Liam and Ivy Make Love |The Bold and the Beautiful Firsts

Liam Spencer and Ivy Forrester became fast friends from the moment she landed in Los Angeles.  Eric Forrester’s niece, a talented jewelry designer arrived at Forrester Creations at just the right time.  Quinn Fuller, had been fired once more for her interfering ways when it was revealed that she was the one that put into motion the sequence of events that saw Ridge fall out of a helicopter in Abu Dhabi.

Ivy, Forrester Creations New Jewelry Designer

Ivy found herself with a job designing jewelry for the Couture and HFTF lines at Forrester Creations.  Ivy quickly proved to be a young woman with integrity.  She’d followed Hope’s romantic escapades through her mother’s love of the tabloids.

Supports Liam’s Relationship with Hope

Ivy and Liam became friends while he was seeing Hope.  But Ivy quickly became disillusioned by Hope’s inability to chose between the two brothers courting her and made a logical parallel between Hope and her mother.  It was beginning to look like Hope and Ivy would become romantic rivals in the same way that Taylor and Brooke were.

But Ivy was a good friend to Liam and Liam wanted Hope so she supported him.  So much so that she accompanied him to Paris where he was to meet Hope at their “spot” near the Eiffel Tower and get married.

Liam Rescues Ivy and Loses Hope to Wyatt

But Liam and Ivy didn’t count on Quinn once again interfering in Hope and Liam’s relationship.  Liam could see Hope waiting for him ad Ivy told him to go.  She would take a photo of their meeting from the bridge.  Liam went, Ivy perched herself on the edge of the bridge and lined up her shot.  Quinn walked past and pushed Ivy into the Seine, betting that chivalrous Liam would rescue Ivy, missing his meeting with Hope.

And that’s precisely what happened.  Liam’s choice to rescue Ivy from the Seine had far reaching consequences for Liam.  Wyatt whisked Hope off and married her on Bill Spencer’s yacht in Monte Carlo.

Ivy Supports, then Falls for Liam

Ivy was there to support Liam through the loss of Hope to his brother.  Slowly as they spent more time together Ivy admitted to her cousin Aly she was developing feelings for Liam.  But ever practical, Ivy knew Liam was still in love with Hope.

When Charlie’s investigation into what happened in Paris revealed that Quinn had pushed Ivy from the bridge intentionally, Ivy kicked herself for falling for Liam, believing that he would go back to Hope. And Hope would have returned to Liam had she not been pregnant with Wyatt’s baby.

Jealous Hope

With Hope no longer available to him Liam began to see Ivy as more than just a friend.  The duo began dating and when Ivy was headed to Amsterdam for a photo shoot for her jewelry with Hope and Wyatt, Ivy invited Liam along.

Hope had been vocal in her opinion that Ivy should give Liam time to get over her and not move in on him too soon.  But everyone including Hope’s husband saw through Hope’s protestations – it was Hope who wasn’t’ over Liam.

Liam Loves Ivy

While in Amsterdam Hope became competitive with Ivy in her jealousy.  Wyatt found it amusing but also disturbing. So he took his mother’s advice to push Liam and Ivy to progress their relationship.  Hope overheard Wyatt organizing a romantic boat ride on the canals of Amsterdam.  She assumed the trip was for them, and was horrified to learn that Wyatt had organized the romantic trip for Liam and Ivy.

Wyatt’s plan worked.  Liam and Ivy enjoyed their boat ride and when they returned to the hotel Liam and Ivy proclaimed their love for each other. At the same time Hope had an epiphany that she had to let go of Liam and prepare for the impending birth of her baby.

Hope and Ivy Make Peace

Hope and Ivy made peace each other in the knowledge that when it came down to it they both wanted the same – for Liam to be happy.  Ivy even helped Pam and Ivy planning Hope’s baby shower. It was later that same day that Ivy and Liam’s relationship would face another challenge when Hope lost her baby when she fell down the stairs at Brooke’s house.

Days later Liam said farewell to the love of his life, Hope, as she left Los Angeles to grieve the loss of her baby.  Before departing Hope proclaimed her love for Liam and the couple kissed.

Liam’s behavior makes Liam’s claim to love Ivy all the more difficult to swallow.  Hope’s farewell scenes made it look like Liam was just killing time with Ivy.  But Liam went on with his relationship with Ivy again telling her he loved her after defending her and Caroline against Rick’s atrocious behavior since gaining irrevocable control of Forrester Creations.

Liam and Ivy Make Love

While Ivy worried about her job, Liam told her that with him around she never had to worry.  The couple enjoyed a romantic dinner in Liam’s home which was set for seduction.  They professed their love and moved to the bedroom where they made love for the first time.

If viewers ever needed any proof that Liam and Ivy are not destined to be a front burner couple in their own right, they got it with that episode.  A new couple making love for the first time should be able to carry an episode with that event, but Liam and Ivy making love for the first time was sandwiched in an episode that also included Brooke returning home after a three month absence in Italy AND Rick going off the rails and shooting a gun into the office where Caroline and Ridge were making out.

Liam and Ivy’s relationship, though sweet, has progressed not on its own merits but as a plot device for one storyline after another.  Even Liam and Ivy making love for the first time isn’t about the couple taking the next logical step in their relationship, but  more about upping the stakes before Liam’s ex-wife, Steffy, arrives in Los Angeles next week.


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