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Since the bandages came off Adam Newman’s newly reconstructed face, he has been itching to get back to Genoa City and reclaim his life under his new alter ego – Gabriel Bingham.

Gabriel Bingham, the real one, that is, was the devoted grandson of wealthy Constance Bingham.  When Gabriel lost his life saving Adam Newman from a car wreck, Sage, Constance’s carer and live in assistant, had the surgeons reconstruct Adam into Gabriel.

Sage Supports Adam Becoming Gabriel

When “Gabriel” regained consciousness she told Adam what the deal was.  If Constance thought her grandson was dead, it would kill her.  Adam would have to keep up the charade and be Gabriel for Constance’s sake.  If not, Sage could always call the police.

Sage’s motives seemed altruistic.  She was saving the elderly woman she cared for from learning that the grandson she doted on had lost his life saving the detestable Adam Newman who had killed a child.  Adam had little choice but to go along with the charade.  After all, reclaiming his life as Adam really wasn’t an option.  Adam would go to jail for Delia’s death.  Gabriel, however, seemed to have no ties. And stood to inherit frail Constance’s wealth upon her death.

Adam Wants To Reclaim His Life – As Gabriel Bingham

After coming face to face with his real life brother, Nick, who Sage had found trapped in a bear trap in the woods; Adam decided to test his new alter ego in Genoa City with his friends and family. He introduced himself to them as Gabriel Bingham

Adam quickly came up with a plan to reclaim his life but under his new identity, Gabriel.  Gabriel made moves in that direction but Constance seemed adamant that whenever Gabriel went into Genoa City that Sage would accompany him.  Adam and Sage’s relationship quickly became adversarial with Sage having an all consuming concern about Adam revealing his true identity.

Constance Bingham Passes Away

Early in the New Year a teary Sage called Gabriel and asked him to get home as soon as possible.  Constance wasn’t going to last the day. Constance began to see “the light” and Gabriel waiting for her.  She turned to Adam/Gabriel and asked who he was because her grandson was waiting for her.  Sage protested Gabriel was here, and Adam told his grandmother he was here, as Constance passed away.

The Will

Later, Sage hoped that Constance and Gabriel were together but that she had also not realized she’d survived her grandson.  Attention turned to the will.  Adam began reviewing it.  Constance sure did love her grandson he noted but Constance left Sage a pittance.  Sage told him to keep reading.  She would be getting half of everything Sage told Adam – we’re married Sage told Adam dropping the bombshell that ensured Sage’s future and explained her motives for keeping Gabriel alive.  At the same time however, the news derailed Adam’s future.

A clause in the Will also required that Gabriel and Sage remained married for three years.  And that three years is far from over given that Sage and Gabriel married on the day Gabriel saved Adam’s life.

Why Did Gabriel and Sage Marry?

The real Gabriel Bingham was a great guy, but somewhat irresponsible and a bit of a playboy.  Constance worried he would fritter away the family fortune in the same way he lost his company – a fact Adam noted – Gabriel lost his company because he wasn’t present – he was off having adventures.

Sage had been taken in by Constance when her parents died.  Sage was raise dint he Bingham household but was not considered family.  Given the role she filled late in Constance’s life Sage seems to have been more like a servant.  But what Gabriel lacked Constance had plenty of – common sense and responsibility.

She and Constance came up with the plan that Sage and Gabriel would marry keeping Gabriel on the straight and narrow.  It was a marriage of financial convenience; one that would come with a payday for Sage a lifetime in the making, once she’d been married to Gabriel for three years and Constance died.

Adam’s Plans Upended

Adam’s plan to move back to Genoa City and make a life for himself as Gabriel Bingham while winning back his wife, Chelsea, and getting back into his son, Connor’s life, didn’t include already having a wife.  Let alone one he needed to stay married to for three years.

Sage’s true motives for molding Adam into Gabriel Bingham are also now clear.  With the effort she’s gone to over the past year keeping Gabriel alive so that not only for Constance’s emotional state but to ensure that she inherited more than a pittance when the old lady did die, Sage is unlikely to let Adam ruin things for her now.

This new twist in Adam’s situation raises a lot of conflict between Adam and Sage.  Adam cannot walk away from the Bingham fortune without getting Sage seriously offside.  And he cannot keep Sage’s financial future secure without remaining married to her and sacrificing an immediate future with Chelsea…

What will Adam do?


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