Nick Gives up on Love |The Young and the Restless

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Men Only…

At the cabin Nick drinks and chops wood.  He remembers confronting Sharon about what she did – stealing his child from him and watching him cry when the thought Summer wasn’t’ his.  And she turned Summer’s life upside down.  And she let people believe that Nick had kept Jack’s child from him.

Nick finds company in a lost dog.  Inside Nick looks for alcohol.  He finds some and asks the dog if alcohol goes bad.  A smart man would dump the foul smelling paint thinner, but Nick figures he is already drunk.  What can it hurt?

Women Are Always the Problem

He hopes the dog is a male and decides he is because of the confused look in his eye.  No women here.  None.  Its women that are always the problem he tells the dog.

Nick praises himself on the fire he made. He goes outside to get more wood. He tells the dog he makes one bad move after the other all because of women.  How did he get here he wonders.  He cannot keep blowing his life up like this.  Look at him, he’s taking to a dog.  I can’t get much worse.

Nick Put On Trial – By His Exes

But inside he finds Amy. They discuss their times together. He was cocky and cute says Amy and she wanted so much for him to like her. Nick liked her but Amy loved him.  She’s sorry they didn’t last but not that they made love.

Grace appears and sasses him about making love like cotton candy that makes you sick to the stomach.  Grace says maybe that’s why she and he didn’t work – he always liked a damsel in distress. And she was always the one that picked up his pieces after him and Sharon.  Nick agrees that she always turned up when he didn’t have his head on straight.

They question why he cheated on Sharon – the love of his life.  Nick wonders if he went back to Sharon to prove something to his dad.  Sharon turns up and says it wasn’t revenge or payback – it was just love.

Outside Nick questions what kind of a guard dog he is?  It’s like they are really in there he tells the mutt, but none of them are taking any blame for the shit they pulled on him over the years.

Nick goes inside to find Phyllis playing video games. Phyllis tells him that he likes a challenge. They were good for a while Nick concedes.  But what went wrong.  May love just ends and people more on or it’s a merry go round and you just jump on and off as you want.

Avery turns up. Phyllis says that Nick wasn’t all that in love with her.  But nick says he was.  Phyllis says he’s sucking up to the woman who dumped him at the altar because she fell in love with Dylan.  Phyllis admits she wishes she didn’t remember sleeping with Ronan after waking up from the coma.  Both of them hurt and betrayed him and he was mad them and he’s mad now.

Reckless Endangerment of Hearts with Careless Declarations of Love

You weren’t exactly Saint Nicholas Avery and Phyllis tell him.  He has some things to answer for and now is the time…He’s on trial.  Court is now in session Avery says.

Avery accuses Nick of recklessly endangering hearts with your careless declarations of love.  You loved them and left them with no signs of remorse from you callow youth to the present.

Nick says there was remorse.  Amy is disbelieving. Nick flashes back to dumping Amy because he couldn’t’ get Sharon out of his head. Nick tells Grace they never really had anything.  Because you couldn’t get the delicate flower Sharon out of your head Grace accused. Phyllis tells Nick that he promised to love her forever. Did you keep it Avery asks?  No says Phyllis.  Who cheated first Phyllis asks when he brings up Ronan again.

They were building a life together and raising a child and he was still in love with Sharon.  He’s asked if he has any regrets.  Nick tells him he can’t regret Faith and Summer being part of his life.  Is there anyone you didn’t cheat on Amy wonders.  Grace thinks she’s being precious.  It wasn’t just her Grace tells Amy. Nick’s a serial offender.

They call their star witness – Sharon…

No More Women – Ever

Outside as Nick drinks Sharon arrives.  He’s made so many mistakes, so many promises he didn’t keep.  Sharon says its human.  We all mistakes and then try to do better. Sharon asks him to forgive her for her past mistakes and the ones she’s likely to make until death does them part.  From the beginning there were always secrets and lies Nick says.  You didn’t have faith in us you kept giving us reasons not to stay together.  Sharon says she was scared she didn’t deserve him and that he wouldn’t love her if he knew the truth.

Nick tells her he’s tired he couldn’t heal her and the truth is he never should have tried. It just lead to you devastating my child.  You ripped my kid out of my life and me out of hers.  Sharon tells him she’s sorry.  It doesn’t change anything.  Sorry can’t fix it this time.  He can’t be around her. He will never feel for her what he used to feel. He’ll keep his distance otherwise they’ll end up in the same place.

He won’t fall for any woman ever again he says.

Not all His Relationships Have Crashed and Burned

He goes inside and finds Nikki.  Any woman she asks.  So that’s the plan?  No emotion?  Just a lot of whisky? Our hearts break easily when we love deeply.  Nikki tells him she was right about Sharon. And there it is – the “I told you so”.  Nick wishes he’d listed to Nikki.  His life would be so different.  He’s had a lot of love and joy Nikki reminds him. She wants him to find lasting love.  IF you don’t look for love, it won’t come.  Nikki reminds him that not every relationship he’s been involved in has crashed and burned.