Katie Breaks Her Engagement to Ridge | The Bold and the Beautiful Engagements

Katie and Ridge’s relationship has had its challenges.  Initially, they denied their feelings for each other because of Brooke.  Ridge had come home from Paris to reunite with Brooke, the love of his life, but found himself unable to get past what Brooke had done while he was away – stolen her sister’s husband.

Instead Ridge found himself drawn to Katie, the wronged party in Bill and Brooke’s affair.  They discovered they had a shared passion in poetry and the two became closer.  Katie, however, decided she couldn’t do to her sister what Brooke had done to her.  She sent Ridge to reunite with his family.  Dutifully, Ridge did so.

Katie Stopped Ridge and Brooke’s Wedding

Ridge and Brooke got as far as the altar.  With Katie as Bride’s Maid Ridge and Brooke were ready to get married.  But Katie had second thoughts about sending Ridge home to his family.  She feigned a fainting spell to stop the wedding.  Concerned about Katie who has a history of heart problems since her transplant, the wedding was put on hold.

Ridge and Katie Became Engaged

Brooke and Ridge’s wedding never went ahead.  Ridge and Katie gave in to their feelings for each other.  On what seemed like a whim, when Katie lost her job as CEO of Spencer Publications, and Bill regained equal custody of Will, Ridge asked Katie to marry him.  He didn’t have a ring since the proposal was spur of the moment, so he tied a placeholder – a piece of red string – around Katie’s finger.

All seemed to go well.  Ridge was with Katie and Bill and Brooke were together – both couples were headed for the altar.  But Ridge could not get over the idea of Bill being step-father to his son, RJ.  When Bill gave RJ as Spencer Sword necklace Ridge began to fume.

Ridge Hated Brooke Being with Bill

Ridge wasn’t pleased when Bill spirited Brooke away to the Middle East on a vacation that would culminate in their wedding.  When Ridge received a photo of Quinn and Bill in bed together (thanks to Quinn who at that time wanted Bill for herself) Ridge hopped a plane to the Middle East and broke up Bill and Brooke’s wedding.

Ridge Stopped Bill and Brooke’s Wedding

Bill and Brooke had been about to place rings on each other’s fingers when Ridge arrived.  He punched Bill out and dragged Brooke to a waiting helicopter.  Ridge assumed the waiting chopper was the one he ordered.  In reality it was a Spencer helicopter with Justin as the pilot.  Ridge got Brooke strapped in and told the pilot to take off.  Bill who had followed Ridge and Brooke told Justin to go ahead.  Once the chopper was in the air Bill told his pilot to cool Ridge off.  Justin tipped the chopper and Ridge fell into he Persian Gulf just as he noticed the Spencer Publications logo on the pilot’s uniform.

Ridge Went Missing

Katie and Ridge’s family flew to the Gulf upon news of Ridge’s disappearance after falling from the helicopter.  Ridge turned up, but it was Brooke who found him wandering the beach, not Katie.  But not all was right with Ridge.  He was having memory problems.  Katie was relieved to learn Ridge did remember her and what they meant to each other.

It seemed Ridge had escaped his accident without any long term consequences until her returned to work.  His ability to draw had been lost.  With crunch time approaching for the delivery of the Couture Line, Ridge learned that he could still draw – and design – through Caroline.

A New Love?

When Ridge held Caroline’s hand he could draw through her.  Together they produced a groundbreaking collection.  In the process the almost spiritual connection the two artists felt working together developed into something more – Caroline and Ridge had developed romantic feelings for each other.  The shared some kisses but there were real feeling developing between Ridge and Caroline through their shared artistic experience.

A Power Struggle

Meanwhile Eric decided after a visit from his brother John, that he wanted to step back from work and enjoy his life a little more.  He would be handing over the CEO position to either Ridge or Rick, Eric announced.  Eric made his decision – he chose Ridge.  A designer had always headed Forresetser Creations and that legacy would continue.  Ridge was a man of integrity, loyalty and honor his father told those present at the meeting.

Maya took exception and stood up and told everyone that wasn’t so.  Ridge was having an affair with Caroline she announced.  A hurt Rick asked his wife if that was true.  They weren’t having an affair a tearful Caroline admitted, but something had happened between her and Ridge.

Katie Learns About Ridge and Caroline

Eric reversed his decision and made Rick CEO.  Ridge went home to face a furious Katie. Katie tried to work out how deep Ridge’s relationship with Caroline went.  Ridge admitted to feeling something but he loved Katie.  Katie told Ridge that perhaps she should tie a piece of red string around his….finger…to remind him who he’s engaged to.

Katie left Los Angeles to see her dad with Will.  When she returned Bill told Katie that she deserved better than what Ridge had done to her with Caroline.

Bill learning from Katie what had happened defended both Caroline and Katie and went to see Ridge.  They ended up in a fist fight.  Katie thanked her ex husband for defending her honor, though it seemed that Katie had been playing Bill putting the wheels in motion for Bill to act as he did.

Bill Wants His Family Back

Brooke’s absence and the experience with Ridge made Bill reevaluate his life.  When Katie came to his office Bill told his former wife that he wanted her and his family back.  Bill grabbed Katie and pulled her into a passionate embrace.  The kiss left Katie confused and speechless – seemingly in a good way.

Katie Makes a Bold Decision

When Bill found Katie at home preparing a special evening for her and Ridge he recognized it as an evening designed to seduce.  Bill begged Katie not to marry Ridge.  He wanted his family back.  Bill didn’t want Katie to make a decision tonight that they both would regret.

Bill left his ex wife’s home and went back to his office where his thoughts weren’t on work, but his ex wife.

Meanwhile Ridge arrived home for the evening surprised by the spread Katie had put together.  They enjoyed a glass of wine together and conversation turned to the string Katie still wore on her finger, which was falling apart.  Ridge noted that it was time he upgraded the string for the real deal, though Katie still liked what the string represented.

Katie learned that Ridge was working with Caroline again – under Eric and Rick’s insistence. He showed her his initial designs.

Katie Broke Her Engagement to Ridge

Katie told Ridge that it was time for her to take off the string.  She had to do what was right by her and her son.  She loved Ridge and he loved her, but it wasn’t enough.  She understood where there were headed and she didn’t want to regret loving him.

Katie noted that Ridge came alive when he talked about his work.  She also knew that she didn’t inspire that in him.  Caroline did.  She wasn’t angry just facing the truth.  Ridge told Katie he wished he knew what his truth was.  Katie hoped he would find it.  Katie and Ridge kissed, he picked up his jacket and left, their engagement broken…


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