Maya Avant: From the Big House to the Main House |The Bold and the Beautiful

Released From the Big House

The character of Maya Avant first appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful in January of 2013.  Released from prison for a crime she didn’t commit Maya came looking for Dayzee Leigh, who had arranged the adoption of her baby years earlier when Maya was headed to prison.

Maya learned the sad news that her daughter had been killed in a car accident with her adoptive family on the way to a fun park to celebrate her birthday.  Maya was understandably crushed.  Dayzee let Maya stay in the apartment above Dayzee’s until she got on her feet.  While living there, Maya met Rick Forrester, who was bussing tables at Dayzee’s as part of his charitable work.  He’d recently been made President and Forrester Creations and Eric, his dad, had told him that giving back was an important part of an executives duties.

The Busboy and the Jailbird

Rick was instantly smitten, despite the fact that he was dating Caroline Forrester, who granted, had recently become shallow, elitist and bratty to contrast Maya’s hard done by character.  Maya too was attracted to Rick, but she believed him to be down on his luck, much like she was.  That changed when she learned he was a Forrester Creations heir.

Maya ended their relationship.  Eventually, however, she forgave him his lie of omission and Rick ended his relationship with Caroline – despite Caroline managing to avoid the “dumping” for a very long time.

But eventually Rick did manage to pin Caroline down long enough to dump her; thereby starting a triangle that feels like it being positioned as the Ridge and Brooke for the new generation.  Whether you believe Maya or Caroline is “the new Brooke” depends on your point of view.

Maya and Rick didn’t last too long.  Caroline and her Uncle Bill saw to that.  And let’s be honest, Maya’s dalliance with Carter one the night of the Room 8 launch, while she was still seeing Rick, was just as disloyal as Caroline kissing Ridge.  Carter just isn’t Ridge, so that betrayal would be easier for Rick to forgive.

But Rick Married Caroline…

Rick and Caroline married in an impromptu wedding at the Forrester’s Thanksgiving celebration in 2013.  Thanks to Lyndsey Godfrey’s maternity leave, Caroline and Ridge were happy for what a record time for soap opera newlyweds.

But as soon as Caroline returned things got rocky for the newlyweds.  Sensing something was wrong with Ridge – since he wasn’t producing the long awaited Couture Line, Caroline worked out that he couldn’t draw after his accident in the Persian Gulf.  They worked together getting out the line and in the process fell for each other.  The duo only shared a couple of kisses, but Maya played up what she’d witnessed between Ridge and Caroline.

Maya, the Gold Digger

Maya had turned into a gold digger who regretted giving up the chance to be a Forrester and “live the dream”.  She was determined to rectify that and used Ridge and Caroline’s closeness to make it happen.

When Eric decided to step down from the CEO position he told his son Ridge and Rick he would hand the baton to one of them.  When Eric made the announcement that his son Ridge, a man of integrity and honesty would be Forrester Creations next CEO, Maya saw her opportunity to prove her loyalty to Rick and get rid of Caroline.

Maya burst out that a man of integrity and honesty wouldn’t be having an affair with his brother’s wife.  Caroline denied an affair but in the interest of honest did tell her husband something did happen between her and Ridge. They kissed. Rick went off the rails and immediately turned to Maya, sleeping with her.

Caroline was determined to save her marriage.  Eric gave Rick the CEO position reversing his decision about Ridge.  But Rick too proved himself unworthy of the role when he tried to sabotage the couture line.  A furious Eric told Rick he’s had enough of this nonsense and told Rick that if he didn’t reunite with Caroline he would lose the CEO position also.

Rick Lies and Schemes to Keep His Job and Maya

Rick did as his father said.  But it was an act.  He played along as the supportive and dutiful husband to Caroline while continuing his affair with Maya behind everyone’s back. Once Rick managed to secure papers giving him full control of Forrester Creations, he very publicly announced that the woman by his side wouldn’t be Caroline.  It would be Maya.

Rick and Maya wasted no time making sure everyone understood that they had all the power and control in both the business and the family.

Maya Moves into the Main House

With Eric headed to Europe on a lecture tour and vacationing with his brother, John, Rick and Maya moved into the main house on the Forrester estate.  Ivy came home to find Maya packing up all of Eric belongings and placing them into storage, so that she and Rick could claim the study and master bedroom.  Ivy made her distaste for Maya was doing known and warned her that Aly and Ivy were actually Forrester’s and Maya was just a wannabe.

Rick and Maya Exercise Their Power

But when Rick got home he made also made some immediate changes to the family home.  He removed Stephanie’s portrait – the one his father had commissioned an d hung after Stephanie’s death – and replaced it with a portrait of Maya.

Maya had the decency to be discomforted by the move given she was a guest in the house. Rick, however, was convinced she deserved to start living her dream.  It is unlikely the rest of the Forrester’s will agree, however.  Pam, Stephanie’s sister will be displeased by the move.  Ally, who has been very protective of Stephanie’s memory in the past (in relations to Wyatt commercializing Stephanie’s jewelry collection) will likely also be vocal about the change.  And Ivy has already made her feelings clear.

But , somehow, it feels like Rick’s motives behind the move wasn’t designed to elevate Maya, but to put everyone else in their place.  He was running the business and heading the family now…and in truth its showed that Rick wasn’t concerned about the animosity that would be directed towards Maya, hinting that Rick is behaving badly to punish Caroline…


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