Are Rick and Ridge Brothers or Not? The Bold and the Beautiful FAQ’s

As tends to happen in the soap opera world a simple question can appear to have two answers.  Are Ridge and Rick brothers?  The answer is both yes, and no.

Ridge and Rick Were Brothers For a Long Time

When The Bold and the Beautiful first hit the airwaves in 1987, Ridge was considered to be Stephanie and Eric Forrester’s oldest child.  Eric and Stephanie’s marriage was described as stale in the early episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful and three years into the series Eric had left his wife for Brooke Logan.

Brooke gave birth to Rick in November 1990.  By 1999, Rick had been aged to 18, indicating that through Rick’s entire childhood he believed himself to be Ridge Forrester’s half brother.  (They shared the same father – Eric Forrester).

That was what everyone believed until a college beau of Stephanie’s Massimo Marone entered the scene in the early 2000’s.

So, during Rick’s childhood and most of Ridge’s adult years, Rick and Ridge were considered to be half-brothers.  Of course it was never that simple, since at the same time Stephanie and Brooke had a intensely competitive and adversarial relationship.  Stephanie never accepted Eric’s “other” family with Brooke, so the most influential person in Ridge’s life surely didn’t encourage Ridge to think of Ridge as a brother, let alone a Forrester.

Add to that the complex situation of Ridge alternating between also being Rick’s step-dad over the years as he married and divorced Brooke and you can see why these two would have a difficult relationship.

Then Suddenly They Weren’t

In November 2001, Ridge, while warning Massimo to stay away from his mother, had an accident in Massimo’s office.  Ridge was messing around with a sword when an oversized sconce came off the wall knocking Ridge to the floor.  The sword left a gaping cut on Ridge’s neck.

At the hospital Stephanie learned from the doctor that based on Ridge and Eric’s blood types there was no way that Eric was Ridge’s son. Ridge’s father was Massimo.

Ridge didn’t find out until February 2003 that Massimo Maroni was his father.

Ridge went through an identity crisis of sorts and felt he could no longer trust his mother – the one person he thought he could rely on in his life.  Eric , understandably was shocked but couldn’t do anything but think of Ridge as his son – he’d raised him.  Still Ridge now had a new family.  He worked in Massimo’s business for a while and also learned he had a half brother – Nick Marone.

Ridge eventually returned to the fashion business and the Forrester fold, but Ridge being Stephanie’s bastard son with the shipping magnate has been a constant shadow in Ridge and his children’s lives (Steffy and Thomas).

Rick and Ridge’s relationship continued to be difficult.  Rick romanced not only, Phoebe, a relationship both Ridge and Brooke opposed because of their close familial ties, even though not blood related.  Rick also became involved with Taylor and later Steffy also. Phoebe accused Rick of romancing the women in Ridge’s life to get revenge on Ridge.

Phoebe, still arguing with Rick jumped in his car with him.  They tussled for the steering wheel and the car went off the road. Phoebe was thrown from the car and Rick interrupted Ridge and Brooke’s wedding rehearsal to get help.  Phoebe died in her father’s arms, but Ridge has never forgiven Rick for his daughter’s death.

Blood or no Blood

Whether or not Rick and Ridge are blood brother’s or not doesn’t really matter – except as a powerful reminder that Ridge isn’t really a Forrrester.  Of course, since Stephanie was just as instrumental in the success for Forrester Creations Ridge has a very strong familial connection to the business also.

Either way, there is plenty of bad blood between Ridge and Rick to make their relationship adversarial for years to come…


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