Jack Proposes To Phyllis: When Will He Tell Kelly? | The Young and the Restless

This week on The Young and the Restless, Jack found Phyllis’ engagement ring back in its jewelry box.  When Phyllis returned home, after clearing the air with Summer, Jack asked her about it.

Phyllis admitted she’d wanted the whole deal, the romance and proposal together, and that she’d kind of killed the mood by trying to rush it.  Though she heard Jack’s works when he put the ring on her hand in the hospital while she was in the coma she still felt jipped.

Jack Proposes – Again

Jack admitted that when she put it that way so did he.  So, Jacked dropped to one knee, took Phyllis’ hand in his and gave her the whole shebang.  Jack admitted that it had taken him a while to get back to where they were.  To feel all the same things as he did before her accident, but he was there now.  He felt it all.  Marry me Red, he asked Phyllis.  Phyllis said yes and then asked Jack to make love to her.

Jack and Phyllis Make Love

After making love for the first time since her return, Phyllis asked Jack if he’d been with anyone while she was away.  It had been a year.  Jack initially was hesitant but finally admitted that he had been dating.  When Phyllis asked who she was, Jack didn’t respond.  Just that a gentleman didn’t kiss and tell.  Jack asked Phyllis what she would do if she knew who it was.  “Kill the bitch” was Phyllis’ response…

Jack Needs to Find Kelly

Jack may have gotten his life with Phyllis back on track but he needed to find Kelly to break the news to the woman he’s been dating.  When Jack managed to get Kelly on the phone, he found her distressed.  Her mother, Maureen, had had a heart attack and was in bypass surgery.  Kelly told Jack she needed him.

Jack went to the hospital and while there learned, from Billy, that Victoria had given birth to a baby girl.  Jack found Kelly who was happy to see him and threw herself into his arms.  The conversation turned to Phyllis and whether Jack had told Phyllis about them.  Jack had the decency to look uncomfortable and evasively began explaining that he hated to hurt someone who had already been through so much…

That was as far as Jack got since Kelly got the news that her mother was awake after her surgery and Kelly could see her now.  Kelly rushed off with Jack’s news undelivered…

Kelly Finds Out – From Phyllis!

Poor Jack did try to be the one to tell Kelly, but just as Jack was about to launch into his spiel, Phyllis arrived and asked if Kelly had heard the good news – she and Jack were getting married!  And, Phyllis wanted Kelly to be their wedding event planner…

What’s next?  Spoilers:  News of Jack and Phyllis’ Engagement Spreads

Spoiler previews show Jack trying to calm his family down.  “This whole announcement is premature” he tells them.  A baffled Phyllis asks “why?”  Jack will need to come clean with Kelly and Phyllis and soon.  Or does Phyllis already know and she is toying with Jack and Kelly as spoilers have hinted?



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