The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: October 13 – 17, 2014

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (October 13 – 17, 2014): Caroline and Ridge Kiss! Quinn wants a second chance but it’s a no go, Bill and Katie find their way back to each other?

    Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy

    Quinn wants a second chance to be involved in her grand child’s life.Quinn asks from the bottom of her heart for Hope to forgive her. (How many second chances can this woman have???)  But Hope isn’t budging. She will not put her child’s life at risk and with Quinn around that is a very definite possibility.  She doesn’t want Quinn anywhere near the baby she tells Wyatt and Quinn.  Quinn is defensive about threatening Hope – it was a reaction to Hope telling her she wasnt’ welcome in their lives the minute Quinn walked in the door.

    Hope tells Quinn (?) that they (Wyatt, Hope and baby) will have an incredible life together as long as you (Quinn?) stays away.

    Aly tells Hope that if Liam can’t be with Hope she would like to see him happy with Ivy.  Hope asks Ivy nervously if Ivy and Liam are dating.  Later Aly tells Ivy that it all makes sense now – Why Hope is still with Wyatt.  Aly tells Ivy that Hope is pregnant with Wyatt’s baby (of course Ivy already knows this).

    Liam and Hope discuss that they didn’t want this to happen.  A sad Hope asks Liam how things got this way.

    Meanwhile, in his bid to move on with his life now that Hope’s place is clearly with her husband, Liam asks Ivy out on another date.  But the ghost of girlfriend past isn’t so easy to escape.  Liam and Ivy’s date heads south when the run into Hope.  Liam tells Ivy(?) that you don’t have to be a jerk to get ahead.

    At Liam’s Malibu cliff house Liam and Ivy toast over white wine to new beginnings (the promo shows the scene reversed!) Then Liam and Ivy kiss!

    Hope is surprised by her father’s future – does she find out about Deacon and Quinn? Guess Daddy Deacon will be banned from babysitting if he’s cohabitating with Quinn…Hope tells Quinn she will say or do anything because she is so desperate.  Hope is disgusted that Quinn is now making a play for her father.

    Deacon and Quinn

    At Quinn’s loft, Quinn is pulled onto Deacon’s lap.  Do we have a deal she asks him.  His answer?  A passionate kiss!

    Deacon has some advice for Quinn about his daughter.  He tells Quinn that she has to trust him on this – he knows his daughter.  You gotta lt up Deacon tells Quinn definitvely.  But Quinn isn’t listening. She tells Deacon that she is going to be there for every single day of that child’s life.

    Bill and Katie

    Bill and Katie share a moment reminiscent of their past relationship.  It makes them think about their past and admit that things are different for them in the present also.

    Ridge, Caroline and Rick (and Maya)

    Despite Eric having laid out his vision for Forrester Creations, Ridge proposes his own plan – on that sees him as CEO of Forrester Creations.  Ridge tells Eric he knows design.  He knows what it means to design something – that is what he’s doing with Caroline now. Eric tells Ridge that he doesn’t play well with others.  He only wants things to be the way he wants them to be.  Ridge says he’s different now.

    Rick notes that Caroline seems on edge.  What he’s missing is that its really guilt – she just kissed Ridge!  Later Caroline tells Ridge that it will never happen again (them kissing presumably).

    Caroline tells Ridge that he has to keep his hands to himself and she needs to keep her lips to herself.  That’s just how it has to be.

    Ridge encourages Caroline not to settle for a future with Rick if she truly has feeling for Ridge.  Caroline tells Ridge that she’s married to Rick.  Ridge kisses Caroline.  She goes to slap Ridge, he catches her hand, and Caroline  kisses him and then runs out of the office.

    Caroline is adamant in refusal to work with Ridge anymore.  Caroline does confide in Ivy however – she and Ridge kissed!

    Maya watches happily and things unfold between Ridge, Caroline and Rick…

    Meanwhile, however, Ridge appears to have confided in Katie about his plan to get the CEO position.  Ridge tells Katie that this top position at Forrester belongs to him.  he will not answer to Rick.  he cannot do it. Katie doesn’t believe that Ridge has considered the consequences of his action – on everyone.   A skeptical Katie asks Ridge if he thinks that Caroline will stab her husband in the back.  “Yeah” says a smiling Ridge.  It appears Ridge’s crush on Caroline which conveniently surfaced after Eric made his announcement about stepping down was just a power play!  How will Katie feel about Ridge adopting some very Bill-like behaviors?


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    B&B Recaps and History


    Monday October 13, 2014 – A new powerhouse couple?

    Tuesday October 14, 2014 – Caroline thinks Ridge is using her

    Wednesday October 15, 2014 – Quinn begs for forgiveness

    Thursday October 16, 2014 – Quinn looks to Deacon for help;  Hope and Liam move on

    Friday October 17, 2014 – Hope tells Deacon he’s out too if he dates Quinn


    Is Rigde’s “crush” on Caroline a convenient power play taking advantage of the feelings surfacing in Caroline from working together? Since Ridge is letting Katie in on the deal, it looks like it. That’s some very Bill like behavior from the “dressmaker”. Reeks of Bill reuniting with Katie to get her to sign over Spencer Publications and joint custody of Will….
    Screen scrapes from CBS (YouTube)

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Buzz: In the coming weeks:

    Rick and Ridge’s relationship only becomes more tense.

    Hope realizes that her marriage is too damaged to survive while Liam considers a future with Ivy.

    Maya is presented with an unexpected opportunity and seizes it.  Could Caroline’s new relationship with Ridge (through helping him with his drawing) give Maya the opportunity she wants to become a Forrester?

    Quinn and Deacon’s plan takes a deadly turn.  Not surprising really given Quinn’s plans have all had a deadly or potentially deadly element…

    European adventure again early winter – this time the destination is Amsterdam.  The shoot occurs during early October.  Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy are in Amsterdam for a Forrester Creations Photo Shoot and while one couple finds love another falls apart…The scenes will screen over 7 episodes.  Look for the episodes to air during November sweeps…Photos and spoilers from the shoot….

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.


    1. I’m surprised that Caroline would kiss Ridge after how hard she fought for Rick. I think that Ridge is using Caroline to get at Rick and gain control of the company. I’m not liking Ridge right now. Hope has turned out to be the wife from hell. I feel sorry for Wyatt. He fell in love with the worst female on B&B.

      • I couldn’t agree more about Hope. She is even worse than her mother in my opinion, and I have seen many of the shenanigans that Brooke pulled. Wyatt deserves way better.

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