The Young and the Restless Spoilers – December 8 – 12, 2014

This week on The Young and the Restless (December 8 – 12, 2014): Ashley sobers stitch up with a cold shower, Tobias is a spy, Christine is pregnant, Phyllis confronts Kelly

Nikki and Victor

Victor and jack compete over a Christmas tree, who is the most charitable, and Summer…

Victor meets with Ashely’s new employee – Tobias – he has until New Years Eve to discover Ashley’s top secret formula. Meanwhile Victor offers Ashley a job at Newman!

Nick and Adam

Adam watches Sage and Billy leave the Athletic Club together discussing how far their lives have come in a year and how this is the best time of their lives.  Sage drags him out of Genoa City.

Sage tries to convince Adam that he is not ready to go back to Genoa City and reclaim his life.  Sage drills Adam on the facts of Gabriel s life but Adam is nothing like Gabriel.  Gabriel was kind and sweet. During their sessions Adam says that Gabriel lost his company to a hostile takeover because he was always off on one of his adventures.  Adam has a nightmare about hitting Delia.  Sage and Adam return and Genoa City.


Nick accuses Sharon and her lawyer of coaching Faith so that she says the right things to keep Faith with Sharon.

Phyllis , Jack and Kelly

Kelly quits her job when she mistakenly believes that Lilly wants her to party plan Jack and Phyllis’ wedding.  Lilly suggests she take some time off.

Phyllis checks in with Michael about her financial matters – what happened while she was in a come.  Michael admits there was a transaction that occurred that he found out about only after it was a done deal.  Phyllis and Jack are invited to Summer’s place for lunch.  Summer wants to make a good impression.  And she does, but Phyllis accuses her of selling her penthouse to finance her lovely new apartment.  Summer sets Phyllis straight.  Jack paid for her apartment.  Phyllis is upset that everyone forgot about her and moved on without her.

Phyllis leaves.  She has something to take care of.  Austin and Suumer go over the confrontation with Phyllis and Austin speculates that Phyllis knows about Jack and Kelly…

Phyllis goes to Kelly’s work to confront her.  Jack was alone and vulnerable Phyllis says to Kelly before calling her damaged. Phyllis gets Kelly to unknowingly confirm her susionon hat Jack and Kelly were sleeping together while she was in a coma.  Phyllis says it meant nothing.  Kelly says it is love.  Kelly slaps Phyllis.  Catfight?  Phyllis tries to leave when Kelly tells her that Jack not only moved her in but told her to redecorate as the lady of the house.  Kelly cathes up to Phyllis near the door.  Kelly yells at Phyllis that Jack made a special trip to Georgia to say goodbye to her.  So when Jack told Kelly that he loved her he was free of Phyllis.  Jack enters and bites out Kelly’s name.

Kelly tells Jack that he has made the worst mistake of his life and he will live to regret it.  Kelly can’t believe that Phyllis is the same woman that Jack used to say brought so much love and joy to his life.  Kelly cannot believe jack left her for Phyllis who Kelly describes as psychotic.

Jack takes Phyllis home where they go at it.  But when it comes down to it they both love each other.  Phyllis tells Jack she will find a way to get past the Kelly betrayal.

Ashley and Stitch

Ashley is determined to sober up a drunk Stitch.  There is an important meeting in the morning and she needs the brilliant chemist who de-odorized her love potion, not the hungover loser of the bay sweepstakes.

Tobias, Ashely’s new lab tech returns to get his tablet.  Ashley thinks he’s trying to impress by putting in long hours.  She assures him its results, not long hours that impress her.  Tobias takes note.  Then he goes to meet the real person he’s trying to impress – Victor Newman.  Tobias is a spy!

Ashley puts Stitch in the shower.  He won’t take off his pants so she turns on the water anyway.  It will get warmer soon she promises as cold water shocks him.  Stitch drags Ashley into the shower with him.  She can warm him up he says as he kisses her and tears off her clothes.  Not quite what she had in mind she states as she undoes his trousers…

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Stitch spends the night in the lab and Ashley’s bra is left on her chair…

When Jack turns up at the lab for a meeting with Ashley and Abby he realizes that Stitch was the drunk employee Abby put in a cab the night before.  Jack is unhappy to have drunk employees walking around the lab with a top secret project they’ve invested million is at stake.  Jack is sensitive because Victor  was goading him at the Christmas tree lot. Jack fires Stitch.  Abby and Ashley protest since Stitch has just solved their love potions odor problem.  Abby defends Stitch as does Abby and Jack agrees Stitch isn’t fired.  Stitch tells jack last night was a mistake, but its Ashley he’s looking at.

Stitch checks his phone and finds a message from Victoria.

Tobias arrives at work and begins taking photos of Ben’s file with his cell phone.  Ashley sees him with the file then redirects Tobias to what he said he was looking for…Ok this is shaping up for Ben to be accused of industrial espionage sometime when Jabot learns they have a spy in their midst…

Victoria, Ben and Billy

Victoria and Billy share a close moment while caring for Katie and getting Victoria and the kids ready for the holidays and reminiscing…When Ben didn’t turn up the previous night Victoria calls him.  He rushes right over and learns that he misunderstood what he saw happening between Victoria and Billy the previous night.  Victoria wants to try again with Ben – start over.  Ben is glad of the chance but is aware taht his tryst with Ashley is not a new secret between him and Victoria…

Chelsea reminds Billy that this isn’t only their first Christmas together – its also her first Christmas without Adam…Chelsea needs to remind him that when Billy speaks ill of Adam that it hurts her.  Billy will never stop hating Adam – he killed Delia – his daughter.  Chelsea tells Billy that one day she will tell Connor what his dad did, but for know all he needs to know is that his dad loved him.  If Billy can’t suppress his feelings about Adam around her and Connor Chelsea isn’t sure of their future.  Bill promises to do his best.  Their outing int he park ends on a lighter note with a snow ball fight.

Dylan and Avery

Dylan gets down on one knee and proposes to Avery.  Avery stops him.  Before letting him propose she declares her love for the entire park to hear.  Avery accepts Dylan’s proposal and they go home and make love.

Christine and Paul

Christine and Paul have taken the morning off at Christine’s request.  At the Athletic Club they are roped into Lauren and Michelas anniversary celebration that is missing one half of the celebrating couple.

Colin advises Paul and Christine that he is dropping the lawsuit against the hospital and Ben. But only Christine as DA can do that.

later paul calls Ben and tells him the DA has dropped the suit against him because Colin is being uncooperative.

Finally alone in the park together, Christine tells Paul that she hope he passes all of his wonderful qualities to their baby – she’s pregnant.  Christine and Paul are thrilled.

Michael and Lauren

Michael and Lauren’s family gather to join them celebrating their anniversary over breakfast.  Everyone wonders where Michael is.  Lauren makes excuses but when Michael arrives late, she is hurt and embarrased.

Kevin tells Michael that Lauren needs to know what is going on with him. Either Michael tells her of Kevin will.  Lauren stands by confused by what the brothers are talking about.

Micheal agrees to tell Lauren the truth.  When he does she is upset and furious that he knew he had cancer for weeks and didn’t tell her.

Hilary and Devon

Hilary finds that her decoy girlfriend wants to become the real deal.  A jealous Hilary tries to warn Gwen off Devon but only manages to intrigue Gwen more.

Kevin and Mariah

Kevin confides in Mariah about Michael’s condition but is not pleased with her response.  She tells him she will try to be there for him.  he kisses her.  They discuss what’s next.  mariah assumes sex.  But Kevin says no.  he values their friendship too much.  They decide to remain friends.


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Down the Track on The Young and the Restless:

Adam’s return changes things for many in Genoa City – especially Chelsea who has moved on with Billy…

The custody battle for Faith has an unexpected twist…
The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.


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