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With her husband, EJ, dead, and her SEC woes clearly behind her, Sami Brady has decided to take up the offer presented by Hollywood to turn her life into a movie of the week. Sami and her children will be moving to Hollywood – the land of dreams and perpetual sunshine and swimming outdoors all year round.

This week has seen the first of the Sami Brady flashbacks.

Lucas Horton

Once Sami made her decision the first person she told was ex-husband, and friend, Lucas Horton.  Given that the father of two of her children is dead, it makes perfect sense that the father of Sami’s other two children, Lucas be consulted first. Lucas wondered what Sami was up to as soon as he saw her face.  He’d seen that face many times over the years.

After hearing her story, Lucas agreed, it was crazy.  But that he thought she’d made the right decision.  If only for the reason that it got her out of the DiMera mansion.  Lucas told Sami he would be coming to see Aly in Los Angeles since mad World had offices there.

has known Sami since they were both teenagers.  Lucas was in Military School and Sami was already scheming to steal Carrie’s boyfriend Austin from her.  Since Lucas had the “hots” for Carrie, Sami and Lucas quickly found common grounds for a friendship and scheming partnership.

Sami and Lucas’ relationship has seen many iterations in the intervening years, but when Lucas told Sami he would miss her and Sami told Lucas she would never have a better friend, they were telling the truth.

Sami farewells Lucas as she prepares to take a job in Hollywood.

Hope and Ciara

Sami also said farewell to Aunt Hope and Ciara.  When Aly suggested that Ciara could come visit them in Hollywood, Ciara decided she would rather move to Hollywood.  Ciara pouted when Hope said no.


Rafe arrived at the DiMera Mansion after hearing the news.  He said Sami could use the good news. They joke about Rafe having had a front view seat for a lot of the action that Hollywood will put on screen.  Rafe says they had a lot of good time and he wouldn’t have missed any of that.

Rafe returns EJ’s wedding ring to Sami. Sami notes the case must be closed.  She’ll never know why EJ went into the woods.  He ran into the wrong drug addict and now her kids don’t have a father and she has no husband.

Sami says goodbye and tells him she appreciates her trying to keep her honest.  Rafe tells her to take care of herself and goes to say goodbye to the kids.

Kayla and Caroline

Caroline tells Sami she is so young to be a widow and to do whatever she needs to for her and her kids.  Caroline goes to say goodbye to the children.  Kayla tells Sami she and her family deserve all the happiness the world.

Sami tells her grandma she will miss her advice.  Caroline says she will be just fine. Sami asks her grandma to come with her, but she says she doesn’t like it there – they put avocados on everything.  Salem and the pub is what she knows.


Kate and Sami acknowledge their difficult history and Kate says that Sami has become like a bad haircut that takes forever to grow out but she has gotten used to.  Sami tells Kate that the fight to destroy Stefano is all hers now.  Sami asks Kate not to give up until its done.

Roman and Marlena

Marlena arranges for Kate to leave the room with her so Sami can say goodbye to her dad. I will be proud of you until the day I die, Roman tells a teary Sami.  You have always been fearless Roman tells Sami.  He tells her to enjoy her children because time goes so quickly.

Lucas says goodbye to his daughter.  He admits there should be no problem about the kids’ last name in California.

Abe and Theo come by to say goodbye. He gives Johnny EJ’s watch. Johnny wants to be just like his dad.  Roman tells him that he has no doubt that Johnny will be a good man.

Eric arrives. Sami notes that her twin brother has never let her get away with anything let alone leaving Salem without saying goodbye.  Sami tells Eric it feels right to go.  Eric give Sami a photo of them when they are two years old.  Sami tells her brother that he has to protect himself better.  Eric says that’s Sami’sjob.

Eric goes to supervise Sydney’s packing.  Marlena becomes teary and tells her daughter she will be out to see her before she knows it. Sami tells Marlena she’s so sorry for how difficult she made it on her. The kids rush in – the car is here.  Let’s go Sami says to her kids…

Sami rushes back in to get a photo album she forgot.  She takes a last tearful look around her home then says a last goodbye to her family and friends….


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