Kim Matula (Hope Logan) Leaves The Bold and the Beautiful


Just as Hope, Wyatt, Liam and Ivy head off on an Amsterdam adventure onscreen, news broke that Kim Matula, who has portrayed Hope Logan since 2010, is leaving The Bold and the Beautiful.

According to the twitter message released by B&B,  Matula will be moving on to other opportunities, but the surprise departure has to leave the writers scrambling.  Or wasn’t it a surprise?

Scott Clifton (Liam) took to twitter to confirm the news:

On her Facebook page Kim stated that she made the difficult decision not to resign her contract when it came up for renewal so that she could try spreading her wings as an actor and seeing what else the world had to offer.

Hope Logan’s Exit?

Hope Logan has been central, to The Bold and the Beautiful’s storytelling for a number of years as a convoluted set of love triangles have played out amongst the younger characters on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Hope’s relationship with Liam has been the core of those triangles.  First Steffy Forrester, Hope’s step-sister of sorts moved in on Liam.  Steffy though originally the antagonist in the triangle ended up forging a relationship with Liam equally as powerful, just different, to the one he enjoyed with Hope.  Fans were taken and equally divided by the triangle.

When Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) stepped back from the soap opera, Liam acquired a long lost brother in the form of Wyatt Fuller.  Naturally, Wyatt was immediately smitten with Hope and a new triangle ensued between Hope and the two Spencer half brothers.

With Hope currently married to Wyatt and expecting his baby, there are a number of plot twists that could see Hope packing up and leaving Los Angeles.  Hope has a war of sorts underway with the grandmother of her baby, Quinn, which could easily prove so disrupting or dangerous to Hope (and her baby) that she leaves.  Hope has recently threatened to take out a restraining order on Quinn, but that isn’t likely to stop Quinn who has show no regard for anyone’s safety, (pushing Ivy into a river and trying to kill Liam).

There is no news yet on Kim Matula’s final air date on The Bold and the Beautiful, but the actress has finished filming.   Stay tuned for hints/spoilers related to Kim/Hope’s  exit storyline.


25 November 2014 – Soap Opera Digest is reporting Kim Matula’s final air date as December 12, 2014…well before Brooke returns from Italy in January 2015…

How do you think Hope will exit?  And will she still be pregnant when she leaves?  Or will Quinn be responsible to taking away the family that Wyatt so desperately wants?

How is Hope’s departure playing out on screen?  Find out here….




  1. I think Quinn will do something to Hope to cause her death and the death of the unborn child.
    Maybe this will be what gets Quinn OFF of the show for good.
    I was hoping Hope’s doctor would call her and tell her she is further along
    than she thought – so there would be NO way that Wyatt could be the baby’s father.
    But is in fact Liam’s baby.

    • I just wish that Kim Matula changes her mind and stays with B&B. I have been hoping for a reunion with Liam and Hope. They deserve to be happy, get married and have kids. I wish that yes, that she is further along in her pregnancy and the baby turns out to be Liam”s. I wish that the marriage between Wyatt and Hope was not legal, and that frees HOPE FROM HIM AND HIS MOTHER. There is still so much writers can do to keep Hope with B&B. Offer her more money and a better contract, she has been the main focus since Brooke’s departure. I love B&B , but ever since the original RIdge Forrester (Ron Moss) left, that broke my heart. My focus was on RIck and Caroline, look where that got us , him with Maya. They should just have let Brooke marry Bill, write it to have Liam and Hope for once make it to the end at the alter married and happy. They need to rid of Maya and keep Rick and Caroline together. As for this current RIdge character, sucks, they need to rid of his character already, he keeps jumping to everyone else’s wives. Kim Matula you need to stay with B&B, your fans have so much expectations for you and Liam to be finally get together and to finally get married.

      • IBtotally agree with Janie. Please please do whatever it takes to keep Hope on B&B. you dangle that hope and Liam carrot in front of us way too long already only to let all their fans down. I don’t think I can watch bold and beautiful anymore if there is no more hope and Liam. it will never be the same again on B&B for more hope and Liam then no more bold and beautiful fans

        • I definitely agree with Linda. I have watched B&B for
          12 years. Keep Hope & Liam together. You have
          disappointed their fans. I can’t watch anymore if
          they are not together.

  2. Hope now have to deal with many stressors, and because of it lose the baby. Divorce Wyatt and get back with Liam.
    Hope and Liam eloping and get married. Have A prolonged honeymoon in Italy.
    They decided to open their own business and became in competition or being in association with the Forrester.
    Keeping in touch with their parents, visiting and bringing their new set of twins to get to know gma Logan and grandfather might Bill !

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