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    Since Hope Logan Spencer told Liam, then Brooke, then Wyatt – the baby’s father – that she was pregnant, the pregnancy has been on the back burner while Ridge and Caroline’s dalliance and then the Forrester Creations leadership decision took center stage.

    [box]Ridge, Caroline and Rick and the Forrester CEO Position[/box]

    Hope Banished Quinn

    Even when Hope’s pregnancy was mentioned it was in relation to Quinn being unwelcome in Hope’s baby’s life.  Like a protective momma bear Hope banished Quinn – who is dangerous and manipulative – from being a grandma to her and Wyatt’s baby.

    Quinn Tries another Way

    Quinn has been adamant that Hope would change her mind and allow her to take her rightful place in her grandbaby’s life.  Quinn went so far as to recruit Deacon, Hope’s father’s assistance, by having him tell his daughter that he was involved with Quinn.

    That didn’t go as planned with Hope simply telling Deacon that if he remained romantically involved with Quinn then he too would be banished from her and the baby’s life.  Hope suggested Deacon think about it but Deacon couldn’t resist Quinn’s sexual advances.

    Quinn Crashes the Ultrasound

    The day of Hope’s first ultrasound finally arrived and Hope and Wyatt (and viewers!) got a first look at Wyatt and Hope’s baby putting to rest the possibility that Hope was having a phantom pregnancy (postulated in forums by fans confused by the lack of confirmation about Hope’s pregnancy.

    Hope and Wyatt were emotional at seeing their baby on the ultrasound – and so was Grandma Quinn, who had disguised herself in scrubs and was watching from the door way.

    Spoilers AND Speculation

    Spoilers, however, point at Hope and Wyatt not having a lot of time to revel in the miracle of the new life growing inside of Hope.  Quinn’s presence is exposed and rather than asking questions about due dates and how far along Hope is, Hope and Wyatt’s attention is turned towards Quinn crashing the ultrasound appointment.

    Hope finds herself suggesting that it’s it time to get a restraining order against Quinn.  Quinn however is still certain that Hope will forgive her and let her take her place in her grand child’s life.  Wyatt, will be caught in the middle….

    Hope and Wyatt won’t have long to argue about the issue of Quinn while on US soil anyway.  By the end of this week, Hope, Wyatt, Liam and Ivy head to Amsterdam, the first stop in the European launch of Ivy’s jewelry line.

    It has long been hinted that the episodes filmed in Amsterdam at the end of September/ early October sees once couple become closer and another’s relationship suffer.  Amsterdam storyline teasers also suggest that Wyatt colludes with his mother to keep Liam away from Hope and focused on Ivy. This can only mean trouble for the newlyweds….especially since Hope is slated to find out.

    Pregnancy Plot Twist?

    But this still seems like a distraction.

    Fans are still waiting for a twist in Hope’s pregnancy storyline….Is the baby really Wyatt’s?  With the details about Hope’s pregnancy still seemingly taking a back seat to Quinn’s interference and unnatural obsession with her son.  It feels like diversion while Liam and Ivy’s relationship is allowed flourish…

    Who do you think the father of Hope’s baby will ultimately be?  Or is Quinn’s interference a set-up for Hope to lose her baby at Quinn’s hand?  Any other bets for a pregnancy plot twist?


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