The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: November 3 – 7, 2014

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (November 3 – 7, 2014): Liam decides he will go to Amsterdam to meet Ivy.  Wyatt is under pressure from the women in his life. Rick takes the CEO position. Taylor comes to town?

    Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy

    Wyatt is under pressure from his mother and his wife. Quinn wants to be in their lives but Hope wants nothing to do with Quinn.  Who will Wyatt stand by in the end?  

    An excited Wyatt tells Liam that it is a big day for them – getting their first look at their bambino or bambina he states as Hope giggles.

    Hope finally has an ultrasound and it looks like there really is a baby in there…Quinn has found a way to be present for the ultrasound of her first grandchild….she dons a disguise. Clearly  Hope finds out because Hope thinks its time to take out a restraining order on an overbearing Grandma – and since Brooke is in Italy, that grandma is Quinn…Quinn, tells Hope that she needs to prove herself to Hope and that one day Hope will forgive her and allow Quinn a place in this baby’s life.   Quinn promises her son that she will be good – from here on out.  Haven’t we heard that oh a couple of dozen time already????

    Ivy tells Liam that Hope will have to spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder just waiting for Quinn to snap.  A worried Liam tells Hope that he knows Quinn is her mother and law and all, but Hope needs to keep her as far away as possible…

    Hope and Ivy discuss the launch for Ivy’s jewelry line in Amsterdam.  It isn’t long before Hope tells Ivy to take it slow with Liam. When Ivy is scheduled to go on a business trip  to Amsterdam she invites Liam.   Liam decides to meet her there.  By the end of the week, there is much excitement as Hope and Wyatt, Ivy and Liam head off on a great big Dutch adventure.  Amsterdam here they come.

    On the jet, presumably as they are preparing to land, Ivy tells everyone on board (Hope, Wyatt and Liam) that she’s getting pretty excited about Amsterdam.  Wyatt says he’s very excited about the shoot also.  Let’s make this better than Paris he suggests.

    In Amsterdam, Hope tells Ivy that modelling isn’t for everyone and that no one will mind if she wants to pull out of modelling her own jewelry.  Ivy takes it as an afront and asks Hope if she doesn’t think Ivy can do it.  Liam steps in to smooth the waters between the competitive women….

    Hope finally has an ultrasound, Hope, Wyatt, Ivy and Liam are Amsterdam bound, and Quinn risks a restraining order with her behavior…

    Ridge, Caroline and Rick (and Maya)

    Make it happen, Maya tells Rick who doesn’t want the CEO top job any longer.  Sign the contract she encourages and take control.  Thanks to Maya’s cajoling, Rick agrees to become CEO of Forrester Creations – even though he really was Eric’s second choice.

    Maya goads Caroline that Maya is now the woman on Rick’s arm.  She will be loyal, Maya notes. (Does anyone remember Maya kissing Carter on the night of her Room 8 web series launch?  Rick didn’t turn up so Maya and Carter got tipsy and were all over each other.  Maya got up the next morning and went to Rick’s place and slept with him.  Sounds an awful lot like Caroline’s indiscretion to me…)

    Rick is CEO and they will learn to respect that Rick says.  At a meeting he tells his team that things are not going to be easy around here.  A far as Rick is concerned, they have all betrayed him.

    Rick’s first order of business is to make some staffing changes – notably relating to Ridge and Caroline’s positions at Forrester Creations.  Rick puts Caroline and Ridge in their place.  (the basement perhaps?)

    Caroline is determined that her blossoming feelings for Ridge and a couple of steamy kisses aren’t going to jeopardize her marriage.  She tells Hope that she and Ridge didn’t fall in love – they just shared a couple of kisses.  She is determined to stay married and make it up to Rick.  Caroline may have the ammunition she needs to derail Maya’s bee line for Rick when Carter fills Caroline in on Maya’s agenda.  Maya wants Rick and the Forrester lifestyle for herself and will stop at little to win Rick over. Maya encourages Rick to take action.  (How did Rick suddenly turn into Maya’s puppet?)

    Is Maya sensing Rick uncertainty?  She asks Carter to annul Rick and Caroline’s marriage asap then asks Rick if he wants a woman who he can’t trust or someone who supports him.

    Eric and John

    John returns to LA all the way from Australia.  John isn’t letting Eric back out of his deal now…

    Deacon and Quinn

    Deacon is adamant that Quinn is not to interfere with Hope and Ivy’s impending trip to Amsterdam. Quinn is still putting pressure on Wyatt to help her.  Will Wyatt stand by his wife or his mother?

    Quinn tells Deacon that she is not going to miss anything in her grand child’s life, including the first sonogram.  Scrubs, gloves and a surgical mask and Quinn is ready to be there…

    As Hope, Wyatt, Liam and Ivy fly to Amsterdam, Quinn tells (her son?) that the last string between Hope and Liam needs to be cut…Later, Deacon asks Quinn if he can imagine the four of them on a plane together and headed to Amsterdam

    Katie and Bill

    Katie and Bill remember Bill’s near death experience in Aspen twelve months ago.  Bill thinks Katie hasn’t told him everything about Ridge.

    Taylor and Ali

    Taylor pays a visit to Forrester Creations in Loa Angeles.  She checks in on Aly concerned that Aly still not only sees dead people but talks to them (okay – just Darla). Oliver comes to Ali’s assistance.


    Next Week’s B&B Spoilers!


    B&B History and Recaps


    Monday November 3, 2014 – Rick takes the top job – Who is the woman by his side?

    Tuesday November 4, 2014 – Hope has her first ultrasound…

    Wednesday November 5, 2014 – Quinn is found out

    Thursday November 6, 2014 – Amsterdam bound

    Friday November 7, 2014 – Wyatt takes Quinn’s advice…


    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Buzz: In the coming weeks:

    Kim Matula (Hope Logan) is leaving The Bold and the Beautiful!

    Judith Chapman brings Gloria Fisher from The Young and the Restless to The Bold and the Beautiful on Thursday, November 20.  Gloria attends the launch of Ridge and Caroline’s Couture line.  Gloria has her eyes set on Eric.  Could Eric’s first trip as a non-executive at Forrester Creations see him visiting Gloria in Genoa City?  More importantly, can Eric trust his kids to run the show?

    Rick and Ridge’s relationship remains tense.

    Caroline and Ridge pay hefty prices for their collaborative design effort.

    Hope faces losing to unprincipled competition.

    Liam considers his future with Ivy.

    Maya is presented with an unexpected opportunity and seizes it.  Could Caroline’s new relationship with Ridge (through helping him with his drawing) give Maya the opportunity she wants to become a Forrester?

    Quinn and Deacon’s plan takes a deadly turn.  Not surprising really given Quinn’s plans have all had a deadly or potentially deadly element…does this plan involve Hope and her baby?

    Halloween finds couples mixed and matched.  Look for Big Brother cast past and present to appear on October 30 and 31 – Halloween Party at Bikini perhaps?

    European adventure again early winter – this time the destination is Amsterdam.  The shoot occurs during early October.  Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy are in Amsterdam for a Forrester Creations Photo Shoot and while one couple finds love another falls apart…The scenes will screen over 7 episodes.  Look for the episodes to air during November sweeps…

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



    1. If they don’t put Hope and Liam back together and get rid of Maya I’m going to stop watching. I’ve watched this show since it came on and never have I been so disappointed. Everyone has been pulling for Hope and Liam for so long. Ivy is just not right for him. She is more nitwit Wyatt’s type.

      • I agree. It is not even realistic. come on… Rick to actually sleep with Maya over a few kisses? No one does that unless he was never over her and secretly wanted her back in the first place. It shows Rick as a spoiled brat having a temper tantrum.. unfit for a CEO. And Hope with Wyatt? She has more class than that. Having her not wait for Liam was unrealistic. No one does that and turn around and Marry Wyatt. Is she really that shallow? Then on principles decides to stay with Wyatt? One minute she is this the next that.. is she bipolar? Is she so sure the baby belongs to Wyatt? It would be nice to have a good role model couple who show what is right in the world instead of all the chaos.

    2. I? am very disappointed in the whole thing – Eric should have left Ridge as CEO, and what now Maya running the whole show now? – Eric is a flake. Also Hope and Wyatt deserve one another – I like Liam and Ivy together. Hope and Rick did the same thing – what is the purpose of marriage if the first sign of trouble they run away from it.?

    3. It’s disappointing that the writers change the personalities of the characters to fit the evolving story lines. Maya was previously the victim while Caroline was underhanded. Maya in this role is not credible. Neither is Rick to be such a loose cannon and go to extremes in demeanor. Hope’s character is all over the place, and has become so boring and predictable- unless she continues to stand up to Quinn. Hope is better known to be spineless. Wyatt is portrayed to be bad boy (diamond thief) good boy (romantic, saves brother) and hard to identify with. Quinn is a wild card with too many loose ends (murderess of Mexican diamond mogul?) and one who can pull off unrealistic incredible feats (Paris junket). Ridge always has a half smile on his face, so he’s impossible to read. Only bright star, is Caroline. She’s real. Loved her mascara moment! I guess it’s only a soap, but now record it and fast forward to watch 5-7 minutes, or a week at a time in 30.

    4. I agree. Why was Maya even at that meeting or any of the meetings. She is just a model. None of the other models are at the meetings. Come on writers we need the characters to stop thinking with what is between the legs. This back and forth stuff is Old.

    5. Honestly I wasn’t rooting for Liam and Ivy in the beginning, because I felt like Hope and Liam deserved to be happy, but now I feel that Liam deserves someone better than Hope. Technically Hope is Wyatt’s leftovers obviously she thinks that he is the father of her child meaning that they had to be having unprotected sex which is considerably disgusting being she and Liam were together before she left to Paris. Another thing I love the fact that Quinn is tormenting Hope, I think she deserves every bit of it and quite frankly I hope that Hope has more disaster coming her way. Sorry LOL but I’m sick of her always playing the victim and although what Liam put her through with Steffy was wrong but to get revenge with his blood brother is tasteless and like everyone said she grew up to be exactly like her mother!!

    6. […] The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: November 3 – 7, 2014: Hope has her ultrasound but they have unexpected company; Hope gets away from Quinn; Ivy, Hope and Wyatt are scheduled to go to Amsterdam for a shoot for Ivy’s jewelry.  Liam is a last minute addition to the manifest.  It is a tense trip with Hope jealous of Ivy.  Rick is the new CEO and flexes his new found power; Taylor visits. […]

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