The Bold and the Beautiful: The Hope Liam and Wyatt Love Triangle November 2014


Hope has her first ultrasound.  Quinn’s presence distracts Hope and Wyatt from the emotional experience.  Will Hope take out a restraining order on her mother in law?  Or is Amsterdam far enough away from Quinn.  Hope, Wyatt and Ivy head to Amsterdam where Wyatt takes a leaf out of Quinn’s play book and works to keep Hope and Liam apart and Liam’s attention firmly on Ivy.  How will hope feel when she finds out?

Find out more in the Spoilers section….


First Ultrasound

November 2014 saw Hope skipping her brother’s first meeting at CEO because she had another appointment.  Liam was with Hope at Forrester Creations when Wyatt came in and asked if she was ready to go to their first ultrasound.  Wyatt told his brother it was a big day for them – getting a first look at their bambino or bambina.  As Wyatt and Hope left Wyatt old his bro that Ivy was in reception if he was looking for her…

Instead Liam went back to his office where he couldn’t get his mind off Hope…

[box]What happened last month with Hope, Wyatt, Liam and Ivy?[/box]

Surprise Attendee

Hope and Wyatt were emotional as they got a first glance at their unborn baby.  Someone else was sharing the moment and equally as emotional.  Quinn disguised in medical scrubs and peering from around a door was watching Hope and Wyatt’s ultrasound appointment.

While Hope and Liam were gushing over the picture of their unborn baby, the “doctor” stumbled.  Hope and Wyatt turned towards the noise.  “Mom?” Wyatt called out.  Hope became immediately furious and told Quinn it was time to get a restraining order.  Quinn tried once more to plead her cast with Hope.  But Hope stayed on message.  Quinn was not to be anywhere near them and it was her own doing that put her in this position.

Hope left to go back to the office and told Wyatt to deal with his mother.

Back at Forrester Creations Hope found Liam waiting for Ivy.  He asked to see the ultrasound photo and Hope admitted that everything went well at the ultrasound – except for Quinn’s appearance.  Liam advised Hope to never give in a nd let Quinn be part of her baby’s life.  Quinn was dangerous…

Amsterdam Bound

Meanwhile, on the business front, Forrester Creations and HFTF were preparing for the launch of Ivy’s jewelry in Amsterdam.  Rick, having been appointed CEO, made a last minute decision to stay behind in LA and send Hope on the launch in his stead.

Ivy asked Liam if he would like to come to Amsterdam with her.  he could cover the launch for the magazine she said.  Liam was initially unsure hearing that Hope was now also going.  He tried to imagine, him, Ivy, Wyatt and Hope on a great bug Dutch adventure together and struggled to see how it would be anything but awkward.

Ivy assured Liam that she and Hope had talked and that they were all on board getting on.  Liam agreed to go.  Later, Hope had the same concerns as Liam about being uncomfortable.  Ivy reminded her they all had to work together and that she was sure they could get along on a plane for a few hours.

Onboard the jet however, Wyatt was blindsided by Liam’s presence and thigs were tense.  Hope and Wyatt went to bed to diffuse the situation.

To be continued…