The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: November 10 – 14, 2014

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (November 10 – 14, 2014): Ivy and Liam click, Hope is Jealous, Wyatt schemes like his mother, Bill and Ridge fight over Caroline…


    Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy

    International’s PR person (Eva?) tells ivy that everyone is asking “Who is Ivy Forrester?”  Its time to put yourself out there she tells Ivy.  Ivy needs to get in front of the camera.

    In Amsterdam, Hope tells Ivy that modelling isn’t for everyone and that no one will mind if she wants to pull out of modelling her own jewelry.  Ivy takes it as an afront and asks Hope if she doesn’t think Ivy can do it.  Liam steps in to smooth the waters between the competitive women….

    A cranky Hope tells Wyatt that she doesn’t want her moving in on her life anymore (who?  Ivy?  or Quinn?).  Ivy tells Hope she is pregnant and having Wyatt’s baby.  She has to stop looking back at Liam and just move on with her life.  Hope spits at Ivy that she is doing that.

    A pressured Hope tells someone that Yes, she wants Liam to be happy.  Yes she wants Liam to be happy.  But it takes time and emotionally charged Hope rants.  Hope admits to Ivy that it hurts for Hope to see Ivy and Liam together.  It takes time for a hormonal Hope to get used to Liam having a life without her...

    She’s married to Wyatt, she’s carrying his child Ivy states.  She has to let go of you eventually Ivy tells Liam.

    Wyatt tells his brother when they are alone (at the hotel?) that there is no reason for Liam not to move on (with Ivy).  What is he waiting for Wyatt wants to know from Liam.   Stake a claim he tells his brother, make that lady (Ivy) yours. Don’t miss out on what you can have waiting for something that will never be again.  Liam notes that Wyatt is still threatened by him.  Wyatt tells his brother to leave his wife alone…

    Hope is struggling with letting go of Liam so Wyatt steps in and takes action.  Meddling just like his mother…Wyatt organizes a secret romantic boat trip for Ivy and Liam.

    Looks like Quinn’s manipulation genes may have been passed along to Wyatt – Wyatt agrees to Quinn’s plans to manipulate events so that Liam stays focused on Ivy and away from Wyatt’s wife.

    B&B Spoilers Nov 10-14 2014

    [box]What Happened Between Hope, Wyatt, Liam and Ivy this month?[/box]

    Wyatt gets what he wants – sort of.  Liam and Ivy’s chemistry is obvious on the photo shoot trip to Amsterdam.  But Hope is clearly jealous.

    At the photo shoot Hope admits to Liam that she is not okay with any of this.  Liam appears concerned by Hope’s admission.

    After the photo shoot Hope is glad that it is over and they can get on with enjoying themselves.  Later at the hotel Hope asks Wyatt what their plans are for the evening.  Has Wyatt made any?  Or has he been too busy organizing Liam’s romantic evening?

    Hope admits she overheard Wyatt talking to Lars and it sounded like he was planning something pretty romantic.  Wyatt looks uncomfortable as he clearly has to confess that he planned a romantic boat trip for Liam and Ivy.

    Oh my God!  Hope says aghast.  You are so like your mother right now.  Wyatt doesn’t understand what Hope is talking about  so Hope enlightens him – He manipulated Liam and Ivy!  Wyatt and Hope argue about his Wyatt scheming to push Ivy and Liam together.  Wyatt tries to remind Hope that they are married and expecting a child and that is what they should be focused on right now.

    Meanwhile Lars tells Ivy that she is in for a romantic boat ride… his treat to her…

    When Hope finds out that Wyatt has been supporting and encouraging Liam and Ivy’s fledgling relationship, Hope is unimpressed – will she banish the daddy from her baby’s life also?  Wyatt’s scheming brings him nothing but trouble – Really has he not learned that from his mother?  But is it all based on a misunderstanding?

    Despite Wyatt doing his best to keep Hope and Liam apart, Liam and Hope find themselves alone together.  Can they put their past feelings behind them?  Given Hope’s high an mighty assessment of Caroline as a cheater for kissing Ridge, Hope had better keep her lips to herself!


    [box]Amsterdam Location Shoot – Photos from Fashion Shoot[/box]

    Ridge, Caroline and Rick (and Maya)

    Rick, who still feels betrayed,  is not treating Caroline well.  Ridge comes to her defense.

    Meanwhile Maya is thrilled with her new position and lifestyle as the CEO’s head model, arm candy (she’s not a gold digger though – yeah right).  You can bet Maya will do what she has to to keep Rick and Caroline at odds…

    Ridge tells Caroline that Rick has always wanted Ridge to be the bad buy in his life.  But its not that clear cut Ridge continues. There are two sides to every story


    As the launch of the Couture collection designed by Ridge and Caroline draws near Eric and everyone at Forrester is relying on the designs proving successful – the designs certainly have cost them all plenty in terms of their relationships!

    Taylor tells Eric that she’s a little upset to hear that Hope married Wyatt and is now expecting his baby.  Eric admits he’s a little surprised by that also. (As Steffy’s mom Taylor would be upset.  Steffy stepped aside so that Hope and Liam could be together only for Hope to marry and have a baby with someone else! ) You’re one of us, Eric tells Taylor.

    Deacon and Quinn

    Quinn has a plan….but Deacon finds out about it.  Deacon tells Quinn that Wyatt is a grown man, he can handle this, so let him.  Trust me, Deacon tells Quinn, you will score a lot more points with Hope this way.  Quinn fills Deacon in on the romantic boat ride that Wyatt has organized for Ivy and Liam.  Deacon notes that Wyatt is meddling – just like his mother…Apparently the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree...Wyatt is going to provide Liam with the opportunity to help him move on from Hope Quinn tells Deacon.

    Bill tells Quinn she’s a lunatic and a pain…

    Katie and Bill

    Katie tells Bill about the collaboration between Ridge and Caroline that has caused problem at work and in both their personal lives.   Bill, who can’t stand Ridge at the best of times, nearly punches the guy for his recent behavior.


    Next Week’s Spoilers!


    B&B Recaps and History


    Monday November 10, 2014 – Hope doesn’t want Ivy stepping into any more of her life…

    Tuesday November 11, 2014 – Wyatt schemes to have Liam move on with Ivy;  Ivy tells Hope to let Liam go

    Wednesday November 12, 2014 – Hope tells Liam she isn’t okay with any of this…

    Thursday November 13, 2014 – Wyatt’s plan goes into action as Deacon realizes Wyatt is much like his mother

    Friday November 14, 2014 – Liam and Ivy declare their love, as Hope can’t let go



    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Buzz: In the coming weeks – November Sweeps 2014!

    Thanksgiving and Caroline and Ricks first wedding anniversary draw near.  Hope insists everyone finds something nice to say about each other – just like they did last year.  Pam and Charlie cook up a Thanksgiving Feast.

    Judith Chapman brings Gloria Fisher from The Young and the Restless to The Bold and the Beautiful on Thursday, November 20.  Gloria attends the launch of Ridge and Caroline’s Couture line.  Gloria has her eyes set on Eric. Look for chaos at the showing! Could Eric’s first trip as a non-executive at Forrester Creations see him visiting Gloria in Genoa City?  More importantly, can Eric trust his kids to run the show?

    Kim Matula has announced she is leaving the role of Hope Logan and The Bold and the Beautiful behind.  The actress chose not to sign a new contract with the show.  Read More...

    Look for plenty of twists and turns at the fashion show launching the Couture Line designed by Ridge and Caroline.  Could there be another change of leadership at Forrester Creations?

    Caroline and Ridge pay hefty prices for their collaborative design effort.

    Hope faces losing to unprincipled competition.

    Liam considers his future with Ivy.

    Maya is presented with an unexpected opportunity and seizes it.  Could Caroline’s new relationship with Ridge (through helping him with his drawing) give Maya the opportunity she wants to become a Forrester?

    Quinn and Deacon’s plan takes a deadly turn.  Not surprising really given Quinn’s plans have all had a deadly or potentially deadly element…does this plan involve Hope and her baby?

    Halloween finds couples mixed and matched.  Look for Big Brother cast past and present to appear on October 30 and 31 – Halloween Party at Bikini perhaps?

    European adventure again early winter – this time the destination is Amsterdam.  The shoot occurs during early October.  Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy are in Amsterdam for a Forrester Creations Photo Shoot and while one couple finds love another falls apart…The scenes will screen over 7 episodes.  Look for the episodes to air during November sweeps…

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



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    2. Rick got mad at Caroline for kisses and he slept with maya. Even though maya cheated on rick when they were together. Rick
      has no backbone. He should have kicked maya to curve. Caroline
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