January 9: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, January 9, 2014 – Episode #6990


Form upstairs Maya notices Caroline’s car as she’s getting ready.  She reflects on all the times Caroline put her down.

Upstairs Othello calls Maya.  She admits to being a bit intimidated.  She tells him about Rick replacing Stephanie’s portrait.  Othello tells her that if it were Rick he’d take it down and put it in storage. Othello tells her that Rick has made some bad choices in women over the years finally he’s made a good one he tells her.

Caroline Sees Maya’s Portrait

Caroline asks Rick how he could let her put that up there.  Rick tells her he did it.  Form upstairs Maya notices Caroline’s car as she’s getting ready.  She reflects on all the times Caroline put her down.

Caroline realizes that he brought her here just to see the portrait. Ridge was always Stephanie’s favorite son, her Marone bastard she tried to pass off as a Forrester.  Rick doesn’t’ want to be reminded of that every time he looks at Stephanie’s disapproving eyes.  Caroline tells Rick not to do this – you don’t love her.

Face reality.  You betrayed me and now you are suffering the consequences.  Caroline admits seeing the portrait hurt her.  But she doubts that he’s gotten out of it what he wants.  They are married.  They’ve hurt each other, but they can get through his.  Break up with Maya, take that thing down, and come home.  Please Caroline asks.  Rick simply walks out then Maya walks into the room.

Maya admits to Caroline that she was stunned by her portrait over the mantle in the mansion.  She did ask rick to take it down.  What about Rick’s reputation Caroline asks.  He’s a married man and he replaced Stephanie’s portrait. Caroline tell Maya that Rick insisted that they talk here.  He’s lashing out at her, Caroline says.  Maya thinks all her dreams are coming true, but Rick will have no use for her when Rick is over getting back at Caroline.  What do you think will happen then Caroline asks.

You fooled around with his arch rival.  Yeah, he wants to hurt you, Maya agrees.  She isn’t worried about where she stands when his anger goes away.  Maya is loyal and supportive everything Caroline wasn’t.  Rick has earned the right to put up a photo of the one woman who supports him.  Maya tells Caroline that it’s not all about her.  Life on this planet isn’t all about Caroline Spencer.  The picture proves that Maya is on track to be the next leader of this family.  Her actions and devotion to Rick as a partner and wife will make her the next Forrester matriarch, Maya rubs in to Caroline.

Ivy and Liam

In the office Liam brings Ivy coffee, but she’s more interested in the cute delivery boy. Liam’s asks if she’s heard from Wyatt in Italy.  They wish they knew what was going on.  Liam notices Ivy is preoccupied.  Ivy tells him about what Rick has done hanging Maya’s portrait replacing Stephanie’s.

Liam tells Ivy that she wasn’t there when maya and Rick first met, they had a sweet, genuine connections.  He’s not defending Rick’s rebound behavior, but there is more to Maya and Rick’s relationship than Ivy realizes and unfortunately Caroline realizes.

Rick walks into he office and asks how Caroline is settling in.  Rick tells Ivy that he would really like it if they can all live in harmony.  Kicking her and Ally out of the house for the first night wasn’t a good start Ivy says.  Moving on so quickly, moving into the mansion and hanging that picture tells her something.  It tells her he still wants to be with Caroline.

Liam weighs in.  He’s married and those feeling s don’t disappear.  He can call a couple of kisses cheating but he did worse to her.  Rick says that Caroline is so clueless to his needs that she turned to “that” man.  Maya believes in him and is loyal.  Maya is what he needs Rick says.



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