Melanie and Brady’s First Date Almost Became Their First Time | Days of our Lives

Melanie arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to meet Brady for their first date after he wrapped up a business call.  She brought her nurses uniform.  She had to work a partial shift later that night.  Melanie did dress for the occasion eliciting compliments from Brady who himself appeared to have some first date jitters.

Brady told Melanie he’d brought the car around to the side of the house to avoid the ice at the front.  Chivalry it appears isn’t dead.  After some confusing Melanie babble, Melanie lead the way to the waiting car, and unseen to viewers slipped on the ice.  Brady rushed after his date and joined her on the slippery and cold surface.

If that didn’t seem to unlikely, what happened next, certainly was.  Brady and Melanie came back into the Kiriakis mansion, teeth chattering as if they’d been marooned in the snow overnight, not just slipped on some ice.

They decided their first priority was to get warm, but shedding their clothes and huddling under a blanket.  Again, Melanie had a change of clothes with her for work, and Brady presumably had an entire wardrobe upstairs but they decided to strip and huddle under a blanket even though there was a roaring fire in the room.

Of course, half-naked and on their first date, one thing led to another and if Victor hadn’t walked in, Brady and Melanie’s first date – if that is what you could call it – would have ended up being their first time.

So much for taking it slow and being smart….


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