Is Sami Going to Jail? | Days of our Lives

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With James Scott’s departure now explained on screen with EJ’s death, attention is turning to how Allison Sweeney is to be written out of Days of our Lives storytelling.  With EJ barely cold in his urn, Sami found herself dealt another crisis – one of her own making.

Is Sami Headed to Jail for fraud?

Grieving for EJ

While still dealing with her husband’s untimely shooting death and breaking the news to the children they shared (Johnny and Sydney – Lucas is Aly’s father) Sami was hit with some the news that her business partner, Kate, believed Sami was heading to jail.

SEC and Fraud

Sami told Kate she didn’t care about any business problems she may be having.  Her husband just died and that was all she could deal with right now – her own grief and taking care of her children.  Katie told Sami she’d better start caring because what she’d told a major investor could see her languishing in jail with the SEC caught up with her – and they would Kate assured her – they didn’t have much time to deal with Sami pumping the stock before it went public.

Kate told Lucas what happened.  Lucas’s first question was whether Sami’s statements had caused the stock to rise.  Kate’s expression told Lucas it had.  As Sami, Lucas and Kate discussed Sami’s predicament, Will overheard from outside on the patio that Sami could be headed to jail.

Hauled off to Jail?

After a sleepless night including a nightmare where Sami was hauled away by men in black suits in front of Aly, Sami understood the gravity of her situation.

Sami was overwhelmed by the help coming from unexpected quarters.  Kate held onto her while she cried over the loss of her husband and the potential for her SEC woes to take her away from her children.

Unexpected Help

Then thanks to Will, Victor turned up at the DiMera Mansion and told her that because of the wedding between her son and his nephew that they were family and that he was here to help.    Victor convinced Kate and Sami to tell him the story from the start.  After reviewing the documents Victor said he’d seen worse.  But hat Sami’s misguided quest for revenge could cost her.

Did Help Come Too Late?

After tidying herself up on Victor’s orders Sami returned to her living room to find a trio of suited individuals waiting for her.  These people are rumored to be the reason for Sami’s departure from Salem.

Are they federal agents tasked with hauling Sami off to jail?  Or could there be another plan for Sami’s departure?


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