The Young and the Restless Spoilers – December 29, 2014 – January 2, 2015

This week on The Young and the Restless (December 29, 2014 – January 2, 2015): Male models heat things up at the New Year’s shindig at the Underground.  Ashley has a New Years Date, Adam/Gabriel is embedded back into Genoa City life with a surprise friendship.

The New Year sees Jill and Cane, bored in their current employment, vow to wrestle control of Katherine’s company away from Victor Newman…Meanwhile Lauren gets a scare when Michael is in the hospital (with an injured ankle).  The resolve to fight Michael’s cancer together and win…Neil resolves to see again – something that is already happening…

Nikki and Victor

Paul overhears Nikki confessing to Katherine that she started drinking again.  Nikki also says she hasn’t had a drink since Thanksgiving and is going to meetings. Paul tells Nikki that she lied to him.  Paul tells her that if she won’t stake support from him she should tell her family.  Later Nikki, Victor, Christine and Paul ring in the new year at the Athletic Club – the ladies enjoying alcohol free champagne.

Nikki confesses.

Adam and Sage

Adam convinces Jack to help him with the use of a bit of blackmail. If Adam goes to jail then so does Billy, Adam tells his buddy.  Adam shows  Jack the scar from  where Billy shot him.  

Adam is recognized!  But not as Adam Newman.  Nick recognizes him as Gabe Bingham a classmate from his days in boarding school.  A startled Adam must play along.  He listens to his real life brother tell him that he was Gabe’s Big Brother at boarding school.  

After their meeting, Nick realizes that Gabe was with Sage when he was caught in a bear trap in the woods.  Jack is uncomfortable when Adam turns up at the Athletic Club for the New Year’s Eve party.  Adam tells Jack that he is going to give him a job at Jabot in the New Year.  Jack doesn’t want to and Adam uses what he has over Billy to get his way with Jack.

Sage gets one up on Adam


Ashley runs into an old friend and finds herself with an unexpected date on New Years Eve.  Her friend is Joe Clarke.  Ashley reflects on Joe telling her in New York that he was still carrying a torch for his ex and that he wouldn’t stop until he won her back. 

Sharon and Nick

Nick puts together the pieces of the Gabriel puzzle.  Gabe was in the woods when Nick was caught in the bear trap – why did he leave, Nick wonders.  The New Year sees Nick and Sharon’s battle turn truly ugly.

Phyllis, Jack and Kelly

Jack finds himself backed into a corner.  Kelly’s behavior worries Jack.  Kelly is unhappy that Jack and Phyllis are on the guest list for a New Years Eve party hosted at the Athletic Club (one that Kelly no doubt event planned). Lily tries to convince her to take the night off, but Kelly won’t.  Lily tells Cain she has a bad feeling about tonight with Kelly working the party that Phyllis and Jack are attending.  

Jack arrives ahead of Phyllis and makes it clear to Kelly that he is attending the party with Phyllis.  Kelly thinks he is uncomfortable with her but in reality Jack has just seen Adam/Gabe at the party.  Kelly and Jack seem to have a cordial and polite conversation, but Jack becomes troubled by Kelly’s choice of words as their conversations continues.  Kelly tells Jack she feels sorry for him, he isn’t over her yet, Kelly tells a stunned Jack.

After helping Summer find a grown up dress for  New Years Phyllis heads to meet Jack at the party.  Phyllis has car trouble and arrives at the party late.  Her mood isn’t so good either. She sees Jack with Kelly and misunderstands what she sees.  Phyllis’ mood deteriorates further when she arrives at the Club to find Kelly wearing the same dress as her.  Phyllis takes Kelly aside and tells her that she knows Kelly set this all up – her running out of gas and wearing the same dress.  Phyllis gets someone to open up Fenmores, dons a stunning red dress and rings in the new year with Jack.  Kelly watches them from the shadows…

Victoria and Ben, Billy and Chelsea

Billy and Victoria don’t let their wedding anniversary pass unnoticed. Its hard not to acknowledge with their tattoos.  

Chelsea and Billy are also headed tot he athletic club for New Years.  Billy goes to see his kids at Victoria’s first and arranges to meet Chelsea at the party when her mom arrives to babysit.

Katie spikes a fever.  Ben assures her parents she is fine, but Billy and Victoria take her to the emergency room.  They return later to tell Ben he was right.

Meanwhile, Chelsea arrives at the party and Gabriel approaches her.  He remembers her and Connor from the park. Chelsea is quick to let Gabriel know she is meeting Billy at the party but that he isn’t her husband.  Chelsea says it’s complicated.  Gabriel notes that it must be, since she’s wearing a wedding ring.  Billy arrives and exchanges small talk with Chelsea and Gabriel. 

Stitch and Victoria enjoy a romantic evening on New Year’s – presumably they stay in with Katie…Victoria and Stitch  make love…

Neil, Hilary and Devon

Neil finds a confidant – Phyllis.  He tells her that he has been seeing light and shadow.  Could Neil’s sight be returning?  By the New Year Neil is seeing  the light – but is that figuratively or literally? Is he seeing the light on Hilary and Devon?  Or can he see? Neil tells Hilary he wants to try to have a baby.  He asks her to throw out her birth control pills.  Hilary makes it sound like she has thrown the pills in the bin but she holds onto the pills…

Meanwhile Lily confides in Devon that she believes her father would be drinking if it weren’t for his relationship with Hilary.  Is it Lily’s concern for Neil that spurs Devon to ask Gwen out on New Year’s Eve?  Devon and Gwen ring in the new year at the underground with the younger set.  

Hilary and Neil enjoy the festivities at the Athletic Club.  When, a text message comes in on Hilary’s cell phone it draws Neil’s attention.  He can see the light from the screen and the fuzzy outline of letters.  Hilary returns to his side and Neil says she just got a text.  Has Neil’s sight recovered enough to read the message?


Dylan, Avery and Joe

Avery and Joe arrive at the Athletic Club for the New Years Eve party to find that Joe’s date is Ashley.  Joe being with Ashley seems to have pushed Avery’s buttons.  Dylan notices, as does Joe.  Ashley introduces Joe to Jack and Joe goes into his pitch about developing the warehouse district.  Avery and Dylan realize that they don’t want to spend their New Year’s  – schmoozing people to protect Crimson Lights.  They leave a nd celebrate at Crimson Lights in a private party.

Kevin and Mariah

Mariah surprises Kevin on New Years Eve.  First she quotes Platosphere when Abby has a go at her about her looks, then as the ball drops form New Years she states “what the hell” and grabs Kevin and kisses him.


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Down the Track on The Young and the Restless:

Gwen seduces Devon.

Kevin calls his brother’s bluff.

Adam’s return changes things for many in Genoa City – especially Chelsea who has moved on with Billy…Adam wants his old life back and is determined to have it.

As Chelsea and Billy’s relationship progresses news comes to light about Adam’s death.

Joe and Dylan compete for the heart of the fair Avery.  Does Dylan play fair when a dark side to his nature rears its head?

Lauren is determined to stay strong and fight Michael’s cancer, but does Michael feel the same way?

Jack may have chosen Phyllis, but Kelly isn’t giving up believing Phyllis’ nap has made her an even bigger bitch.

Nikki’s drinking is not under control as she told Maureen when she paid her to start anew – out of Genoa City.  Nikki’s love affair with the bottle may cause issues in her love affair with Victor.

Faith wants her mom and dad together again.

The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.