Ashley and Stitch Shower Sex |The Young and the Restless First Times

When Stitch stopped by Victoria’s house one day after work to see Victoria and baby Katie he only got as far as the front porch.

Billy and Victoria – Reunited?

Peering through the window he saw Billy, who had just been revealed to be baby Katie’s father via a DNA test, with Victoria and his daughter.  They made the picture of a perfect family.  Misinterpreting what he was seeing, Stitch left and headed for the bar.  He began to drink.

Stitch believed that Victoria and Billy had reunited after receiving the news that Billy was Katie’s father.  In reality, Billy and Victoria had been remembering their last Christmas with Delia (Billy and Chelsea both bought Christmas trees so Billy brought his to Victoria).

Later that evening Abby poured a drunken Stitch into a cab.  He gave the driver the address of the lab instead of his home address.

The Loser of the Baby Sweepstakes

Ashley was still in the lab when Stitch arrived and promptly collapsed on the floor.  Recognizing Stitch’s condition for what it was – inebriation – Ashley set about sobering him up.  With an important meeting scheduled for the morning she poured strong black coffee into him.

Ashley understood what had happened.  It had just hit Stitch that he wasn’t Katie’s father.  But Ashley needed the brilliant chemist who had deodorized her pheromone based love potion tomorrow in the meeting, not the loser of the baby sweepstakes.

With Stitch already swimming in coffee, Ashley moved to Plan B to sober Stitch up. She took Ben into the bathroom, put him in a shower stall and turned on the water.  Stitch recoiled as the cold spray of water hit him.  Ashley assured him the water would heat up.

And things did get steamy.  Ben grabbed fully dressed Ashley and pulled her into the shower and kissing her.  It was warmer already he noted.

The Morning After

Jack and Abby arrived at the lab for their meeting.  Ben was still asleep on the sofa in Ashley’s office. Ashley’s bra, though it went unnoticed was still on her office chair.

Jack almost fired Stitch for sleeping off the night before in their high tech lab where their top secret project was being undertaken.   Ashley and Abby talked Jack out of it though.

With the meeting rescheduled, Ben looked at his phone and noticed that he’s missed several messages from Victoria. He rushed over to Victoria’s home expecting to receive the news that she and Billy had reconciled. But Ben was shocked to learn Victoria and Billy weren’t together and he’d misunderstood what he’d seen through the window the previous evening.  Instead, Victoria wanted to start over and try again – with Ben!

Later, Stitch told Ashley that Victoria what Victoria wanted.  He told Ash that he couldn’t’ regret their night together.  Ashley understood – it was a onetime event that Victoria would never find out about…