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With a week to go until Kim Matula’s (Hope Logan Spencer) reported final airdate on The Bold and the Beautiful, fans are being treated to some farewell flashback’s and the tying up of loose ends in Hope’s relationships and storyline.

Hope Made Peace with Liam and Ivy

Since Hope’s return from Paris, storylines have been deftly wound up with everyone seemingly doing the right thing.  First Hope made peace with Ivy when she learned from Liam that not only had Ivy told him that she loved him, but that Liam had told Ivy the same.  Hope, knowing Liam as well as she does, told Liam that she knows he wouldn’t have said it if he didn’t mean it.  That seemed to be what Hope had to hear.  Liam was moving on.


Liam and Ivy Declare Their Love


At her baby shower, Hope also made peace with Ivy.  The rivalry which came to a head in Paris when Hope perceived Ivy’s modeling of her jewelry as a further encroachment on her life, ended as soon as it began.

Hope also conceded to Eric that she had no behaved as well as she could have in Amsterdam removing any possible career ramifications from Hope’s inability to get along with Ivy.

Wyatt’s Restraining Order

With those peripheral storylines tied up attention turned to Hope and Quinn’s tempestuous relationship.  Hope was still adamant that Quinn was to be nowhere near her or her baby.  Wyatt was caught in the middle but he and everyone else fully understood where Hope was coming from.

Bill Spencer went so far as to convince his son that it was time to take out a restraining order against his mother to save a pregnant Hope the stress of worrying where Quinn would show up next.  A hesitant Wyatt ended up doing precisely that.  His actions were designed to protect his wife – to do the right thing by Hope and his unborn child.

While driving to Quinn’s loft, Wyatt remembered why he was serving his own mother with a temporary restraining order.  Viewers were treated to some memorable HOTT moments – the HOTT road trip that saw Hope and Wyatt make love for the first time, and their impromptu wedding in Monaco aboard Bill Spencer’s yacht.

As Wyatt headed to his mother’s house to server her with a temporary restraining order he reflected on his life with Hope.

Quinn – Good Intentions Executed Badly?

Even Quinn seemed to want to do the right thing – she just executed in the wrong way.  Had Deacon convinced Quinn to stay away from Hope?  Quinn seemed contrite as she told Hope she was going to stay away from her.  But that same day she had also crashed Hope’s baby shower – though unseen from the shadows like a stalker.

Hope correctly stated that Quinn could have phoned, texted or emailed – from a safe distance.  Quinn left their confrontation over.  But Hope was not in a good state of mind being surprised by Quinn’s presence and when she went to leave, she twisted her ankle in her sky high heels and tumbled down the stairs.  Quinn, who hadn’t gotten far away rushed down to where Hope lay unmoving….

Hope Loses Her Baby

Liam arrived back at Brooke’s house to see Quinn kneeling over Hope.  He rushed to where Hope lay and told Quinn to get away from Hope.  Liam yelled that Quinn pushed Hope.  Quinn told him it wasn’t what Liam thought, but Liam had already picked up Hope and was rushing her up the stairs.

Alone with her thoughts, a devastated Quinn reflected on all the times she’d been told by Wyatt and Hope to stay away.

At the hospital Liam called Wyatt, but Wyatt who was waiting at Quinn’s loft to serve a restraining order on his mother decided he couldn’t deal with his brother an let the call go through to voice mail. Quinn arrived home and Wyatt was worried.  He’d never seen her this scared.

At the hospital Hope had an ultrasound.  I’m sorry the doctor told her – he’s gone.  Hope had lost her baby.

Wyatt Serves His Mother

Wyatt was at the loft when a devastated Quinn came home.  She barely spoke.  Wyatt could tells she was upset and managed to get out of her that she had been with Hope and Liam.  Wyatt tried to work out what happened and turned instead to serving his mother with the restraining order.  Quinnf inally managed to utter that Hope had fallen…Wyatt rushed to the hospital where he learned that Hope has miscarried their son.  Wyatt wanted to know if his mother had anything to do with the tragedy.  Hope told him that she had argued with Quinn but that she’d tripped down the stairs as Quinn was leaving.

Back at teh losft, Deacon returned after talking to Bill Spencer and learning that it was Bill who suggested the restraining order.  Deacon told Quinn what  Bill siad made sense.  The order was simply for Quinn to prove that she could stay away and not be a threat to Hope or her baby….Its too late for that a stunned Quinn admitted.  Deacon yelled at Quinn that he’d told her to stay away when Quinn told him that Hope fell down the stairs at brooke’s house after a confrontation with Quinn.  Quinn tried to go to the hospital with Deacon but an angry Deacon told her to stay put.

News Spreads

While Hope and Wyatt grieved together Liam made a call to Bill who picked up Katie from Forrester Creations and headed to the hospital.  Hope and Wyatt’s family rallied around the grieving couple.

Hope Blames Wyatt, Wyatt Blames Quinn

Hope was discharged and went home where the tension between Hope and Wyatt became evident.  Hope told her husband that he should have protected her.  She begged him to protect her and her baby from his mother.  Wyatt tells Hope he served her with a restraining order, but Hope notes since she was already in the hospital having miscarried it was too late.  Wyatt is dumbfounded.  In the hospital Hope said it wasn’t Quinn’s fault.  An emotional Hope told Wyatt that Quinn may not have pushed her down the stairs but  Hope wouldn’t have been on the stairs if it hadn’t been for Quinn seeking her out, Hope told her husband.

Wyatt became angry realizing that Hope blamed him for the loss of their child.  he yelled at his wife that she was doing what she always did, she wanted what she didn’t have.  Hope left the room got dressed and walked out on her home with her husband.

Wyatt Disowns Quinn

Wyatt went to see Quinn who tried to defend that she had nothing to do with Hope losing the baby.  But Wyatt ended up reiterating most of Hope’s sentiments and added that her obsessive suffocating  love had cost him everything.  But no more.  Wyatt was done with Quinn and told his mother goodbye.

Hope Leaves for Italy

Liam found Hope at Brooke’s house replaying the accident. He comforted her and told her that she shouldn’t blame herself.  Quinn was responsible. Liam told Hope he would always be there for her.  Hope tol him the same.

When Liam asked what now for Hope, she told him that she needed to sort throught he pain and emotions fo what had happened.  She had been ready to come back to Liam when she found out she was pregnant.  She stayed with Wyatt to give her baby a chance at a family.  That was now gone.  She needed to be with her mom and was leaving for Mialn immediately.

Hope told Liam she loved him.  They kissed and Hope walked away…


  1. I would love to see Ridge and Caroline leave Forrester and open their own fashion house. Rick ruin Forrester creations and Mya ruin Rick. This would be a perfect story line. I hope Ridge and Caroline find lasting love with each other. I have been a fan since the debut of this show but Maya may make me stop watching .i want to see Rick and Maya both lose everything at Rick’s hand.

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