya was certain she would now have the life (with Rick) that she wanted so badly.

Caroline Goes Looking for Rick

When Rick didn’t come home, call her, or turn up to work the following day, Caroline went looking for Rick.  She found him – at Brooke’s home.  She begged her husband to talk to her.  But when Maya turned up in a robe behind Rick Caroline realized what had happened there.

“No, you didn’t” Caroline cried despite it being clear that Rick’s response to Caroline being tempted by Ridge ended with Rick breaking his….Rick only had two words for Caroline “Screw you.”

Is this the end for Caroline and Rick?  Tell us what you think in the comments section below…


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