The Young and the Restless Spoilers – November 24- 28, 2014

This week on The Young and the Restless (November 24- 28, 2014): Victor and Nikki host Thanksgiving at the ranch. Phyllis breaks the news of her engagement to Kelly…The DNA test is performed…

Pre-emptions: Thursday 27 November 2014 and  Friday 28 November 2014 – screening old episode – Sharon and Nick’s bachelor and bachelorette parties

Nikki and Victor

Thanksgiving at the family ranch sees some unexpected guests.  Now we have a Thanksgiving Victor says – presumably because Victoria and the baby arrive.  Victoria tells everyone that she has an announcement to make…Does she have the DNA results already?

Victoria announces her baby girl’s name – Katie – for her god mother, Katherine Chancellor.  By the end of the day Stitch, Billy and Victoria receive phone calls that the DNA results will be in tomorrow.


Circumstances could change the course of Nick’s life.  Nick spends time reflecting on his life and the ladies he has shared it with…Nick is forced to admit he’s made some mistakes as his exes tell him he wasn’t exactly Saint Nick.

Nick’s former girlfriend and Sharon’s bestie, Amy Wilson arrives in Genoa City (Tuesday) She appears in the “axe to grind” sequences.

Nick goes to the cabin and cuts wood while drinking and talking to the dog.  he drinks some old alcohol that tastes like paint thinner and sends him tripping and hallucinating that all the women of his life are at the cabin with him.  Avery puts him on trial for the damage he has done but carelessly throwing professions of love around….Nick ends up deciding he’s done iwth women.  He heads outside and gets caught in a very real bear trap…Is that Sage who finds him?

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Sharon has the support of her children – Noah and Mariah.


Victoria decides it’s time to find out who the daddy of her little baby girl is – Ben or Billy?  Ben and Billy come to the hospital to have swabs taken for DNA tests.  Now we wait – some more…

Jack and Phyllis

Jack and Phyllis use the holidays to make up for lost time.  Jack tells Kelly he doesn’t want to hurt her.  Kelly doesn’t let him finish.  Phyllis arrives and asks if Kelly knows the news –she and Jack are getting married and Phyllis wants Kelly to be the event planner.  Jack is unhappy with Phyllis spilling news of their engagement.  Phyllis wonders why?  Doesn’t he want to marry her?

Phyllis finds a gift box.  What in the hell is this she asks a smiling Jack.


Adam uses his new identity, Gabriel, to come up with a plan to reclaim his life. Evidence of Adam not being Gabriel continues to come to light but Sage and Adam talk around it keeping Constance in the dark.

Hilary and Devon

Are nearly caught behind closed doors at Jabot by Phyllis.  Hilary tells Devon she will find him a girlfriend for Hilary’s lunch. An agry Hilary warns Colin that he’s not the only one who knows how to screw with peoples lives…

Ben and Kelly

Ben fills Kelly in on Maureen killing their father and not Ben.  Kelly finds Maureen actions selfish – even though it was to protect her daughter from abuse.

Stitch confides in Ashley about the possibility of Victoria forgiving him now that the truth about his father’s death is out.  Ashley and Ben bond.


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