January 14: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 – Episode #6993

Do You Love Me?

Maya needs to hear Rick say he loves her.  Isn’t it obvious Rick asks.  She loves him, can she say the same about her?  He shows her, every day, every night Rick states.  She doesn’t want to pressure him, but if he can’t say it, they their relationship isn’t what she hoped it was.

He can’t do it alone, Rick says.  Everyone around me wants to see my fail.  But not you.  I want you in my life.  But that isn’t the question Maya says.  I need to know and hear you say it.  Who did he move her in and put her picture on the wall for.  Is he with her to get back at Caroline?

Rick says he’s filing for divorce .  Maya decides she should leave. There is nothing more to say, if he doesn’t feel the same way.  I do Rick says (under pressure) I love you.  He’s been wanting to say it…she’s been patient and someone he can trust.  He can’t imagine not having her in his life.  They  are just getting started Maya assures him.  They head upstairs.

Later, in bed Maya tells Rick they are blessed.  Materially they have much but best of allt hey have each other.

Gossip at the Office

At the office Carter thinks Maya is totally into Rick.  She fell for him as Rick the waiter.  Ivy and Aly aren’t buying it though.  Does Rick feel the same though?  Or is he still hung up on Caroline.

Aly says Rick thinks life is grand.  They why does he look so miserable? Ivy asks.  Carter admits Maya told him that Rick hadn’t told her he loved her yet.

Rick is so cold and bitter lately, Aly says.  Issues with Ridge they decide.  So much of what Rick is doing is payback against Caroline.  Carter thinks Maya is going to be let down in a hard way. Carter doesn’t see them riding off intot he sunset together.

They wonder how much penance Caroline is expected to do.  Caroline has to be losing patience.  What Rick is doing is messed up and there is another guy that does think Caroline is great.  Ivy states that if Rick doesn’t come around soon he will risk losing Caroline forever.

Let Him Go

Caroline and Ridge discuss Rick’s portrait stunt.  Ridge doesn’t know why she puts up with him.  Everyone has a limit, but Caroline isn’t there yet.  And Rick knows that Ridge states.  At some point she has to say enough is enough Ridge recommends.

Rick is belligerent and Unreasonable.  Promise me you won’t play into it anymore.  Caroline hates what he is doing but isn’t ready to stop fighting for her marriage.  They both know why he’s lashing out.  Ridge asks why he isn’t there with her trying to work it out.  Ridge doesn’t want Caroline to be disappointed.  Caroline just needs to have fait she says…

What if he doesn’t forgive her Ridge asks.  What kind of man does all of this nonsense just to hurt you.  You’re better than that.  How much more of this can you take Ridge wonders?

Caroline says Rick can’t possible love her.  She thinks she can bring Rick round.  Caroline facetimes Rick.  Did she catch him at a bad time?  A little bit he says and shows Maya in bed next to him.  Are you in bed with her she asks?  Yeah we live together, Rick says coldly.  Upset, Caroline hangs up.  Ridge is sorry, but her marriage is over.

An angry Caroline tells Ridge he wanted to hurt her – that’s why he answered the phone.  Its time to let go Ridge says.  He’s not the man you married.  Caroline still thinks he’s in there.   He’s just pretending with Maya.  Part of her feels sorry for Rick.  Ridge feels sorry for Caroline.  Maybe the battle isn’t worth fighting. Rick wants to blame others for his short comings – let him go.  You deserve better.

He’s in bed with her – why would he want me to see that.  Who does something like that?  He wants to hurt you Ridge says.  You will rise above it.

How?  Bury myself if work and report to him?  With Maya by his side gloating? Caroline yells how am I supposed to move on.  How do I do that Ridge?  How Caroline rants.  Ridge shows her my grabbing her to him and kissing Caroline.  Caroline kisses him back…


Tuesday, January 14, 2014 – Episode #6740

Rick and Hope

Rick asks Hope about Hawaii.  It was great Hope says.  Wyatt was the friend she needed.  They’re closer Hope admits and Rick wonders where things stand with Liam.  Hop told Liam she is dating Wyatt.  Liam blames Quinn and Hope kind of does too. S o does mom, Rick admits.  Hope told Quinn that she was starting to not trust her.  Liam thinks she is dangerous but Hope thinks she just needs to be watched.

Hope tells Rick she is moving on.  Liam and Hope will never be done with each other, Hope admits.  Wyatt is committed to me and it’s nice to see a man who says he’s in love with me and not see another woman standing behind him.  There’s no drama.  Rick suggests she enjoy it. Wyatt hasn’t been bad for business either.  Hope agrees.  Ever since that diamond heist they have been on a roll!

There’s no pressure to marry and there’s no Steffy.  Go for it Rick says you deserve it.
Wyatt calls Hope and says he has a surprise for her.  Meet him.  He will text her the address.  Rick tells Hope to go.  Go be happy he tells his sister.

Bill Gives Wyatt a House

Bill bought back the beach house that he and Katie used to live in (Taylor owned it and Thomas lived there with Oliver before heading to Paris).  Wyatt is impressed.  The house is incredible.  But who’s going to live there him and Katie or him and Brooke.  Neither, Bill tells his son.  It’s yours.  Time you got out of that warehouse (and away from Mommy Dearest…) Wyatt says he can’t but Bills says he did the same for Liam and there are certain perks to being a Spencer.

Wyatt wonders about the timing though.  Does his trip to Hawaii and the time he spent with Hope have anything to do with this Wyatt asks.

Wyatt tells Bill he has to break the news to his mom.  break the leash while you’re at it Bill tells his son.  So there is an ulterior motive Wyatt says.  Bill doesn’t refute it.  he wants Wyatt away from his mother’s influence.

What is your problem with mom Wyatt asks?  Let’s just leave it at she raised an incredible son, Bill suggests.  But Wyatt pushes.  She didn’t tell you about me and me about you.  She is way to involved in your life.  She is orchestrating things you are unaware of, Bill says.  Sending Hope the Steffy video, bringing Steffy here from Paris, Bill says by way of example.  Wyatt calls him on it though, isn’t that a page out of your book?

Bill says it is and that he learned his lesson.  Your mother isn’t quite right in the head – when it comes to you…Wyatt says he was her whole life but now he has the Forrester contract and she’s taken an interest in Eric.

Bill can’t solve Wyatt’s mother’s problems but he can stop Wyatt being sucked into it.  Keep a healthy distance Bill suggests.  Like out in Malibu?  Not a bad option Wyatt admits and says he will move in.  He can’t wait to tell Hope.  Wyatt thanks Bill for this.

Hawaii was unreal Wyatt tells his dad.  Just to have Hope alone.  He feels like he and Hope are more than just their business success.  He doesn’t doubt his relationship with Hope anymore.  Bill suggest he take it slow and easy, but Wyatt simply says that’s not the Spencer way.

Later, Hope arrives and learns that Bill bought Wyatt his beach house.  Moving up in the world Hope states.  Hawaii was a great trip.  She was such a mess when she got on the plane Hope says.  Wyatt says he was a mess until she got on the plane.  They reflect on the trip.  Then Wyatt says he has something for her.  Flowers.

Today I move into my new home hopefully not alone, says the card in a bunch of flowers Wyatt has for Hope.  He kisses her and says live with me.

Liam Investigates the Jewel Heist

Charlie tells Liam that only that morning he was telling Wyatt about a bunch of famous diamond heists and then one happens to them that very night.  Imagine that!  Charlie states.  Liam reiterates the sentiment suspiciously as Quinn listens.  Quite a coincidence Liam says. Liam admits to Charlie and Pam he has an issue with Wyatt and Quinn.  Charlie thinks Quinn is a sweetheart though…

Charlie gets a new alert on the diamond heist.  The two arrested for the theft insisted on a lie detector test and they passed!  But Liam thinks the odds of both of them passing a polygraph are slim.  At that moment Quinn’s presence is exposed when an employee asks for her assistance.  Liam realizes Quinn has been listening to the entire conversation as Quinn leaves.

You really don’t like her do you Pam says.  Liam’s not saying she isn’t talented.  She is a good momma Pam says.  A momma lion.  Liam asks if Quinn was present at the heist.  She was there earlier but gone at the time of the heist, Charlie says.  Pam says everyone wants a piece of the heist story.  Wyatt the hero and Hope the princess.

Charlie heads to the boutique and Liam tags along – he has more questions.  When they are gone Quinn reappears at Pam’s desk and says it sounded like she was getting an earful.

Liam is just a little out of sorts these days Pam says to Donna.  Quinn knows she’s not one of his favorite people.  Donna tells her she just has to let the kids work it out.  Quinn wishes that she and Liam got on better.  Pam says it’s better not to get involved with the young people’s dramas.  Quinn wishes she could mend fences and asks if Liam is still in the building.    Pam tells her he’s at the boutique.

At the Boutique

At the boutique Liam asks exactly how it all went down.  The diamond was there and then it wasn’t there.  Didn’t see the jewel thieves in the store Charlie says.  The Store was closed, customers were gone the clerks were gone.  He didn’t see the thieves when the diamond was stolen.  It was only him and Wyatt in the store.  Liam nods knowingly.



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