An Evening with Ronn Moss as B&B’s Former Ridge Tours Australia

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    Australian Ronn Moss fans are currently enjoying Ronn Moss’ Australian tour with his band Player.  Though Player and the actor/musician’s music features heavily in the evenings entertainment, the tour is aptly named “An Evening with Ronn Moss”.

    Though Ronn Moss left his role as Ridge Forrester over two years ago, and the part has been recast with Thorsten Kaye  the turn out at the event proves that Ronn Moss will forever be Ridge in many fans’ hearts.  Thorsten Kaye appears as Ridge in episodes showing in Australia which are about 3 months behind episodes airing in the US.

    Ronn Moss came out on stage looking decidedly more Rock ‘n Roll than his B&B counterpart Ridge.  In deference to the fact that most of the audience present was there because of his 25 years portraying Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, he started the evening with a Q&A session.  Moss threw the floor open to ANY questions.  And the fans didn’t disappoint asking about his age, relationships and his “sauce” (Ronn and his wife have released a range of sauces in the US).  After 25 plus years practice of answering such questions the actors answers still came across with humor and spontaneity.

    When Moss threw the question: do you like the new guy? (Thorsten Kaye) out to the audience, a universal cry of “No” rang through the room full of Moss fans as well as cries of “Baby Come Back” in reference to not only wanting Moss back as their beloved Ridge but to Player’s hit song, of that title,  from the 70’s.

    The first half of the show was dedicated to his time on the Bold and the Beautiful and his solo music.  He played guitar, sang a song he wrote for his daughters’ coming of age and showed video footage from his 25 years on The Bold and the Beautiful set.  As the walk down B&B memory lane drew to a close, he brought out the other members of his band, Player and showcased some of their individual talents.

    After a short intermission the full Player band returned to the stage and this part of the show was dedicated to the band’s music with only the shortest references being made to “the series”.

    Thought the show was clearly attended mainly by fans of Ronn Moss’s work as an actor the music was phenomenal. Fellow front man Peter Beckett also had a separate career from the band writing music for movies and also spent time writing for and playing with Australia’s Little River Band.

    Player is not an actor’s band, but a band that had a member go on to become a famous actor. And yes, they are leveraging that actor’s fame to bring an audience into their tour.  But fans of The Bold and the Beautiful will not be disappointed.

    The way the evening is structured means that Player will surely leave Australia’s shores with a new set of fans for their music. If you’re a fan of The Bold and the Beautiful and An Evening with Ronn Moss is playing near you, go along.

    Details about the tour.



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