Life After Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful – Could Steffy Be Returning?

With The Bold and the Beautiful confirming that Kim Matula (Hope Logan Spencer) was leaving The Bold and the Beautiful after deciding not to re-sign with the soap, fans have been speculating where to now for The Bold and the Beautiful.

News of Kim Matula’s departure comes mere weeks after Jacqueline MacInnes Wood announcing that she will not be returning to The Bold of the Beautiful either given her schedule.  That brings to a close (for now?) two of the most popular love triangles of the past three years.

Without its two leading ladies, among the younger set, anyway, it does open up the question where to for the Bold and the Beautiful without Hope and Steffy on the canvas – at least for a while.

Hope, Wyatt, Liam and Ivy – November 2014

Current episodes airing in the US show Hope, Wyatt, Liam and Ivy in Amsterdam.  Hope has been struggling with watching Liam move on with Ivy.  A fact that has not escaped Wyatt’s attention.  The situation has Wyatt taking matters into his own hands in a very Quinn like manner.  Something Hope will not be happy with and sends Hope running home to Los Angeles without her husband.

So now Hope’s marriage is on the rocks and her relationship with her mother-n-law is rocky at best.


Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Quinn’s obsession with Hope is reaching new heights as Quinn tries to find a way to ingratiate herself back into Hope and Wyatt’s family.  Quinn has had some very odd fantasies about Hope delivering a baby that looks distressingly like Quinn.  Hope screams and Wyatt seems not to notice the baby’s likeness to Quinn.

Another fantasy saw Quinn kidnapping Hope and torturing Hope with a feather until Hope allowed Quinn back into her family.

With the increase in Quinn’s crazy and her continued lack of remorse for her past actions many fans are speculating that Quinn will be responsible for Hope losing her and Wyatt’s baby.  At best this would be enough to send Hope running from Los Angeles – perhaps to Italy where mom, Brooke, is cleaning up things in the Milan office after two employees’ embezzled funds.

Quinn Crashes Hope’s Utrasound

With Hope off the canvas though, it isolates Quinn and Wyatt from the rest of The Bold and the Beautiful canvas. What happens to them once Hope is gone?  Sure Quinn is involved with Deacon, but with Hope gone he too becomes redundant to the current story telling.

Could Steffy be Re-cast?

With Ivy now the only single leading lady amongst the younger set The Bold and the Beautiful has little option but to bring in new blood.  That new blood needn’t necessarily be a new character though.

Jacqueline MacInness Wood may not be returning to the role of Steffy Forrester, but with her last appearance over a year ago and the recent removal of her likeness from the credits, the character could be recast.

In fact, many are reading Taylor’s recent visit with Eric as just that – a tease that Steffy and her mom would be back in Los Angeles more permanently.  Not only did Taylor tell Eric that she and Thorne were no longer together (something that didn’t really gel with Taylor’s conversation with Aly the week prior about wanting Aly to confide in her like a mother) but Taylor also told Eric that while Thomas was dating in Paris, Steffy wasn’t.

Taylor also noted that she was disappointed to hear that Hope ended up marrying Wyatt and was now expecting his baby.  When Steffy left for Paris is was with the assumption that it would leave Hope and Liam free to marry.

Taylor’s entire scene with Eric felt like a repositioning move.  A kiss between Taylor and Eric (a peck on the cheek) after Taylor told Eric she missed times like this with him saw Stephanie’s portrait once more come crashing to the ground.

And we were reminded that Steffy left for Paris so that Hope and Liam could be together and raise a family.  With Steffy now able to have children again, and Hope out of the picture could we be in for a new triangle between Steffy, Liam and Ivy?



  1. I like to watch bold and the beautiful but I always wanted Liam and Hope to get married but Wyatt got in the way by there relationship by breaking up.Now she’s having a baba of Wyatt, but I’m glad that Liam moved on with his life because he begged Hope so Hope did not take note.Now he is together with Ivy now hope is so upset now but its her own fault………I always wanted Hope and Liam to have a life and a baby.
    But it didn’t end well

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