January 2: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, January 2, 2015– Episode #6985

Maya is Excited about Her New Life

On the sky lounge Maya and Rick are excited about Eric signing the documents.  Rick is sure he will get a year as CEO.

Othello arrives to meet Maya on the sky lounge.  Its finally happening Maya tells him.  Eric has to sign those papers before someone catches on about Rick not being Caroline’s happy husband she tells him.

Othello and Maya wait…Maya can’t stand the thought of keeping up this lie for another day.  She isn’t a liar.  Maya gets a text and leaves…

Ridge is Suspicious

Ridge tells Caroline that there is something going on with Rick.  He doesn’t trust Rick – the papers and his relationship not being what Rick says it is.  Ridge gets a text from Carter that Rick is making his move.  Caroline and Ridge head to the meeting.

Ivy to the Rescue?

Ivy finds Othello on the Sky lounge looking for Maya She asks if anything is going on with Rick and Maya.  If he knows something, and Ivy can sense he does, he has to tell her.  She saw Rick leaving Maya’s apartment.  If something bad is going to happen today, Ivy wants to know.

Meanwhile , Maya waits outside the meeting.  Pam tells her if she wasn’t invited to the meeting it doesn’t concern her.  Maya says she’s not going anywhere.  Maya gets a text to get ready to come into the meeting from Rick.

Othello also finds Pam at the door of the meeting listening.  Ridge is furious about Eric signing papers.  Half the company is in there –even Maya, Pam says. Pam realizes that Othello also knows something.  He says there could be some big chages coming up.

Eric Gives Rick Full Autonomy

Carter enters Eric’s office and asks Eric if he’s sure he wants to do this.  A year is a long time if things go wrong.  You are giving Rick all the power.  No one will be able to contradict him.  Rick and his attorney arrive.

Carter warns everyone about the long term ramifications of signing the documents.  Rick reiterates his position.  He needs to do his job without looking over his shoulder at what Ridge is up to all the time.  You won’t be here to step in Rick reminds Eric.  I just want to implement my vision for Forrester unimpeded.

Carter text Ridge and lets him know that Rick is making his move.

Eric signs the papers.  He doesn’t doubt that he and Caroline are the future of the company.

Ridge and Caroline burst into the meeting.  Rick tells Ridge he’s too late.  The papers have been signed…

The fallout

Ivy sneaks up on Pam eavesdropping.  They try to find out what is going on. Ivy wants to know what they are fighting over.  Pam realizes Ivy knows something.

Inside, ridge tells Eric what Rick wants is unprecedented ridge says, but Eric says its done.  He is happy with his decision.  Rick will run the company for a year.  Ridge says he has carte blanche.  Caroline thanks Eric for his support of Rick.

Ridge reminds Eric that Rick has made some terrible decisions in the past.  Ridge wants to know what else is going on here.  He’s already CEO what does he need these papers for, ridge asks realizing there is more going on that anyone realizes.

Something doesn’t feel right.  Caroline says everything is fine.  Eric says Rick got off track for a while but he’s doing well.  Ridge says Rick had a tantrum.  Ridge says Rick has trust issues.  Rick says this is whye he needed the papers .

Rick says he isn’t going to be running the company alone.  He intends to keep the tradition of running Forrester a s a couple.  He’s learned the value of a great partner.  Someone he can trust and is completely loyal to him.  Caroline thanks Rick, but Maya walks in.

You wanted to see me, Rick Maya says.  Eric tells Maya it can wait.  Ridge says she needs to go also.  Rick wants Maya to hear this also.  Caroline does too.  Rick tells maya that his dad just signed papers giving him irrevocable control of Forrester creations for a year.

They all have to work together Rick says.  He’s about moving forward.  He needs a partner who will be there through it all.  Carolien looks forward to being that person.  He can depend on her Caroline says.  Rick tells Caroline he wasn’t talking about Caroline.  He was taking about Maya.  The cat is out of the bag, he and Maya are still together.  His marriage to Caroline ended the day she betrayed him with Ridge.

Ridge looks at a shocked Eric, Maya has a smug expression on her face as Rick moves to stand by her side and Caroline is stunned at Rick’s betrayal….



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