Days of our Lives Spoilers – October 27 – 31, 2014

This week on Days of our Lives (October 27 – 31, 2014): Sami and Will farewell Salem for Hollywood. John confronts Theresa, Kristen takes her evidence to Brady. Brady doesn’t believe Kristin – initially.  Kristen finds a new romantic interest?

It’s time to bid farewell to Sami Brady….


Sami’s time in Salem draws to a close….How does Sami leave?  She accepts the offer from Hollywood to enter the “Sami Brady” business.  Sami will soon find out where life is weirder – Salem or Hollywood  J

Sami’s decision sends shock waves through her family.  Look for a trip down memory lane as Sami makes her farewells (read:  Flashbacks!).

Sami and Lucas reflect on their long-standing relationship which has seen it go through friendship, hate, love and back to friendship.

Sami may also make peace with Abigail.

Who will becomes Salem’s future schemer?  Looks like that baton may be passed over to cousin Ciara! How will Ciara try to benefit from Sami’s fortune?


Will also receives an offer to go to Hollywood (thanks to his mom) to good to pass up.  Unfortunately, Will doesn’t consult with Sonny on his big decision.  Yet, a broken hearted Sonny stands by Will as he sees him off to pursue his dreams.

Jennifer, Daniel and Kristen and Brady

Believing that Daniel is involved with Kristen after finding them drinking champagne together, Jennifer sees that her relationship with Daniel is over.  Angry Jennifer ends their relationship.

Kristen drops a bombshell on Brady who doesn’t believe Kristen’s claims.  Kristen tells Brady that it was Theresa who did this to his father.  Brady  ultimately learns that Kristen was telling the truth when he walks in on John and Theresa at the hospital.  Brady receives more than his share of shocks from the women he has surrounded himself with as he realizes the truth.  It leaves Brady shattered.

Daniel and Kristen do form a deeper bond that is does not aid Kristen’s agenda…Brady enters Daniels apartment as Daniel and Kristen hit the sheets.

Theresa is exposed – by Kristen and John. Brady learns some shocking truths…

Theresa and John

John has a plan to trick Theresa. John confronts Theresa. He tells Theresa that the person that his him that night wasn’t’ Brady – it was Theresa.  Brady enters to hear the truth and realizes Kristen was right.  John and Theresa argue.  Marlena wants answers.

Paige and JJ, Eve and Kayla

Paige isn’t so sweet when she goes after Jill.  Paige wants answers from Jill. Eve confronts Kayla over Jacks past misdeeds (Jack raped Kayla back in the day).

Hope and Aiden

Someone from Aiden’s past turns up to muddy the waters in his relationship with Hope.  Turns out Hope and Aiden’s paths have crossed in the past.  How are their pasts connected?

Jordan and Chad

Jordan and Chad share a first kiss.  Chad is pleased with himself.  Not everyone thinks these two should be dating.


Next Week’s Days Spoilers


Down the Track on Days of our Lives:

The past causes friction in a new relationship.

Someone leaves and someone returns.

Look for a reveal to test more than one relationship.

Someone’s return to Salem changes the landscape for many in Salem….

Christelle Strause tweeted that her time at Days of our Lives has come to an end.  How does Jordan leave Salem?  Look for a final airdate (and answers) during March 2015.
The text below contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



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