Who Did Rick Shoot? If Anyone? | The Bold and the Beautiful

With the 7000th episode of The Bold and the Beautiful breaking from format to air a documentary style episode, The Bold and the Beautiful aired a cliffhanger at the end of its 6,999th episode.

Rick had just received his divorce papers from his attorney Chris.  If Rick signed them, Chris said he could get them filed and served that night.  Before letting his attorney leave, however, Rick went to his drawer and pulled out the gun he’d found in Stephanie’s nightstand when he moved into the Forrester Mansion.

Note:  Isn’t it interesting that Maya’s removal crew didn’t find it when they packed up all of Eric’s possessions to put into storage before she and Rick took over occupancy of the master bedroom.

Rick asked his attorney to get rid of the weapon for him.  Chris, a shooter, was impressed by the weapon and loaded it with the bullets that Rick also found.  Rick, as he knocked back a drink,  told Chris he didn’t want the gun around because honestly he didn’t trust himself.

After their dealings were complete Chris left, leaving the gun behind.  Rick spotted the gun and head out of his office to try to catch his attorney.  Rick stopped dead in his tracks however when he saw through a crack in the door to one of the other offices, Ridge and Caroline making out.

It seems Rick was right not to trust himself, especially with the amount he’s been drinking lately, with the weapon.  As anger and jealousy surged through him Rick raised the gun, took aim and fired three times into the office where Ridge and Caroline were caught up in each other.

There are three ways that his scenario can play out:

  1. It’s an alcohol induced fantasy
  2. Rick shoots warning shots
  3. Rick actually shoots Ridge (or Caroline).

Did Rick Really Shoot the Gun?

The Bold and the Beautiful has a habit of using fantasies and dreams as cliffhangers on their Friday episodes.  Could this perhaps have been an alcohol fueled fantasy on Rick’s behalf?  Spoilers certainly aren’t hinting that anyone was seriously shot. Though there are hints that Rick’s bad behavior spurs Caroline and Ridge into taking action to remove Rick as CEO.  Which leads us to the possibility that Rick actually did fire the gun.

Did Rick Fire Warning Shots at Ridge and Caroline

Rick’s anger has been spiraling out of control since he managed to manipulate his father into giving him irrevocable control of Forrester Creations for a year.  He has shown disrespect to the entire Forrester family by not only moving his mistress into the main house but removing the portrait of Stephanie that has held court over the home since her death.  It was a portrait his father, Eric hung, and even Brooke was horrified by the disrespect replacing it with a portrait of Maya showed.

Rick has taken every grudge he’s ever had and with ultimate power at his disposal is taking it out on those who have dared to oppose him.  Rick’s verbal abuse of Ivy and Caroline prompted Liam to burst into Rick’s office and physically send Rick to the ground.  Predictably, Rick only got angrier.

Rick’s state of mind can hardly be called stable and with a couple of drinks in him and a loaded gun in his hand you can imagine Rick taking a few pot shots at his life-long nemesis, Ridge.  Since spoilers are indicating an inciting incident gives Caroline and Ridge leverage to demand Rick step down as CEO or fae legal action, this option has merit.  The gun is fired but no one is hit.

Rick has proved capable of shooting someone in the past.   In 1997, Rick shot Grant Chambers, his mother’s husband, who rick also disapproved of.  Rick didn’t remember shooting Grant because he did so in an altered disordered state of mind thanks to loud rock and roll and violent video games that made up his days.

Ridge, of course, was charged with the crime.  Rick never stood trial.  Grant admitted to Ridge that it had been Rick who shot him and to protect Rick Ridge stood trial but received a suspended sentence because Grant asked for leniency.  Rick was sent to counseling but if memory serves he never learned he had been responsible for Grant’s shooting.

Rick Shoots Ridge (or Caroline)

That either Ridge or Caroline were hit by Rick’s bullets seems highly unlikely given published spoilers.  Ridge and Caroline appear to be in the thick of the action rather than hooked up to life support.  Of course one those three shots could have grazed one or both of them – assuming Rick shooting the gun isn’t just a fantasy.

Whether you like reliving old storylines or not, having Rick shoot Ridge (perhaps in the head?) could be an interesting moment of déjà vu, since Thorne did precisely that when he learned that his brother, Ridge, had slept with his tipsy wife, Caroline.  Thorne shot Ridge while doped up on pain pills and alcohol so didn’t remember shooting his brother.  Ridge was shot in the head so his memory too was affected.

Rick, as established earlier has already shot someone else in an altered state and doesn’t remember doing it.  So having him do so again isn’t farfetched (well, for a soap anyway).  And Ridge could conceivably have some lagging memory issues from his dip into the Gulf plague him.

Okay, so while that was fun to speculate, it’s almost certain that is not where The Bold and the Beautiful will head come Monday.  But since this is a soap opera, never say never…


  1. […] After a run in with Liam over Ivy and Caroline, Rick hits the bottle and pulls out the gun her found in his father’s bedroom.  Maya later tells Rick that he is coming home to a celebration tonight.  Still drinking Rick tells (Someone) that honestly, he doesn’t trust himself.- with Stephanie’s gun.  And rightly so, seeing Ridge and Caroline kissing, Rick aims and fires – three times.  Who did Rick shoot? […]

  2. […] Caroline finally accepts that Rick’s bad treatment of her has gone to far and its time to turn her back on her marriage to Rick.  Ridge and Caroline plot to have Rick removed as CEO of Forreser Creations.  They threaten legal action if Rick doesn’t comply with their request that he step down as CEO.  Do Caroline and Ridge use Rick trying to shoot them as leverage to get him to step down as CEO? […]

  3. Ricky never shot me or Caroline for that matter. It’s been a beautiful journey with Caroline. We’re artists we create. The decision was on Ricky to leave his wonderful wife. Now he must live with his decision. Every woman has a limit. It was just a couple of kisses.

  4. I hope ridge and Caroline stay togearher as they seem perfect together and hope theybgetbgrounds to put rick and Maya back where they belong just working there and out of Eric’s home and the CEO job as he certainly can’t handle it and would destroy their business

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