The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: October 27 – 31, 2014

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (October 27 – 31, 2014): Hope should see a doctor, Ridge confesses to Katie; Caroline and Maya both fight for Rick; Ivy and Liam become closer.

    Halloween finds couples mixed and matched.  And a blowout Halloween Party at Bikini with Apple bobby and a pie eating competition!

    Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy

    Aly suggests it might be wise for Hope to see a doctor – Really?  Pregnant for how many weeks and she hasn’t visited with Dr Caspary?  Is Hope headed for a phantom pregnancy?  And should Wyatt be the one making sure his wife goes to her OB appointments?  I guess they have been extremely busy banishing Quinn.

    Hope is upset and hurt for her brother.  She asks why Caroline had to do this – and with Ridge of all people.  Hope notes that Rick and Caroline’s marriage could be over.

    Either way, Hope and Wyatt spend their first Halloween together as a married couple – spooky!

    Liam is invited to a Halloween party and Bikini.  He takes Ivy and they have a blast at Bikini on Halloween. The frivolity of apple bobbing and a pie eating competition brings Ivy and Liam closer as a couple as Liam finds there is a fun life after Hope…


    Hope, Wyatt, Liam and Ivy – What happened in October 2014



    A bitter Rick confronts Eric about his decision to make ridge CEO.  Is it out of loyalty to Stephanie that he chose her son as CEO, and not his own son that is a blood relation?  Eric tells Ridge that he knows how calculating Ridge can be.  An angry Eric tells Ridge that Rick is his flesh and blood.  When Ridge hurts Rick, Ridge hurts Eric.

    Eric finds himself reviewing his decision about Forrester Creations’ leadership because of Ridge’s antics.  Ridge and Caroline have given Eric much to think about.

    Ivy, Hope and Carter discuss Maya’s outburst at the meeting.  Carter tells them that Maya’s motivation is to be part of the Forrester family.

    By weeks end Eric is reaching out to Rick to discuss his future at Forrester Creations…He’s naming Rick the CEO of Forrester Creations after reserving the right earlier in the week to change his mind.

    Will Rick want the CEO position when it is clear he was his father’s second choice?

    Ridge, Caroline and Rick (and Maya)

    Ridge suggests Maya should be a little careful; her agenda is showing.  A crying and emotional Caroline make s plea to her husband:  Please forgive us.

    Caroline tells Ridge that Rick believes that Ridge is conning her.  Caroline wants to know if its true.  Caroline wants Ridge to prove his intentions aren’t based in a lie.

    Ridge is now aware that he should have stopped what was happening between him and Caroline before it went too far.

    Rick tells his brother that Ridge is trying to take away anything that means anything to him – his job and his wife perhaps?

    Ridge comes clean with fiancé Katie about kissing Caroline.  Katie’s world is understandably a kilter – espeically since she’s been assuring Donna that Caroline’s feelings for Ridge weren’t returned.  Ridge assures Katie that nothing has changed between them –Oh yes it has – big trust barrier broken! – And that he promises  it will never happen again.  Katie suggests that maybe she should have tied a piece of string around his…finger…to remind him not to make out with his muse.

    Maya won’t let anything stand in the way of the opportunity she has to sway Rick’s mind as to who the right woman for him is. Maya goes after what she wants. Oh Maya – you’re not too trustworthy either…you were engaged to Carter and came on to Rick in the steam room…There is a second stage to Maya’s plan to break Caroline and Rick up and it goes into action this week…first break up Rick and Caroline, second – pick up the pieces….

    Maya does find herself sharing an evening with Rick as she provides much needed support. Caroline may have been tempted by Ridge and yes, they shared a few kisses, but Rick did cheat…

    As the week progresses, Caroline realizes just how much damage she and Rick  have done to her marriage…Caroline tells Eric that there is no excuse for what she did, but  that she can’t just sit around and wait for Rick to come to her.  She has to find him.  And she does.  She finds Maya in a robe….Maya tells Caroline that she is real good at trash talking Maya to Rick.  But Caroline isn’t going to let her put all the blame on her – especially after walking in on this (Maya in a robe).  Maya tells Caroline that Rick has finally seen her for what she is.

    Caroline isn’t giving up on her marriage however.  She promises to do what it takes to save her marriage to Rick.  But Rick tells Caroline to go back to New York (from where she came…)or wherever the hell she wants to go. But just leave, Rick spits at Caroline.

    With his marriage in tatters, Rick finds Eric at his door offering him the CEO position.  All he has to do is sign these papers and the job is his Eric tells his son. When Rick seems uncertain about taking the job, Maya has some words for him.  Who cares about Ridge and Caroline and what they did.  You will be the head honcho, Maya tells him.

    Caroline discuses her situation with Hope (bad move -she’s always going to support her brother even if Rick has done some questionable things to keep Hope and Liam apart…)  Caroline tells Hope she’s not making excuses but working with Ridge – a man she’s idolized a fashion genius…Hope interrupts by yelling at Caroline.  You’re making excuses right now Hope yells at Caroline, thats exactly what you are doing right now!  (Wasn’t it a mere few weeks ago that Hope, while married to Wyatt, kissed Liam???)

    Deacon and Quinn

    Deacon and Quinn make a deal.


    Next Week’s B&B Spoilers


    B&B Recaps and History


    Monday 27 October, 2014 – The fallout from the CEO announcement and Maya’s claims

    Tuesday 28 October, 2014 – Maya follows Rick….

    Wednesday 29 October, 2014 – Caroline learns about Ricks betrayal with Maya

    Thursday 30 October, 2014 – Eric reverses his decision

    Friday 31 October, 2014 – Will Rick take the CEO Position?


    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Buzz: In the coming weeks:

    Rick and Ridge’s relationship only becomes more tense.

    Caroline and Ridge pay hefty prices for their collaborative design effort.

    Liam considers a future with Ivy.

    Maya is presented with an unexpected opportunity and seizes it.  Could Caroline’s new relationship with Ridge (through helping him with his drawing) give Maya the opportunity she wants to become a Forrester?

    Quinn and Deacon’s plan takes a deadly turn.  Not surprising really given Quinn’s plans have all had a deadly or potentially deadly element…Quinn is also using Ridge as a pawn to keep Bill and Brooke apart.

    Halloween finds couples mixed and matched.  Look for Big Brother cast past and present to appear on October 30 and 31 – Halloween Party at Bikini perhaps?

    European adventure again early winter – this time the destination is Amsterdam.  The shoot occurs during early October.  Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy are in Amsterdam for a Forrester Creations Photo Shoot and while one couple finds love another falls apart…The scenes will screen over 7 episodes.  Look for the episodes to air during November sweeps…

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



    1. I do not understand WHY Maya is even in meetings or at Forrester 24/7 ??? She models Hopes clothes-period. If shes allowed in meetings,then wheres all the other Models,they should sit in too ! Models come in for photo shoot & LEAVE.They have a life,other jobs.Are we to believe Victoria Secret Models sit around all day & attend meetings about the profits & C.E.O.-Puhleeze. I hope HOPE is not PG & shes caused this big situation over nothing!!!!

    2. Woo hoo Rick and Maya. When they are together there is true passion and love. You want to be one of those people. Caroline just seemed to be an emotional burden to Rick and she has no substance. When Rick is with Caroline she is the opportunist spoiled white girl who steamrolls over pwople. Always lectured Maya about how she made poor decisions. Checkmate blondie. She thinks she is betther than Maya because she is a blonde spoiled brat who wants her cake (Rick) and eat it too (Ridge). Maya loved Rick when she didnt know of his background or prestige. Team Maya. I hope Maya gets pregnant, has Rick’s baby and cause controversy and B & B truly deal with race in America since they tackle heart disease and spaying animals all the time. Make Rick divorce Caroline and Rick and maya have a bi racial Forrester child. Eric wants to do deal with the future of Forest Creations it will have to survive in an everchanging racial and cultural demographic.

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