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    Did Katie Manipulate Bill?

    When Katie returned from visiting her dad in Dallas, Bill turned up to see Will.  While Will napped Katie and Bill had a chat and Katie told Bill the reason she went to Dallas – in a roundabout way.

    Bill told Katie that since Brooke had left for Italy, he hadn’t had Will for an overnight visit.  He regretted that Will had been starting to see his nursery at Brooke’s house as his bedroom, something that was now lost.  Bill noted that Katie and “Smidge” would beat him to the altar after all.  Katie looked doubtful and asked Bill if he didn’t know about Ridge and Caroline.

    Katie filled Bill in on Ridge and Caroline’s involvement as they collaborated on the Couture Line.  Caroline gave Ridge something Katie couldn’t and Caroline developed a crush.  Bill was furious.  Caroline was little more than a kid, and a newlywed he began defending his niece. Bill doesn’t buy Ridge’s tortured artist crap and he doesn’t believe Caroline threw herself at a man who was engaged – let along one that was engaged to Katie.

    Bill worked out that Ridge’s behavior is what drove Katie to Dallas.  Katie admitted that she was here to stand up for herself and fight.  Bill told Katie that is precisely what she needed to do otherwise Ridge would do this over and over again. When Katie fills him in on Ridge’s plan to seduce Caroline to give him a better chance at gaining the CEO position Bill’s anger gets the best of him and he leaves to take care of business.  No one is going to treat the women I love like this and get away with it he told Katie.

    After Bill’s departure Katie noted to Will who could be heard talking in his sleep over the baby monitor that everything would be alright – Daddy is taking care of it.

    The tiny hint of a smile on Katie’s lips suggests that Katie had indeed found a source of strength and had played Bill.  She’d sent her rabid dog Bill Spencer in to punish Ridge…This is a big step for Katie who viewers are more used to seeing collapse from heart failure when things go wrong in her life…

    But she is sending Bill Spencer to meter out punishment in an arena that will just make him look like a hypocrite.

    Is Bill Being a Hypocrite?

    Bill Spencer’s parting line to Katie should have been “No one treats the women I love like this – except me!”

    Katie manipulating Bill into doing her bidding by using his hatred for “The Dressmaker” was classic soap opera and a big step forward for Katie’s character.

    Spoilers for tomorrow’s episode show Bill cornering Ridge and reminding Ridge that he is engaged to Katie and that he made a commitment to Katie.  But Bill goes on to say that Ridge turns around and starts making out with his niece, Caroline.

    Ridge appears to be tolerating Bill’s outburst with a small smirk on his face.  Ridge was quick to remind Rick of some painful family history during the fallout from the CEO’s position (that Rick was responsible for Phoebe’s death).  Perhaps Bill is about to get a few reminders as well….

    Bill and Steffy

    Bill and Steffy never consummated their love. They tried, but Taylor knocked on Steffy’s bedroom door, and wasn’t impressed when Bill, a married man, was in there with Steffy.

    Having Bill run off to confront Ridge and defend his nieces honor is is sweet.  And that Katie put the wheels in motion for Bill to do her heavy lifting is great step forward for a character whose usual response to drama in her private life is to suffer a cardiac event. It is classic soap opera for Katie to use Bill’s hatred of “The Dressmaker” to force the confrontation in the spoilers.

    But Bill deserves to have Ridge remind him that Ridge didn’t do anything that Bill isn’t guilty of himself.  Not once but a couple of times.

    Bill was after all married to Katie, and committed to Katie, when he Bill turned around and made out with Steffy – Ridge’s daughter. Granted Steffy pursued Bill relentlessly but the fact still remains, Bill gave in to temptation.  Bill even renewed his vows to Katie during his dalliance with Steffy.  And when Katie learned about Bill and Steffy, she had a heart attack.  Bill stayed with his wife.  Katie forgave him.

    But as Bill warned Katie today about not standing up to Ridge, Bill did it again…

    Bill and Brooke

    Bill and Katie were happy for a while.  But when Katie delivered Will she suffered from post partum depression.  It was Katie’s wish while suffering from PPD and believing she was going to die, that Brooke step into her shoes and raise her son – as Bill’s wife.  Yes, Katie did push Bill and Brooke together.  But they acted on the temptation also.

    This dalliance went a lot further than a few kisses.  There was a pregnancy and miscarriage that in the end was how Bill and Brooke’s affair was exposed.  Of course Katie had a near fatal cardiac event.

    So once again, Bill was married to and committed to Katie when he turned around and had an affair with Katie’s sister.

    Let’s hope Ridge reminds Bill of some of his own bad behavior.  There is no love lost between these two and there is plenty of reason for them to end up in a fist fight (spoilers)….



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