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EJ is Shot

Cliffhanger Friday ended last week with EJ DiMera taking a bullet from his own henchman.  EJ stood stony faced for a moment, then grabbed his belly and sunk to his knees.  He looked at the blood on his hands and fell, face first, onto the ground.

Sami, who had heard the gunshot, yelled out for her husband. She paced around the park looking for cell service until she found it and rang for help.  There had been a gunshot and someone could need help she told the 911 operator.

Sami finds EJ

Sami tried calling EJ on his cell which went through to voice mail.  She resumed searching for him – and found him, lying face up on the dirt. Sami begged her husband to open his eyes – and he did!

I don’t want to leave you EJ spluttered to Samantha.  Sami told EJ to fight.  To stay with her and not give up.

Tell the children….Sami cut him off knowing what EJ was trying to tell her.  Tell the children I love them.  EJ then told Sami she was worth everything.  Sami told EJ she loves him and to hang in there with her.

I love you Samantha. EJ told his wife.

EJ Dies in Sami’s Arms

I love you EJ DiMera.  Sami kissed EJ and he closed his eyes – dying in Samantha’s arms.  All Sami could say over and over again that she loves him.

Rafe arrived and hurried the EMT’s to the scene.  Sami was almost hysterical telling them to just stop the blood coming out and recounting all the times EJ had almost died in the past.  Abe arrived also.  He called it in.  EJ DiMera has been shot.  Rafe spoke to the EMT’s. Rafe then  tried to tell Sami EJ was gone. But Sami wouldn’t hear it.  Abe told Rafe you’re never ready even if you know it’s coming.

At the hospital Sami asked if EJ was going into surgery.  Rafe told her that EJ was gone and she now has to let the EMT’s crew do their jobs.  He didn’t have his ring Sami says.  EJ would never have taken it off. It must have been stolen.

Rafe stayed with Sami. Sami wanted to see EJ.  Rafe isn’t sure that’s a good idea but went to organize it anyway.

The Truth Sinks In

EJ’s phone rang.  Sami answered.  Where is my son Stefano wanted to know.  Sami tolds Stefano she couldn’t put EJ on the phone – the EMT’s took him to the morgue. Stefano says she’s lying but Sami wasn’t listening after dropping the phone

On the other end of the phone Stefano wailed: my son!

Sami asked Roman to pick up the kids from Will and Sonny’s party and take them to the house until she gets there.  She has to see EJ.  Roman agreed since Rafe would be with her.  When Rafe told Sami she could see EJ, Sami rushed out.

In the morgue Sami put her head on EJ’s chest and realized she couldn’t hear his heart beat.  She broke down and cried.

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Who Shot EJ?

OK so that question has been answered.  EJ’s henchman shot EJ.  But whose orders was he under?  EJ has been racking up enemies lately, and was concerned for his life once his father, Stefano, disowned him.

Hench dude’s loyalties have come into question.  He appeared to be working for EJ, but Clyde had also been swaying the hired goon to work with him instead.  So who was the shooter working for?  There are quite a few options, some more surprising than others.


Clyde had EJ’s guy remove his wallet and jewelry to make the shooting look like a robbery gone wrong. They covered their tracks and left.  Away from the crime scene Clyde met with Jeremiah and told him to get EJ’s wallet and jewelry into the hands of a junkie.  The gun too. Clyde told Jeremiah and to make sure that whoever got the gun fired a couple of rounds.

Clyde now, presumably, will face no opposition is selling his product outside of the territory EJ defined.  But is that enough for Clyde to plan EJ’s death?


When Sami found EJ, she tried to use his phone to call an ambulance, despite already having called 911.  At the hospital while she was waiting to see EJ again (in the morgue) the phone rang.  Stefano wanted to know where his son was.  He demanded Sami put him on the phone immediately. Sami clearly in shock told Stefano she couldn’t do that – EJ was in the morgue.  Sami dropped the phone the reality beginning to sink in.

On the other end of the phone Stefano cried – My Son!

Could Stefano have done just as EJ feared?  Ordered EJ’s death?  Was EJ’s henchman in fact working for Stefano.  This is a very real possibility.  As EJ himself told Chad, Stefano has never trod lightly in exacting revenge on his children.  And it wouldn’t be the first time that Stefano shed tears over a child’s death that he in fact caused (Lexie).


EJ had been concerned for his life after having a conversation with his father.  Stefano, displeased with EJ reuniting with Sami Brady, had told EJ that he was dead to him.  EJ took this to be a literal threat on his life.  When Chad questioned Stefano threatening his children, EJ reminded Chad of some of Stefano’s past actions against his children.

He exiled Tony to a tropical island for over 20 years, took his own sweet time rescuing Kristen from white slavers, and kidnapped his daughter Lexie, holding her captive in the tunnels beneath Salem where Lexie inhaled carcinogens that lead to her death from a brain tumor.  Stefano had proclaimed himself a changed man after Lexie’s death but they both knew that wasn’t true.

EJ, a DiMera, isn’t the type to fear for his life and do nothing about it.  With rumors circulating in Days of our Lives spoilers that a Days of our Lives death was faked, it’s easy to assume that EJ had his henchman shoot him as a means of faking his own death – allowing EJ, Sami and the children to leave Salem and start a safe life elsewhere.

With Spoilers indicating that a grieving Sami is looking for answers on Days of our Lives this week – and gets them via a special delivery, this, for my money, is where Sami and EJ are headed.

With James Scott and Alison Sweeney off the Days of our Lives roster this gives EJAMI fans a happily ever after (of sorts) and leaves the characters available for future storytelling.  Who knows right?  After all Kristen was off the canvas for almost 20 years before returning…..


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