The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: December 8 -12, 2014

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (December 8-12, 2014):  Wyatt takes out a restraining order on him mom! Could Ivy leave LA?  Liam tries to save the day…

    Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy

    Bill advises his son to take action to ensure that Quinn doesn’t destroy his marriage to Hope.  Wyatt goes to Justin and gets his legal help – with a restraining order!  Wyatt just has to deliver it.  But he is he too late to prevent any harm?

    Hope finds herself in a dangerous predicament and it is Liam that tries to keep Hope and her child safe.  After a confrontation with Quinn that appeared to end peacefully with Quinn leaving, Hope fell down the stairs in Brooke’s garden (the ones leading to the cascading waterfall).  Quinn heard Hope cry out.

    Quinn rushes to where Hope lays unmoving and calls out her name.

    Liam arrives at Brooke’s house picks Hope up from where she fell and rushes her to the hospital. (Liam rushed back to Brooke’s house upon learning that Quinn wasn’t at her loft. )

    Meanwhile Wyatt is defending his position in taking out a restraining order on his mom – to Deacon.  Wyatt tells Deacon he needs to stop his mom from seeing Hope again. Otherwise he doesn’t’ know what will happen.  By the time Quinn gets back to the loft Wyatt confronts her – You went to see Hope didn’t you?  Wyatt asks his mother.  Will Quinn be left to break the news to her son about what happened to Hope?  Quinn seems unable to get the words out.  Wyatt tells his mother pretending that she doesn’t hear him right now isn’t going to make him go away Wyatt tells Quinn.  A frustrated Wyatt wants to know what happened.  She saw Hope, She saw Liam – what Wyatt asks – together?

    Meanwhile at the hospital it is Liam who is with Hope.   Liam provides support to Hope.  he tells her to stay positive.  She’s okay, the baby is okay, Liam tells Hope who is wearing a hospital gown.  Be positive Liam reiterates. But positive vibes aren’t enough.  Hope has lost her baby – a boy.  While they wait for Wyatt to arrive at the hospital (Liam has left a message) Hope tells Liam she is sorry.  She has gone about so many things in the wrong way…

    When Wyatt gets to the hospital Liam tells him that he tried to get here there as soon as he could.  he wishes they could have done something.  I’m so sorry, Liam tells his brother.  Wyatt and Hope face tragedy.  It’s hard to imagine the tragedy is anything other than the loss of their baby…..   Will their marriage survive?

    Even though Quinn didn’t physically push Hope down the stairs Quinn’s presence did put her in an emotionally precarious position.  Will Hope blame Quinn for what happened and want to distance herself from the son as well as she comes to terms with the loss?

    Hope and Wyatt’s friends and family also face the loss…Deacon and Quinn particularly feel the loss.  Can Deacon and Quinn’s relationship survive this devastating loss?  Deacon was defending Quinn to both Liam and Wyatt when Quinn promised she wouldn’t go near Hope….Quinn’s presence at Brooke’s home placed Hope in the garden rather than on her way to get a meal…

    Hope makes a decision that will change the course of her life. An emotional Hope apologizes to her ex for all that could have been prevented in their relationship.

    Back home after being released from the hospital, Hope tells Wyatt that Quinn didn’t push her down the stairs, but if Wyatt had kept Quinn away from Hope like he promised, she wouldn’t have been near the stairs in the first place…Does Hope blame Wyatt? A tearful Hope tells her husband that they both know the only reason they are married is because his mother engineered it.  It looks like Wyatt and Hopes relationship is on extrememly shaky ground.  Wyatt is not supportive of what Hope says and tells Hope that she always wants what she doesn’t have….

    Ivy gives thought to leaving Los Angeles. Likely because she believes Hope will run back to Liam now that she doesn’t have a baby tying her to Wyatt… Is something pulling her away? Or pulling Liam in another direction?

    When Hope walked out on Wyatt after their argument she went to Brooke’s house.  Liam found her there.  Liam tells Hope that  she lost her baby because of Quinn.  Liam will not let Hope blame herself…


    Read what happened to Hope, Wyatt, Liam and Ivy in December 2014



    Ridge, Caroline and Rick (and Katie and Bill)

    Bill makes a confession to Katie…Bill tells Katie that both his boys have lost their first child:  Liam with Steffy and now Wyatt and Hope.  This horrific loss is completely Quinn’s fault Bill tells his ex.

    Deacon and Quinn

    Deacon learns who was behind the restraining order on Quinn. When Wyatt wants to be alone to deliver the restraining order he asks Deacon to  leave the loft.  Deacon goes to see Bill.

    Quinn has to show your daughter and my son, and me that there is some kind of boundary that she will respect, Bill tells Deacon.

    Liam goes to see Quinn.  A sad Quinn says that baby was her family too.  Liam tells her that one thing no one is going to forget is that Quinn is the reason that baby won’t be born.

    Quinn tries to explain she just wanted to have a place in her grandchild’s life.  Quinn cries that she is not responsible for Hope losing the baby.  (Technically no, but once again Quinn put into motions the sequence of events that led to the loss – jsut like Ridge falling out of the helicopter in Abu Dhabi).

    Next Week’s Spoilers

    B&B Recaps and History


    Monday, December 8, 2014 – Liam rushes Hope to the hospital.  Did Hope’s baby survive the fall?

    Tuesday, December 9, 2014 – Quinn tells Wyatt and Deacon about Hope.

    Wednesday, December 10, 2014 – Hope and Wyatt’s family rallies around the couple as they face the loss of their son

    Thursday, December 11, 2014 – Hope blames Wyatt…

    Friday, December 12, 2014 – Hope leaves for Milan, Italy


    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Buzz: In the coming weeks:

    Rick may have reconciled with Caroline but who is it that Rick will see in the New Year with?  Caroline or Maya?  Spoilers hint it could be Maya with Caroline turning to Carter!

    Could Rick impregnate both Caroline AND Maya at the same time?

    Kim Matula who has portrayed Hope Logan Spencer since January 2010 announced she was leaving The Bold and the Beautiful to pursue other opportunities.  The actress has filmed her final scenes.  This departure doesn’t bode well for baby HOTT…

    Spoilers are hinting at tragic events for Wyatt and Hope – looks like no more baby…this would also put the future of Hope and Wyatt’s marriage at risk.

    Despite saying recently that she would not be returning to The Bold and the Beautiful Jacqueline MacInnes Woods (Steffy) is reportedly filming a handful of episodes also set to air in January…Read more

    Maya’s little sister comes to town…

    Will Hope leave Los Angeles alone?

    Brooke comes home to Los Angeles after her stint in Italy.  Look for Katherine Kelly Lang and Brooke to be back on our screens in January 2015.  Brooke may have a future with Bill after all.  Maybe she discovered during her soul searching in Italy that she like who Brooke Logan is just fine…

    Hope faces losing to unprincipled competition.

    Liam considers his future with Ivy.

    Quinn and Deacon’s plan takes a deadly turn.  Not surprising really given Quinn’s plans have all had a deadly or potentially deadly element…does this plan involve Hope and her baby?

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



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