Stitch and Billy Deliver Victoria’s Baby | The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Cliffhanger Friday has Victoria Newman locked in a supply closet and in labor leaving fans to wonder if Victoria will have to deliver her own baby.  Or if she’dd be rescued by one or both potential baby daddy’s.

Why is Victoria Locked in a Closet?

Victoria worked out that one of her potential baby daddy’s, Stitch, didn’t kill his father.  Stitch had hinted that there was more to his father’s death than Victoria understood and Victoria finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together and worked out that Stitch was covering for his mother, Maureen.

Maureen, however, wasn’t too keen on the truth coming out and when Victoria was going to call the police, Maureen stepped in and shoved Victoria into a supply closet to stop her.

Victoria’s Missing

Victoria pleaded with Maureen reminding her that the baby she was carrying could be her grandchild, but Maureen didn’t want to hear it. Meanwhile Stitch was preparing for a romantic date with Victoria when he got a call from Maureen who appeared to be having a heart attack.

Maureen’s Heart Attack

Stitch found Maureen at the parking garage and rushes to the hospital with his mother who needs immediate bypass surgery.  Maureen tries to talk to him but Stitch tells her it can wait.  Stitch also leaves Victoria a message saying he has to cancel their dinner…Meanwhile Victoria realizes the pains she is having are contractions…

Victoria is in labor

While waiting for news on his mother Stitch is surprised he hasn’t heard from Victoria.  Later he learns that Victoria hasn’t been returning Billy’s messages either.  They head to Victoria’s house and learn from Abby who arrives there also that Victoria was seen on Jabot security footage – yesterday.

Bill and Stitch head over to Jabot and head into the office.  In the supply closet Victoria screams in agony as her labor progresses…

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What’s Next? – Y&R Spoilers November 17-24, 2014

When they find no trace of Victoria in the building and back in the car park Ben calls Victoria’s cell phone.  They hear it ringing and locate Victoria in the supply closet – in labor.  They want to get her to the hospital but Victoria tells them it is too late – the baby is coming now!  Victoria insists they work together.  Stitch delivers the baby that could be his and later with Victoria and the baby safely in the hospital Bill and Stitch both want to know which one of them is the baby girl’s father.


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