January 22: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, January 22, 2015 – Episode #6999

Brooke Returns to Los Angeles

Back in Los Angeles Brooke stops by Deacon and Quinn’s loft to see Deacon.  Hope is getting there and Wyatt is doing what he can to keep their marriage alive.  Brooke notes he is with Quinn, then asks Deacon to pour her a tequila also incase his new girlfriend comes home.

Hope isn’t coming back any time soon Brooke tells Deacon and Quinn arrives.  Brooke offers to leave, but Quinn wants to know about Wyatt and Hope.  Hope isn’t coming home anytime soon Brooke says.  Quinn tells her she needs to convince Hope to come home.  Brooke says that Hope will decide on her own when to come home.  Quinn asks if Wyatt is being shut out by Hope.  Her feelings aren’t the only ones that matter Quinn says.  She doesn’t like how Hope is dealing with this at all Quinn says.

You don’t have any say in the way Hope grieves the loss of her child.  If you hadn’t come to my house and confronted Hope the way you did none of this would be happening.  This is all your fault Brooke yells at Quinn.  An upset Quinn turns away and Deacon asks Brooke to layoff, but she states she’s only telling the truth.  Deacon comforts Quinn and Brooke leaves.

Waiting is difficult but Hope will do what she needs to do to recover Brooke says as she leaves.  She’ll elt them know if there are any updates.

Brooke Learns about Rick and Maya

At the Forrester mansion, Maya answers the door in her lingerie, thinking its Rick, to find Brooke standing there.  You’re wearing my lingerie Brooke notes.  Yes its from your line Maya says.  Brooke is looking for Rick. She was at the guest house but there was no answer.  Brooke learns that Maya nd Rick are living in the main house then she sees the portrait of Maya in the living room.  Where is Stephanie’s picture she demands?  It needs to go back, Brooke states.  What is going on?  This is so disrespectful.  What are you doing with my son?  Brooke demands.

Liam and Ivy’s Relationship Progresses

Ivy arrives at Liam’s to find it decked out for seduction. Whatever do you have on your mind Ivy asks Liam.  Ivy toast Liam standing up for her at the Forrester offices.  She’s seen Liam the hero before – he jumped into the Seine for her, but today she realized he really has her back.  It goes both ways, she tells him.  She feels safe and protected when she’s near him.  Liam says he’ll always stand up for her.  She taught him that caring about a woman doesn’t have to be a struggle and being about overcoming obstacles.  She reminded him love can be fun.  Liam leads Ivy to the bedroom and the couple makes love for the first time.

Ridge and Caroline

Caroline confides in Ridge about Rick’s attack on her and Ivy.  She can handle it now she’s given up on him being the husband she married.  He’s always been angry Ridge tells her.  She doesn’t deserve that and it doesn’t concern her anymore Ridge tells Caroline.

They review some designs working well together… and Ridge draws a design on his own.  They end up in a lip lock.

Rick Signs Divorce Papers

Maya wants to know what Rick’s surprise is.  Chris, his attorney is on the way over with his divorce papers.  Caroline gets them today Rick happily tells Maya.  They can finally move on.  Maya leaves Rick to sign the papers.  You’re coming home to a celebration tonight.

Chris tells Rick he will serve the papers tonight.  Rick keeps drinking. He also takes a gun out of his draw and asks hi attorney to get rid of it.  He wants it gone because he doesn’t trust himself.  Stephanie kept it in her night stand.  Chris is impressed by the gun and Rick gives it to him as a bonus for all the extra work he’s been doing lately.

But Chris leaves without the gun.  Rick chases after him with it but doesn’t catch him.  Instead he spies Caroline and Ridge making out through an open door.  He raises the gun, aims and shoots three times…



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