How Will Sami Leave Salem? | Days of our Lives

1 2010

Alison Sweeney Final Air Date

With Alison Sweeney’s final air date reported to be Friday October 30, 2014, the scenes we are seeing on screen now are setting viewers up for the reason for Sami’s departure.  Sami’s departure, like EJ’s will likely be open ended – meaning that there will be room for James Scott or Allison Sweeney to return in the future OR for the network to recast the roles.

The Future for Sami and EJ

Both characters have been pivotal in Days of our Lives story telling for so many years it is hard to imagine Days of our Lives without EJ and Sami for too long.  With that said, for a recast of the characters to be accepted, enough time needs to pass for fans to come to terms with a new face for Sami and EJ.

Their departures have to keep them away from Salem long enough for that to happen…

How Will Sami Leave Salem?

EJ is dead, Sami is facing fraud charges. Is this how she leaves Salem? Or is there something else in the works?

Even though EJ is officially dead on screen at present, Stefano did have his daughter, Kristen, hustle down to the morgue and inject EJ’s lifeless body with a clear liquid.

Was this a revival serum to bring Stefano’s plan full circle?  Or was Stefano taken by surprise by EJ’s death and desperately trying to do something – anything to bring his son back from the dead?


Happily Ever After?

Fans of course are hoping for EJ’s death to be faked – an rumors online are hinting that a Salem death is faked – and that Sami, EJ and their children are reunited somewhere to live a long and happy life together away from Salem.  With Sami on the run from a jail sentence for fraud this could be on the cards.


But a storyline whereby Sami goes to jail, losing custody of her children, also would allow Stefano to raise, I mean brainwash, another generation of DiMera children.  With Johnny already showing EJ’s mannerisms (he removed his glasses in much the same what his dad did when Sami came home from the morgue) you can just see Johnny growing up to be the DiMera heir apparent – assuming Chad doesn’t produce a generation of DiMera grandchildren…

Rumor has it that the trio Sami found waiting in her living room at the close of Tuesday’s episode has something to do with her departure from Salem.  Given Sami’s SEC problems and her nightmare about being dragged off to prison we are supposed to believe it is the SEC or federal agents of some kind catching up with her.


But rumors are also circulating that they are Hollywood execs keen to make a movie of Sami Brady’s life – thanks to the exposure from Will’s article about EJ.  This version of Sami’s departure has her moving to Los Angeles and Will coming also to work the project….


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