The Young and the Restless | Births: Victoria’s Baby Girl

Victoria Newman has had a difficult history when it comes to having babies, and the recent birth of her daughter in the parking garage of Jabot was no exception.

Victoria’s pregnancy was already drama laden with the “who’s the daddy” question hanging over Victoria, Stitch and Billy’s heads.  But Victoria also had another mystery to solve.  Ben had told her that there was more to his father’s death than Victoria understood, leading Victoria to believe Ben was innocent.

Maureen Locks Victoria in a Janitors Closet

Victoria went to see Ben at Jabot and found Maureen in the lab.  Victoria believed that Ben was innocent.  She thought that Ben was protecting Kelly by taking the wrap for killing his father.  Maureen confessed and told Victoria that she killed him, not Kelly.

Victoria tried to leave to tell the police to clear Ben’s name.  Maureen knew that would mean she would be charged with murder.  Maureen caught up with Victoria in the parking garage and to stop her secret coming out, Maureen locked Victoria in the janitorial supply closet, throwing Victoria’s handbag in the trash and turning on the exhaust fans to cover the sound of Victoria’s screams.

While Victoria was locked in the supply closet she began to suffer pains which she soon realized were contractions.  Her baby was coming…

Maureen’s Heart Attack and Bypass Surgery

Meanwhile, the only person who knew where Victoria was, Maureen, suffered a heart attack.  Maureen called stitch who found his mom in the parking garage at Jabot.  Maureen tried to tell Stitch where Vicki was but she was rushed into surgery for a bypass operation.

Victoria Missing

Stitch, who had a romantic dinner planned with Victoria, called to cancel.  So Victoria’s absence wasn’t noticed until the next day when Billy also looking for Victoria says that she hasn’t been returning his messages either.  They go to Victoria’s home and find Abby there who says that Victoria was seen on Jabot security footage at Jabot.

Billy and Stitch Deliver Victoria’s Little Girl

Billy and Stitch rushed to Jabot where no one had seen her in the building. Back in the parking garage Ben tried once more to call Victoria’s cell phone.  They heard it ringing.  Turning off the exhaust so they could hear, Billy and Stitch found Victoria’s handbag in the trash they heard Victoria crying out in pain.

Using a fire extinguisher they broke into the padlocked supply closet and found Victoria in labor.  They talked about calling an ambulance but Victoria said between contractions that it was too late for that – the baby was coming now.

Ben tried to get Billy to get a medical kit from the building but Billy argued that Ben should go.  Victoria told them that she needed them to work together.  Ben delivered a healthy baby girl while Bill coached Victoria through the contractions.

Who’s the Daddy?

Later in the hospital, Victoria told Stitch that it was Maureen who locked her in the supply closet after confessing she had killed Ben and Kelly’s father, not Ben.

Victoria’s doctor, Andrea brought the baby in for a feed and asked Victoria is she’d thought of any names. First names or Last names Victoria quipped.  The doctor told Victoria that the two men pacing the corridor outside (Ben and Billy) deserved to know who the father of her little girl is.  Victoria agreed.  She deserves to know too…


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