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The tragedy that The Bold and the Beautiful fans surmised would occur, upon learning that Kim Matula was departing from The Bold and the Beautiful, has taken place.  Hope, after taking a tumble down the stairs on her mother, Brooke’s property, lost her and Wyatt’s baby boy.

Hope Fell down the Stairs

When Wyatt surmised from his mother’s ramblings that Quinn had gone to see Hope, argued with Hope and Liam, and Hope fell down the steep set of stairs bordering the cascade water fountain on Brooke’s property, Wyatt didn’t wait for more answers.  He got up and rushed to the hospital.

Deacon Sharpe went through a similar process with Quinn minutes later.  Deacon, however, stopped to wonder which hospital Liam would have taken Hope to.  Quite reasonably he assumed the one closest to Brooke’s home.

And Lost Her Baby

Wyatt arrived at the hospital after Hope had already had an ultrasound and been delivered the devastating news that her son hadn’t made it.  The fall had dislodged the placenta from the uterine wall depriving her baby of oxygen. She’d also undergone a D&C prior to Wyatt’s arrival.  Former fiancé and Wyatt’s half brother, Liam, had been there to hold Hope’s hand.

Liam told his brother that he got Hope to the hospital as soon as he could.  Liam was sorry and wished there was more the doctors could have done.  The brothers embraced.

Quinn to Blame?

But the burning question in Wyatt’s mind was whether his mother was involved.  Did Quinn push Hope down the stairs?  A tearful Hope told her husband that Quinn had been there and they’d agued but that Quinn was leaving when Hope tripped over the heel of her shoe and fell down the stairs.

As Hope and Wyatt’s family were arriving to grieve with Hope and Wyatt, Liam however was the first to voice his opinion of Quinn’s involvement.  Quinn was there and something bad happened.  For him, that was enough for this to be Quinn’s fault.

Deacon too, when he learned what had happened had yelled at Quinn that all she needed to do was stay away.  But Quinn couldn’t do that.  Sensibly enough, Deacon banned Quinn from coming to the hospital with him.

Who Does Hope Blame?

Spoilers of The Bold and the Beautiful, however, seem to indicate that Hope is laying the blame for the loss of their baby, not solely at Quinn’s feel, but also at Wyatt’s.

Discharged from the hospital and back at home with her husband, Hope’s fragile emotional state has her telling her grieving husband that Quinn may not have pushed her down the stairs, but if Wyatt had kept Quinn away from Hope, like he promised, Hope wouldn’t have been anywhere near the stairs.

This scene sows the seeds for the demise of Hope and Wyatt’s marriage.  With Kim Matula’s (Hope Logan Spencer) final airdate a mere two days away Hope clearly must take action swiftly on the feelings she gives voice to.

Can Hope and Wyatt’s Marriage Survive?

The conversation escalates quickly into an argument.  Hope tells her husband that they both know the only reason they are married is because his mother, Quinn engineered it.  Hope, without their baby to bond her to Wyatt is back in time to when she first learned that Quinn pushed Ivy into the Seine in Paris, setting in motion a whole chain of events that culminated in Hope marrying Wyatt on the rebound in Monte Carlo mere hours after Liam stood her up.

When Hope first learned the truth from Liam (thanks to Charlie and Pam) she was determined to walk out on her marriage and go back to the love of her life Liam.  Something stopped her, however.  The baby she was carrying, that was Wyatt’s.  Wyatt, Hope and Liam had all grown up without having their father’s present in their lives and Hope was determined not  to do that to her child in much the same way Liam had chosen to stay with Steffy when he’d found out Steffy was carrying his child.

With that baby gone, Hope appears to be reconsidering her life. And blaming Wyatt for the loss of their child through his inability to prevent his mother from terrorizing her isn’t going to help keep Hope and Wyatt’s marriage alive.

Hope’s grieving husband, who too has lost a son, at least in part due to his mother’s actions, doesn’t seem to be in a place to soothe his emotional and grief stricken wife.  Instead, he yells at Hope that she always seems to want what she hadn’t got….


Spoilers show that all the parts are in place for Hope to flee Los Angeles to get some focus on her life.  Much like Brooke did when she went to Italy.  Our guess?  Hope goes to spend time with her mom…but first there has to be some room for a little more drama.

With Hope no longer pregnant and doubting her marriage for all the same reasons she has in the past, Ivy has to be concerned about the status of her relationship with Liam…


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