The Young and the Restless Spoilers – December 1 – 5, 2014

This week on The Young and the Restless (December 1 – 5, 2014): Adam and Nick come face to face, Victoria learns who Katie’s daddy is, Adam gets a diagnosis and prognosis…

Nikki and Victor

Maureen, who has been missing since her heart surgery, makes contact with Nikki.  Will Maureen spill the beans about Nikki falling off the wagon?  Or is Nikki doing a good enough job of that herself?  Nikki feels she can’t say no when Maureen wants to met.  At Chancellor park Nikki tells Maureen the baby is not Ben’s.  Then Nikki gives Maureen a bundle of money she was going to buy Maureen’s silence with.  Nikki claims she has stopped drinking and tells Maureen to use the money to sort out her life.

Nick and Adam

Nick’s life is in danger.  When Sage finds Nick in the woods while walking Constance/Gabriel’s dog, she brings Gabriel/Adam to help free Nick from the bear trap.  Sage has to push Adam to help the man in the woods.  She guilts him.  Someone saved his life and died doing it.  Can he really sit there an not help this man?  Adam agrees to go with her.  when they get there he realizes its his brother, Nick.  From Gabriel/Adam’s reaction Sage realizes that Adam knows the man.

Adam is not pleased with this unexpected meeting of his two worlds.  Will Nick realize that Gabriel is actually Adam? Adam helps Sage get Nick’s foot out of the trap then says the rest is up to her.  Paramedics arrive and Sage flees.  Nick wants to know who she is.

Rescued, Nick asks Noah to find out who the woman who helped him is…his angel of mercy.  Nick also learns about Sharon’s countersuit for custody of Faith.  Noah and Nick argue about his taking Faith away from Sharon.

Either way, Gabriel/Adam is not pleased that Sage has messed with his plans.  Sage wants to check on Nick but Adam won’t hear of it.  Adam packs to leave but he’s too late – Nick is outside!  Sage tells Adam if he leaves, she will go to the police and tell them he is Adam Newman.

When Constance finds out Nick is a Newman she tells him no woman fitting the discription of the woman who saved Nick’s life lives there.  Constance want Sage t go to Genoa City with Gabriel.  Adam agrees.

By week’s end Adam/Gabriel returns to Genoa City…he walks into the Althletic Club and sees Chelsea there. Their eyes lock.  Sage joins “Gabriel” and Bill  joins Chelsea.  Gabriel/Adam watches as Bill and Chelsea kiss.


Sharon finds herself at the receiving end of Summer’s opinion.  Sharon tries to apologize but Summer warns Sharon to stay away from her dad who no one has heard from.  He hates Sharon so much he didn’t want to be int he same town as her.

Sharon gets a call from her lawyer who tells her that they can use Nikc’s absence against him…

Phyllis , Jack and Kelly

Abby upsets Kelly by describing her as Jack’s bed warmer while Phyllis was unavailable.  (Just like Chelsea is doing for Billy).  Kelly yells at Jack that she hates him for making her fall in love with him.

Phyllis ruffles feathers at Jabot.  She wants her old job back – give Billy another department to head up, Phyllis tells Jack.  Jack also tries to convince Phyllis not to use Kelly as their wedding planner – but Phyllis wants the best.  jack tires to explain he can’t go back on commitments he made while she was gone…

When Billy arrives at Jabot Phyllis announces he’ll have plenty of time with the new baby, because she’s taking her job back, blindsiding Jack.  Billy and Phyllis argue, but ultimately Billy agrees to step aside.  Phyllis finally concedes to go with Jack’s plan for her future – heading up the fashion division…

When Sharon turns up for work (after getting a pepe talk from her children) Phyllis fires her!

Victoria, Ben and Billy

The DNA test results on baby Katie are in…this week we find out “Who’s the Daddy?”  Since mid week we have Chelsea worried about her future with Billy, our guess would be that Bill is little Katie’s daddy.

After Victoria looks at the test results first she hands them back to the doctor to make his announcement – Bill Abbott is the baby’s father.  ben congratulates Billy and leaves.  he heads to the athletic club and starts drinking.  Billy meanhwile calls Chelsea to tell her the news. She can tells things are about to change for her and Billy despite his earlier assurances to the contrary.

Chelsea heads to the Athletic club for a drink also and finds ben there. She tells Ben that Billy is not an option for Victoria because Billy is unavailable.  Chelsea will see to that she says with determination.  Ben however tells her that she didn’t see the look between Victoria and Billy.

Billy is going to take Katie home with Victoria and get them settled in for their first night home (Victoria and Katie spent Thanksgving at the ranch with Victor and Nikki).  Chelsea tries to work, but is too distracted by the news that Billy is Katie’s father.

When Victor and Nikki come to see Victoria and Katie at home, Victor asks what “he” (Billy) is doing holding his grand daughter.  Billy hands the baby to Nikki. When Nikki goes to meet Maureen (claiming its a charity even she forgot) Victor leaves also.

Chelsea heads to Victoria’s house and finds Bill still there.  She’s designed a christening gown for Katie and would like to make it for them – if Victoria would like.  Bill is touched.  So is Victoria.

Victor finds Stitch at the Athletic club and tells him to get off his ass and get over to Victoria’s to stop her making the biggest mistake of her life.

Chelsea is supportive of Billy celebrating Katie being his daughter.  The agree not to get caught up in everyone elses opinions about Bill reuniting with Victoria.

When Clelsea and Billy both bring home Christmas trees Billy has an extra tree to get rid of. he brings it to Victoria and Katie.  They begin decorating the tree together which brings up memories of last Christmas.  Ben arrives outside to witness a close moment between Billy and Victoria.  Believing that they are back together Stitch begins drinking at Underground.


Stitch surprises Ashley…Ben has major news he tells Abby and Ashley.  He’s had a break through.  he’s obliterated the stench of their love potion.  Stitch worries that there may have been some loss in potency with the removal of the odor, however.Ashley suggests the clebrate but Sttich wants to go see Victoria and the baby.

Ashley fields questions about her project from her new lab assistant Tobias.  Ashley remembers the effect her “love potion” had on Stitch in the park, despite the odor. Could Abby’s comment about having no one to kiss under the mistletoe have Ashley put some one to test it?  Later as Ashley is working alone in her office she notices Stitch enter.  He falls to the ground (drunk).

Dylan and Avery

Dylan receives a threat when a brick is thrown through the  window at the coffee house.  Meanwhile Avery’s ex, Joe, tries to play nice with her.  Avery calls Paul who asks Joe where he was when the brick went through the coffee house window.  he has an alibi.  Paul goes back to the coffee house where Dylan is still cleaning up.  Dylan wants to organize a protest.

Dylan lays some ground rules for Joe.  he wants them to be civil, but Avery is his past Dylan reminds Joe.  Dylan and Avery go home and make love.  Dylan pulls out a ring but puts it back before Avery returns with wine.

Michael and Lauren

While briefing Jill on the new development and the opportunity Fenmores has been handed, Jill fills Lauren in on whee the development is proposed to go.  And all the businesses that will be bulldozed to make it happen.  Lauren goes to Michael’s office and confronts him about it.  Michael loses it, since Joe has also laid in to him that morning.

Michael gets his diagnosis.  He has stage 3 cancer and immediate treatment is needed to stop the cancer from spreading.  Michael wants to wait until after the holidays so as not to spoil the time for his family, but his doctor is insistent that treatment start immediately.

Michael confides in his wife about his cancer diagnoses.  They face Michael’s health crisis as a united front.  Michael receives a diagnosis and prognosis after having had more tests.

Hilary and Devon

Hilary has a plan that gets derailed.  Hilary finds a quiet accountant at Jabot to fill in as Devon’s girlfriend at lunch.  The first surprise comes when Gwen looks very different away from work.But stories get tangled and Lily feels like Gwen and Devon don’t really know each other.  Gwen promises to brush up on Devon’s family history for next time. She notes she thought Devon was gay.

Mariah and Kevin

Mariah tells Kevin more about her past..Mariah and Summer are on opposite sides regarding Faith.  Summer is questioned about how she would feel about Kyle coming home for the holidays.  Summer tells Austin she didn’t know what love was until she met him.

Mariah and Kevin make fun of santa and the holdiay season.  Kevin says it was magic when Delia was around.  At least he’s experienced the magic Mariah notes…


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Down the Track on The Young and the Restless:

Adam’s return changes things for many in Genoa City – expecially Chelsea who has moved on with Billy…
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