The Bold and the Beautiful: The Hope Liam and Wyatt Love Triangle December 2014


Hope has her baby shower…Quinn crashes the party but is unseen.  While Quinn is telling everyone she is no longer a threat her own son is taking out a restraining order against him…tragedy strikes…

Find out more in the Spoilers section….


Hope’s Baby Shower

December kicked off with the ladies of Forrester Creations excited about Hope’s baby shower.  Eric agreed to let Pam host the event at the Forrester mansion.  Pam didn’t feel like she could not invite Maya and hoped that wouldn’t be too uncomfortable for Caroline.

Since Maya was the one on the outer since Rick and Caroline reunited Caroline wasn’t thrilled Maya would be there but thought Maya should be the one who was uncomfortable.

Quinn was another notable absence but Pam mentioned she was under strict instructions not to invite her.  Everyone understood Hope’s sentiments where her mother in law was concerned.

Party Crasher

Quinn found out about Hope’s Baby Shower when Pam called Deacon and told him not to “just pop round”.  Deacon warned Quinn to stay away from Hope’s shower, but at the end of the day did little to stop Quinn leaving the house.  She didn’t say where she was headed, but when Liam stopped by to tell Quinn the same thing – stay away from Hope and her shower, Liam only found Deacon at home.

Liam gave Deacon a lecture about being involved with Quinn and decided to wait til Quinn got home so he could warn Quinn off yet again.

Baby Shower Games

As far as the invited guests were concerned the baby shower went off without a hitch.  What they didn’t realize was that Quinn had broken into the mansion through an upstairs window and was watching the party from behind a pot plant on the landing.

Quinn had a fantasy about revealing herself and Hope accepting her.  When everyone went outside to play a game Quinn came down stairs, cut herself a piece of cake and left.

While Quinn is crashing Hope’s baby shower, Wyatt is taking out a restraining order on his mother.

Back at the Loft

Quinn went home to find Liam waiting for her.  Seeing the cake in her hand, Liam quickly put two and two together that Quinn had crashed the baby shower despite Hope and Wyatt making their feelings on her involvement clear.  Liam tried to get Quinn to confess, but she wouldn’t, so he called Ivy and confirmed what kind of cake they had at the shower.  Liam calls Quinn out as a stalker.

Liam called Hope and they met at Brooke’s house (Brooke is still in Italy).  Liam told Hope that Quinn was at her baby shower – just unseen.  Liam told Hope about the cake and vowed to always have Hope’s back.

Liam vowed to always protect Hope and lets her know that he was considering hiring security.  Hope can’t believe Quinn has made this necessary.  Hope received  a call from Deacon.  She said she couldn’t talk she’s with Liam.  She would call him tonight.  Quinn wasn’t happy to learn Hope was with Laim.

Liam warned Hope not to let Deacon, who lives with Quinn know when they are together.  Quinn hates  Liam more than anyone else.  Liam headed to work.

Wyatt Gets a Restraining Order

Meanwhile Wyatt went to see his father, Bill.  He was worried about his mother.  He doesn’t like ostracizing his mother but understands hope’s feelings and he has to support his wife.  Bill tells Wyatt that Quinn came to him looking for support but that Bill couldn’t give it.  Hope has a right to feel how she does.

Bill advised that Wyatt needed to use more than words with his mother.  Take out a restraining order and let Quinn know he means business.  If he doesn’t’ Quinn will keep badgering them and the stress isn’t good for a mother to be or her baby.

Wyatt is initially hesitant but Justin and Bill made a convincing argument that the restraining order is just giving Quinn the opportunity to show she can play by the rules – with a little help.  Wyatt agreed and told Justin to take out the restraining order against Quinn.

Justin got a 30 days restraining order against Quinn and Wyatt went to deliver it.  It doesn’t go into effect until Quinn is served.  Liam arrived at the office and Bill quipped that it wasn’t a holiday and when Liam told Bill where he’d been, Bill reminded Liam that Hope has a husband to protect her.  Wyatt is doing just that Bill noted and he told Liam about the restraining order.

When Wyatt checked in with his dad about Quinn not being at the loft, Liam became worried that Quinn was on the way to see Hope (thanks again to Deacon Quinn knows she’s at Brooke’s house with Liam).  Liam raced back to Brooke’s house.  He tried to call Hope but her phone went to voice mail…

Quinn Respecting Hope’s Privacy

Back at Brooke’s house, Hope was ready to leave.  She and baby were going to get something to eat.  Hope opened the door to leave and was shocked to find Quinn there. Hope told Quinn to leave – first calmly then she told her to get off her property.  Quinn pushed past Hope and into the house.  When Hope wouldn’t calm down over Quinn’s presence Quinn headed out into the garden.

Hope followed Quinn and they talked at the top of the stairs to Brooke’s cascade waterfall (the one where Ridge always drops rose petals).  Quinn assured Hope that the only reason she came over was to tell her that she was going to respect her privacy and stay away.  Hope is incredulous that Quinn had to come there to see her to say that.  A phone call, text or email – from a safe distance- would have sufficed Hope notes.  But Hope told Quinn that she heard her and Quinn can now leave.  Quinn did precisely that and headed up the stairs to the house.

Hope Falls down the Stairs

Hope sat for a moment collecting herself after the confrontation.  When she rose, she caught her high heel on the stair and tumbled down the stairs.  She landed unmoving at the midway point.

Quinn heard something from the terrace and returned to the balcony to see Hope lying unconscious on the stairs.  “Hope!” she called out….

After a confrontation with Quinn that ended peacefully enough, Hope fell down the stairs in the garden at Brooke’s house.

Wyatt Serves His Mother a Restraining Order

Meanwhile Wyatt had gone to Quinn’s loft to serve his mother with a restraining order that would force Quinn to stay away from Hope.

Deacon tried to defend Quinn and told Wyatt that serving his mother was a bit extreme.  Deacon truly believed that he had broken through to Quinn and that Quinn would respect Hope’s request for space.  But Wyatt didn’t budge.  Even he was beginning to see his mother as a threat.  And Hope definitely did.  Wyatt was going to do what was right for his wife and baby.  Wyatt asked Deacon to leave so that he could deal with Quinn on his own.

Liam Rushes Hope to the Hospital

Liam finally arrived at Brooke’s house and found the door to the garden open.  he rushed outside and from the top of the terrace saw Quinn kneeling over Hope who was lying on the stairs.

Liam rushed down the stairs and pushed Quinn away from Hope and yelled at her to get away form Hope.  Did you push her Liam wanted to know.  Quinn told Liam that it wasn’t what he thought but Liam’s only interest was getting Hope to the hospital.

Hope Loses her Baby

At the hospital Liam filled the staff in on Hope’s fall down the stairs and that she is pregnant.  Despite not being Hope’s husband or the father of the child Liam was allowed to stay with Hope.  Hope asked Liam if he’d called Wyatt.  Liam says he left a message.  Liam encourages Hope to remain positive.  Hope is given the all clear but they need to do an ultrasound to check out her baby.  Hope told the doctor that they heard the heartbeat a few weeks ago, but as the doctor starts the ultrasound there was only silence.  Where is the heartbeat Hope asks emotionally.  The doctor stops the ultrasound and tells Hope she is sorry – he didn’t make it.  Hope has lost her baby.Hope cries as Liam holds her hand.

Quinn Comes Home

While waiting for Quinn, Wyatt received a call from Liam.  Not wanting to deal with his brother, Liam let the call go through to voice mail.  A scared Quinn arrives home to find Wyatt waiting for her at the loft.  Wyatt is immediately concerned about his mother’s state and asks her what happened.  Quinn tells Wyatt she only went to see Hope to tell her that she was going to give her the space Hope wanted.  Wyatt wanted to know what happened. He explained he was serving her with a restraining order.  Quinn finally found her voice and uttered enough for Wyatt to understand that Hope fell down the staircase at Brooke’s house.  Wyatt  ran from the loft to the hospital.

Deacon arrived back at the loft after seeing Bill Spencer and told Quinn that he knew she was upset about the restraining order but what Bill said actually made sense.  He tried to explain the point of the order to Quinn.  Quinn finally uttered to Deacon that Hope had fallen down the stairs at Brooke’s  A furious Deacon yelled at Quinn that he’d told her to stay away.  Quinn wanted to come to the hospital but Deacon told her to stay put.

Alone Quinn paced the loft and even prayed.

At the Hospital

Wyatt rushed into the hospital to learn that Hope has miscarried.  They lost their son, his wife told him.  Wyatt wanted to know if his mother had anything to do with the loss of the baby.  Hope admitted they’d argued but that Quinn was leaving when Hope caught her shoe on the stair and tripped.  It wasn’t Quinn’s fault Hope told her husband.

Alone with his brother, Liam told Wyatt how sorry he was.  Liam wished they could have done something – he tried to get Hope tot he hospital as soon as he could.  The brothers hugged.

Liam made a call to Bill, who made the other calls that needed to be made.  Hope and Wyatt’s family provided support for the couple as they grieved their loss.  Deacon found a moment to call Quinn who, alone at home, broke down….


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