Christine is Pregnant! | The Young and the Restless Babies

No sooner is one pregnancy story line wrapped up – Victoria delivered a baby girl during November Sweeps) than another is put into motion.

Of course, it was quite a while ago that, in May actually, that Paul and Christine decided that they wanted to try having a baby.

In a way, Paul has already had that wish come true in learning that Dylan is his son with Nikki.  Nikki confessed to a dying Paul that Dylan was his son – Dylan of course overheard – and became determined to save his father’s life with a partial liver transplant.

Of course, Dylan isn’t a baby anymore and Christine isn’t Dylan’s mother, but that could have been enough to derail the Christine and Paul baby storyline.

But Christine and Paul have kept trying.  In early December, Christine encouraged Paul to take the morning off for a surprise. Genoa City made it through the morning without its Police Chief and District Attorney but Christine was distracted from telling Paul her news first by a celebration of Michael and Lauren’s anniversary and then some official business – dropping the lawsuit against Ben for medical malpractice.

Eventually, however Paul and Christine found themselves alone together and she hoped that all of Paul’s’ wonderful caring qualities would be passed on to their baby.  Christine had taken a home pregnancy test and was pregnant, she told a jubilant Paul….

Now stay tuned for the drama…baby drama and Genoa City go hand in hand!


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