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A Marriage, an Annulment, and an Attempted Murder

Theresa Donovan has had a very up and down few months.  After managing to ply Brady with enough booze and drugs in Vegas to get him to say “I do” in a quickie wedding, Theresa’s high was short lived. She picked up a fire poker and whacked Brady’s Dad, John over the back of the head with it.  Then she told everyone that an out of it Brady had done it in self defense.

John lingered in a coma for months keeping Theresa jumpier than a nine tailed cat in a room of rocking chairs.  Theresa considered offing John herself but the longer John remained unresponsive, the more Theresa thought she’d gotten away with the assault.

Kristen Came Back to Salem – For Brady

Then Kristen returned to Salem.  In a bid to buy back Brady’s love Kristen secured a experimental miracle drug that brought John out of his coma – with no lasting effects – other than some memory loss. John did regain his memory, but upon learning that Kristen was back in town, he decided that Brady being with Theresa was the lesser of two evils.  Once Kristen was dealt with, he would deal with Theresa, and John told her so.

John Protects Theresa

Unfortunately for Theresa, Kristen had also worked out the truth.  Frustrated that John hadn’t outted Theresa’s attempted murder with a poker, Kristen took It upon herself to enlighten Brady.  Kristen successfully got a recording of Theresa and Anne Milbauer talking in the woods of Salem.  On the recording Theresa confessed that it was her and not Brady that hit John over the head.

Kristen, thinking she had pay dirt played the recording for Brady.  But given Kristen’s history with recording equipment, Brady decided the “click” he heard in the audio was evidence of Kristen doctoring the recording.

Brady Learns the Truth

Brady headed to the hospital where John was being discharged.  Theresa was already there.  John was filling Theresa in that her days with Brady were numbered.  John may be keeping Theresa’s secret but it was only for now.  One day, when the time was right, John would tell his son what Theresa had done.

As fate would have it, that day came sooner than either John or Theresa were expecting.  Brady had overheard their entire conversation from the doorway to John’s hospital room. Betrayed, a stunned Brady wanted to know how either of them could lie to him like that.  The real irony, however, was that Kristen was the one who had been telling him the truth!

Theresa should have been down and out where Brady was concerned once he not only learned that Theresa had been the one to hit John on the head with the poker , but realized that Theresa had been lying to him all these months and watching him work through the guilt of thinking he’d put his dad in a coma.  Brady had told her he wanted nothing to do with Theresa and called her a lying bitch.

Theresa’s Pregnancy Trump Card

Theresa however was confident that the poker reveal would be soon forgotten and that she had what it took to hold onto Brady forever.  Anne, Theresa’s BFF, wasn’t so sure about that.  Theresa told Anne they needed to talk in private.  Theresa dragged Anne through the woods trying to find a secluded enough place.  Finally deep in the woods Theresa found the right place to tell Anne her good news.  She’s pregnant with Brady’s baby!

Theresa in Danger

Unfortunately, for Theresa, the woods is precisely where Kristen decided to find some solitude after Brady telling her that he never wanted to see her again (Brady caught Kristen in bed with Daniel).  Don’t these Salemites remember that EJ was shot and killed in those very woods mere weeks ago?

After Ann and Theresa left to continue their conversation elsewhere Kristen went crazy throwing trash cans around the park and the unfairness of Theresa having what was rightfully hers – Brady’s child. By the time Kristen arrived back at her hotel room, she had a very DiMera plan in the words.  She made a phone call where time was of the essence.

Theresa and Anne went to continue their conversation about Theresa’s pregnancy in the very public Brady Pub – making a mockery of the dragging their asses through the woods to find a quiet place.

A Baby Theft – the DiMera Way

Anne advised Theresa that now was not the time to tell Brady that Theresa was carrying Brady junior.  That’s was a sure fire way to lose him Anne said given that he just found out that Theresa let him take the blame for putting his father in a coma for months…they discussed the possibility of Brady going back to Kristen.  But Theresa was confident in her new position in Brady’s life.

Kristen or no Kristen I am the mother of Brady’s baby and nothing is ever going to change that, Theresa told Anne.  Theresa however didn’t account for Kristen’s special brand of DiMera crazy.  Kristen was busy plotting to do precisely that – change who the “mother” of Theresa’s baby is but kidnapping Theresa and performing a baby switch of sorts – from Theresa’s uterus to Kristen’s…Will Kristen leave town pregnant with Brady’s child?  Will Brady believe Theresa that they even have a child?

Update!  November 19, 2014 – Eileen Davidson has barely left our screens when news broke that she had returned to filming as Kristen DiMera on the Days of our Lives set…Read More


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