The Bold and the Beautiful: The Hope Liam and Wyatt Love Triangle October 2014


As Liam and Ivy become closer, Hope settles into her life as an expectant mom.  First order of business for the momma bear?  Banish the grandma.  How will that turn out for Hope?  Is she now of Quinn’s hit list?

And when will Hope go for a pre-natal check up?

Find out more in the Spoilers section….


Wyatt to Be a Daddy

October 2014 began with Hope finally getting around to telling her husband, Wyatt, that he was going to be a father.  (Liam, Brooke and Deacon all learned the news before Wyatt).  Hope told Wyatt a little person was going to be moving in with them in about 9 months.  Wyatt was thrilled, with the idea of fatherhood and building a connection between him and Hope that Liam couldn’t break.


Hope is Pregnant


Surprise That Hope Is Staying with Wyatt

Meanwhile at Forrester Creations Aly and Ivy were pondering why Hope was staying with Wyatt. They supposed that Hope was more attached to Wyatt than they thought.  When they asked Liam about it when he stopped by, Liam cryptically stated that Hope and Wyatt shared a bond that was bigger than him.  Ivy wondered if there was more Liam wasn’t telling but was called away.

Later at lunch however, Liam told Ivy that Hope was expecting Wyatt’s baby.

Hope Banishes Quinn

When Hope took a phone call out of the room, Wyatt called his mom to tell her the baby news.  Quinn was delighted to hear that Wyatt and Hope would be having a baby.  Take care of your wife, Quinn told her son.

When Hope came back into the room and learned that Wyatt had called his mom to tell her their happy news, Hope became stoney-faced.  She didn’t want Quinn anywhere near their baby.  That was just how it had to be.  She’d hurt too many people and a fiercely protective momma bear, Hope, told Wyatt she wouldn’t let Quinn do that to their baby.

Wyatt understood Hope’s position and left to tell his mother to stay away. But Quinn arrived at Hope and Wyatt’s beach house first.  Quinn brought Hope teas and gushed on about looking after herself.  But Hope told Quinn she didn’t want tea or Quinn to be a part of their lives.  She would play no part in her baby’s life Hope told Quinn.

Quinn Threatens Hope

Hope runs down Quinn’s list of misdeeds to defend her reasoning.  Quinn tried to kill Wyatt’s brother. How could Hope not fear for her baby’s safety also Hope asks a furious Quinn.  Quinn becomes enraged as Hope won’t back down.  She tells Hope that trying to cut her out of her son and grand child’s life would be a very big mistake…

Wyatt Stands By His Wife

Wyatt returns home and learns that Quinn has been threatening Hope and tells his mother that her behavior and things she has done makes it impossible to defend her.  Hope and the baby are his top priority Wyatt told his mother and asked her to leave.

Liam Meets Ivy’s Dad

Meanwhile, Ivy invited Liam to a Forrester family dinner that Pam was throwing to find out that her dad, John Forrester, was the guest of honor.  John and Liam had a chance to talk and John asked Liam what his intentions were towards the fair Ivy.

Unfortunately for John, he fell asleep while Liam espoused Ivy’s virtues.  Ivy had helped him through a tough patch where he couldn’t contemplate a relationship but Liam thought that tide may be turning.  Ivy did however overhear the conversation thanks to Aly encouraging Ivy to listen in.

John also encouraged Eric to handover the control of the company to the kids and come travelling with him.


Eric announces the new CEO of Forrester Creations


How Did It Get This Way?

Liam stopped in at Forrester Creations to see Aly but found Hope instead.  An emotional Hope asked Liam how things got this way.  They came so close so many times but they let it slip through their fingers.

Liam told Hope he still worried about her and asked about cravings and Hope’s lunatic mother in law. Hope admits to having banished Quinn from her life.  Liam still believes they will always have to look over their shoulders because of Quinn.  He knows exactly what Quinn is capable of.


Quinn Tries To Kill Liam


When Liam tells Hope that Ivy was coming over that evening and they were going to barbeque Hope admitted to being jealous.  She was going home to read baby books with her husband.

New Beginnings

Liam and Ivy enjoyed a wonderful evening at his house.  They barbequed; tofu burgers for him and he made chicken for Ivy.  They discuss the past few weeks and Liam thanked Ivy for being there.  He may have pulled her out of a river, but she pulled him out of a slump.

Ivy presented Liam with a gift – a newly fashioned Spencer sword since the old one has Quinn written all over it.  Liam appreciated the gesture.  Ivy told Liam that maybe she could make one for Wyatt and Hope baby also then apologized for bringing up Hope.

Liam was clearly okay with it though as they ended the evening toasting to new beginnings and kissing in front of the fire.

Quinn Won’t Stay Away

Quinn went to see Wyatt to try to convince Wyatt to stand up to Hope and change her mind about exiling Quinn.  Wyatt, however, told Quinn again that she had broken so many promises and done so many lunatic things that he understood where Hope was coming from.  She and the baby were Wyatt’s priority he told his mother.   She should try behaving like a grandma and maybe things would change for her, Wyatt suggested. But he would be standing by his wife.

Hope arrived home to find Quinn there.  Hope makes it clear to Quinn hat she is not welcome in her home and that was on Quinn not Hope.  Hope told Quinn there was a price to pay for Quinn’s consistently bad behavior and that price was expulsion.  With Quinn around there is a very real possibility of Hope’s child being at risk.

Quinn changed tack and asked Hope to look into her heart and forgive her.  But Hope was not swayed.  She couldn’t stop Quinn spending time with Wyatt – outside of their home – but Quinn would not be  a part of their baby’s life Hope reiterated to Quinn.

Quinn Looks for Help

Quinn went home to the loft and told Deacon that he had to talk to his daughter on her behalf. Deacon advises Quinn to let up.  Give it time and things might change for her.  Deacon told Quinn he would talk to Hope but wouldn’t risk his relationship with his daughter by helping Quinn.  Deacon thought Hope would come round.  With her back to Deacon, Quinn whispered, “She’d better…”

Quinn Uses Deacon?

Quinn wants Deacon to fix things so that they can come together as a family.  Deacon asks if she is serious.  Quinn told him she was unless Quinn was just a standing until Brooke returned from Italy.  Still smarting from Brooke’s rejection Deacon admitted there was no chance of that happening.

Quinn suggested getting a house in the Valley with her boyfriend.  Deacon was taken off guard.  While setting up house with a dominatrix did sound appealing he wasn’t going to jeopardize his relationship with Hope for anyone.  Deacon also wanted full disclosure on Ricardo.  Quinn swore she had nothing to do with Ricardo’s death.


Did Quinn Kill Ricardo?


Quinn wanted to know what Deacon thought, but Deacon simply pulled her into a kiss and told Quinn he needed more convincing.

Deacon Wants Hope to Meet Someone

Hope gets a call from Deacon over breakfast.  Hope agrees.

A flabbergasted Hope told Wyatt that her father was bringing a woman over for her to meet.  When Deacon arrives he comes in alone.  Deacon tries to prepare his daughter for the shock to come but outside Quinn becomes impatient and asks if she can come in yet.  Quinn entered and Hope went immediately on the attack.

Deacon and Quinn

Hope believed that Quinn had just gotten her hooks into Hope’s father to use him to get back into Wyatt and Hope’s life (fair call).  Deacon tried to defend Quinn and asked his daughter to forgive Quinn her indiscretions like Hope had done for Deacon (Deacon cooperated with Bill Spencer to keep Hope from getting to her Italian Wedding to Liam on time).


Deacon Interferes With Hope and Liam’s Wedding in Italy


Hope Threatens To Banish Deacon Also

Hope argued she had forgiven Quinn countless times and she just continued to manipulate and scheme.  Quinn was conniving and dangerous and Hope wouldn’t have Quinn near her family and that included her father Hope told Deacon.

Deacon continued to ask Hope to let them all be a family and let Quinn take her rightful place in Hope and Wyatt’s baby’s life.  But Hope was adamant that wouldn’t happen.  She told her father that he had to give this thought.  If Deacon was going to have Quinn in his life then he couldn’t be a part of Hope’s.


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