Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Steffy

A while ago we speculated that with Kim Matula departing The Bold and the Beautiful that there may be room to recast the role of Steffy Forrester.  The idea of a recast came from Jacqueline MacInnes Wood stating there were no plans for her to return to The Bold and the Beautiful as Steffy Forrester due to scheduling conflicts.

Could Steffy be Recast?

Well, it looks like those conflicts have been resolved.  The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are teasing that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood will be filming scenes as Steffy Forrester next week.  At present the spoilers are indicating that Wood is only back for a handful of episodes, but with Hope out of the picture fans are already hoping for more.  We can hope to see those episodes in January 2015.

When Taylor was in Los Angeles recently she told Eric that Thomas had settled into life in Paris and was even dating, nothing serious, but dating. Taylor couldn’t say the same for Steffy.  She was still healing.

Steffy, fled to Paris, after losing her and Liam’s baby in a motor cycle accident and subsequently learning that she couldn’t have children as a result. Steffy nobly stepped aside from her relationship with Liam and handed him over to Hope so that Liam could have the family that Steffy knew he wanted.

Hope and Liam did reunite but it wasn’t all smooth sailing thanks to Liam’s newly discovered half brother Wyatt.  But Hope and Liam did plan their big wedding day.  But Hope left Liam standing at the altar when she spied Liam with Steffy on her wedding day.

Quinn, in an attempt to derail Hope and Liam’s wedding had brought Steffy back from Paris with her when Quinn had conveniently overheard Steffy on a phone call to her doctor. Thanks to treatment she’d undertaken since leaving Los Angeles she could now have children.

Liam was happy for Steffy but when she suggested that they could have a future together, Liam gently told Steffy that his future was with Hope now, not realizing that Hope had left the premises and was headed to Hawaii with Wyatt – Liam’s brother!

Rejected, Steffy headed back to Paris and that was the last fans have seen of her.  Until now…

Steffy’s last visit to Los Angeles….

With Hope due to depart next week, the timing is just about right for Steffy to return to Los Angeles. Spoilers have all but stated that Hope too will lose her baby (never underestimate the power of a red herring though) which would have Liam and Steffy revisiting their own tragic loss.

Steffy, too, could likely empathize with Wyatt on his loss.  Maybe Quinn could even find a friend in Steffy.  Steffy blamed herself for the loss of her child by through her questionable decision to get on her motorcycle while pregnant.  Quinn has to feel some guilt, if not remorse, for Hope falling down the stairs.

Whether Jacqueline MacInnes Wood can be convinced to return to the role of Steffy Forrester on a more regular basis remains to be seen, but it’s a sure bet that there are many, many fans of the Bold and the Beautiful hoping that “the powers that be” can make it so…


  1. So glad hope gone, send Wyatt also quin please. Back to fashion houses in competition with ridge and caroline as artist together, Stefie as CEO if you must keep brook let her be old with no man at all she does not deserve any part in FC. Keep Pam and Charlie why is Donna , sick of Logan women keep Katie if with bill.matter of fact brook the family whore needs to go.

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