Liam and Ivy Declare Their Love – Hope Can’t Let Go

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    Amsterdam has been a tale of two relationships; one blossoming, the other dying a slow death because of Hope’s inability to let go of Liam.

    A Modeling Duel

    And Hope’s issues have not gone unnoticed. Ivy has told Hope she can’t have both Wyatt and Liam and needs to let Liam live his life.  Though Wyatt hasn’t said as much to Hope, he has danced around the issue.  Wyatt made it clear to Liam that Liam should make Ivy his and stay away from his wife.

    Hope, however, has been unable to let Liam go. Pregnant, or not, Hope has behaved like a diva.

    Hope didn’t take it well when Eva from International’s PR department insisted that Ivy be in front of the camera modeling.  Hope told her husband that she didn’t want Ivy taking any more of her life.  Not a good thing to say to your husband about the woman moving on with your former fiancé.

    Hope took Ivy modeling as a challenge to her place as the face of Hope for The Future, despite the shoot being about Ivy’s jewelry.  Hope provided Ivy with modeling tips but in the form of telling her everything she would do wrong before telling her what she should do.

    Hope seemed almost glad when Ivy began modeling and was stiff and nervous.  But Ivy relaxed into her new role and by the time they were doing head and shoulder shots in the studio the ladies were having a modeling duel fighting for camera time making those watching (Liam, Wyatt and Eva) laughing at their competitiveness.

    Wyatt Intervenes and Tells His Wife She Can’t Have Them Both

    Since the message wasn’t getting through to Hope at the very least, Wyatt decided to take matters into his own hands.  He organized for a romantic boat trip on the canals of Amsterdam on Lars’ boat.  Unfortunately, for Wyatt Hope overheard Wyatt making the arrangements and assumed the trip was for them.

    Cornered by his wife, Wyatt had to admit that he didn’t arrange the boat trip for him and Hope, but for Liam and Ivy.  He was trying to do something nice for his brother Wyatt defended.  But Hope saw through his motives.  Wyatt manipulated Ivy and Liam, trying to force a relationship between them, just like his mother would.  Hope was furious with her husband.  But was it really because of Wyatt was behaving like Quinn?  Or was it more because she didn’t want Liam moving on with Ivy?

    Wyatt called his wife out saying that Hope’s inability to move on when she is married and pregnant had to stop.  Hope made her choice.  She chose Wyatt and they were expecting a baby.  That was their focus Wyatt told his wife.  But a furious Hope told her husband she needed air and stepped out onto the balcony of their hotel room.  Unfortunately for Hope she was presented with a view of Liam and Ivy returning from their boat trip and kissing….


    Ivy and Liam Declare their Love

    While discussing what the rest of their day held after the jewelry photo shott, Liam received a phone call from Lars.  Lars had organized a surprise for them.  Ivy and Liam went to meet Lars to find themselves in front of the boat they’d seen earlier in the day.  Lars told them the boat was stocked for a romantic ride around Amsterdam – the curtains even closed for privacy he added.

    Ivy and Liam got on the board thrilled with their surprise and toured the canals of Amsterdam sipping champagne.  All too soon they arrive back near their hotel and Ivy supposed that was the end of their boat ride.  Liam looked at her and told her it didn’t have to be….Ivy, caught up in the moment told Liam that she loved him, then quickly apologized for putting him on the spot.  But Liam didn’t feel that way,  He lover her too, Liam told Ivy and they kissed, unaware that Hope was watching from the balcony…

    What’s next?

    Spoilers indicate that Hope is so emotionally fragile by what she learned about her husband’s interference and witnessing Ivy and Liam’s growing closeness that she runs home from Amsterdam cutting the tip short.

    Wyatt is worried about the future of his marriage – and rightly so.    With news of Kim Matula’s departure from The Bold and the Beautiful the scenes we see over the coming weeks are likely a wind up to Hope’s exit from the Los Angeles canvas.

    And we can bet with Quinn’s crazy fantasies recently that Quinn will somehow be involved…



    1. Hope will never let go,, with (kim) not renewing her contract i think either Hope will take her pregnant self and leave mommy will tuck her safely away in the Italian alps where no one can find her namly Quinn and summer or Christmas hope will try rise hER roll and intrude on Ivy and Liam she will pull a Steffy show up at their wedding and announce she made a horrible mistake and Liam is a father not wyhatt. Or #2. Quinn causes an accident and Hope, baby is lost or both are lost. This could set the stage for a new identity and runaway of k I dnappING by the pysco mom and son.

    2. […] After the boat ride, Ivy tells Liam that was a boat ride  that she will never forget.  They enjoy a romantic evening with candle light.  The couple have declared their love for each other – does Wyatt’s plan succeed – do they take their relationship to the next level?  Meanwhile Liam tells Ivy that they are a new beginning for him.  He’s going to wear the sword necklace she made him all the time now… […]

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