Days of our Lives Spoilers – November 10 – 14, 2014

This week on Days of our Lives (November 10- 14, 2014): Theresa tells Brady she’s pregnant.  Kayla tells Theresa she isn’t pregnant.  JJ finds someone to confide in as his secret threatens to be exposed. Hope and Aiden take the next step…

Theresa and Brady

Theresa tells Brady that they are having a baby – she’s pregnant.  An angry Brady tells her that even if she is telling him the truth how does he know its even his.  Offended Theresa slaps Brady.

Later, Kayla tells Theresa that she is not pregnant.  Theresa defends herself saying she took a test – it told her she was pregnant!  Theresa is determined to prove to Brady that she is telling the truth.

By mid week, Theresa and Brady have some answers.

Will Brady put two and two together when he recalls Kristen’s goodbye phone call?  Kristen told Brady she would be carrying a part of him inside her – the very best part. 

The truth turns Theresa’s world a kilter.

Theresa tells Brady she’s pregnant. Kayla confirms Theresa isn’t pregnant – Anymore?

Paige and JJ, Eve

A guilt ridden JJ learns that someone is going to expose his secret – that he and Eve slept together when they were both in a bad place!  (Eve had just learned that her surgery was cancelled and her dream of singing again was dead.  JJ had just been dumped by Paige over Bev talking up JJ’s actions with two girls at a college party).

Meanwhile, Paige knows that her mom slept with someone, but she thinks it was Dr Dan!  (JJ was wearing Daniel jacket and it was in Paige and Eve’s apartment).

By the end of the week, JJ needs someone to talk to about his shame and guilt so he confides in Dr. Dan.  JJ accuses Eve or threatening to expose what happened between them.

John Black

John is leaving town.  Marlena and John bid farewell – but is it to each other?  Or to Salem?

Hope and Aiden

Hope becomes unsettled when she learns something about Aiden’s past.  Aiden confesses to Hope about what he has been trying to keep in the past.  It can’t be too big a showstopper, because by the end of the week (Friday) Hope and Aiden are preparing to take their relationship to the next level.  The couple make love!

It doesn’t look like Bo is coming back to mess with Hope and Aiden’s happiness, so what or who will cause conflict?


Daniel provides an ear for JJ despite it going against Jennifer’s wishes that JJ stop relying on Daniel and Daniel not interfere with her children.

Professionally, Daniel prepares for Paul’s shoulder surgery.  Daniel finds Paul’s agent is a roadblock.  Lets guess here – the agent is female, young and pretty?

Jordan and Clyde

With Jordan still holding Clyde at gunpoint and highly charged emotionally after confronting Clyde about raping her at 15 years old, Clyde challenges Jordan to shoot him.

She clearly doesn’t because later in the week she’s busy kissing Chad.  Rafe witnesses the smooch and gives Chad something else to pucker up over – Rafe’s fist…

Jordan has another admirer flirting with her – her new Physical Therapy patient, Paul.

Ben and Abigail

Ben’s temper and attitude continue to go against him as he and Abigail argue about Chad’s deed – getting Abigail her job back at the hospital.  Abigail and Ben argue bitterly about Chad.

Back on the job at the hospital, Daniels hush, hush, baseball patient flirts with Abigail.  By midweek , however, Abigail is trying to work things out his her hot head boyfriend.


Next Weeks Days Spoilers!


Down the Track on Days of our Lives:

The past causes friction in a new relationship.

Someone leaves and someone returns.  (John leaves town – again… and Melanie Jonas returns with a secret…)

Look for a reveal to test more than one relationship.

Someone’s return to Salem changes the landscape for many in Salem….

Aiden and Hope pass another milestone in their relationships – they make love for the first time….

Christelle Strause tweeted that her time at Days of our Lives has come to an end.  How does Jordan leave Salem?  Look for a final airdate (and answers) during March 2015.

Melissa Archer arrives in Salem as Serena in early December…
The text above contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



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