Days of our Lives Spoilers – November 3 – 7, 2014

This week on Days of our Lives (November 3 – 7, 2014): Kristen overhears that Theresa is pregnant with Brady’s baby.  Kristen takes what is hers…and leaves town. Brady has been betrayed by everyone, Eve has bad news, JJ does something shocking…And Hope knows Aiden is keeping secrets about his past…

Theresa, Daniel, Kristen and Brady

Brady confronts Kristen about what he saw when he went to Dr. Dan’s apartment.  Brady wants to know why Kristen slept with him.  Poor Brady, after finding out Daddy and Theresa have been lying to him he finds out the only two people telling him the truth – Kristen and Dan – are sleeping together !

Theresa makes a confession to Anne Milbauer (you’d think she’d be more careful given Kristen has already taped one of their damning conversations!)  She’s pregnant with Brady’s baby, Theresa tells Anne as Kristen listens in from behind the bushes.

Kristen loses it when she realizes that Theresa has something she always wanted – not only a child, but Brady’s child (Brady and Kristen were going to adopt at one point).  Once  she’s done lashing out, Kristen comes up with a plan to take from Theresa what is rightfully hers.

Having given Kristen a piece of his mind, Brady heads to do the same with Daniel.  Meanwhile Theresa finds herself in danger – because of Kristen.   Kristen leaves Salem but it looks like she enacts a kind of baby switch first – with both Kristen and Theresa on gurneys and surgical personnel walking around it looks like Kristen moves Brady’s baby from Theresa’s uterus to her own!

Does Kristen leave Salem pregnant????? 

Whatever she does it generates shock…

Daniel gets a new patient who wants to keep things very quiet…

When Kristen finds out Theresa is pregnant with Brady’s baby, Kristen comes up with a plan to take what is rightfully hers – in true DiMera style…

Paige and JJ, Eve and Kayla

Bev causes more grief for JJ and Paige.   JJ and Paige end up in a fight (again) about his lying.

Eve gets bad news – likely about the nodes on her vocal chords…

JJ does something shocking (Please don’t let it be a kiss or worse between Eve and JJ ).  Whatever it is sees JJ worrying that Paige will learn the truth but by week’s end the young couple have resolved their differences.


Nicole finds herself repairing her friendship with Dr. Dan.

Hope and Aiden

Hope spots Aiden with Bree and has some questions for Aiden.  Aiden is evasive but knows deep down that his secret will come out.

Jordan, Chad, Ben and Abigail

Abigail doesn’t take it well when Ben suggests that Chad is conning her.   Chad is responsible for taking away Ben’s dreams (which one?  School or apartment?)

The tension between Chad and Ben finds Ben pushed too far and unable to take anymore.  They come to blows.

Chad does something nice for Abigail.  She is surprised when she finds out who did it.

Jordan gets a gun and heads to Clyde’s hotel room to confront him.

Down the Track on Days of our Lives:

The past causes friction in a new relationship.

Someone leaves and someone returns.  (John leaves town – again… and Melanie Jonas returns with a secret…)

Look for a reveal to test more than one relationship.

Someone’s return to Salem changes the landscape for many in Salem….

Aiden and Hope pass another milestone in their relationships – they make love for the first time….

Christelle Strause tweeted that her time at Days of our Lives has come to an end.  How does Jordan leave Salem?  Look for a final airdate (and answers) during March 2015.

Melissa Archer arrives in Salem as Serena in early December…
The text below contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.