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Rick’s main justification for wanting Eric to sign over control of Forrester Creations to him was so that he could get on with implementing his plans for Forrester Creations without constantly looking over his shoulder and wondering what Ridge would do next to undermine him and his position.

Rick felt he had proved himself to his father by reuniting with his wife and running Forrester Creations as Eric himself would, without letting personal vendettas get in the way of business.

Minutes after gaining control of Forrester Creations Rick let the cat out of the bag that he and Maya were still seeing each other. She would be the woman beside the CEO, Rick announced.

In reality Rick proved just minutes after Eric signed the papers that nothing was further from the truth.  He called Maya into the meeting and announced to everyone present that the loyal and supportive partner by his side would be Maya, not Caroline.

Rick will now believe that his path is clear, at least for a year, to run Forrester Creations as he sees fit.  The papers Eric signed gave him full control of the company and with his loyal mistress Maya by his side Rick no doubt feels on top of the world.

But reading between the lines of spoilers, Rick will not be making many friends with his high handed attitude to running Forrester Creations.  Even Maya will come to question her place at Rick’s side.  With nothing but enemy’s in the work place what will Rick do next?  Or more importantly who will topple Rick from his position of power.  It may not be who we think!

Note:  What appears below is speculation!  Some of it based on comings and goings and published spoilers, but mostly speculation!

Will Rick Go on Firing Spree?

Rick made it clear when Eric first appointed Ridge as CEO that he felt betrayed by everyone – including his father for overlooking him and giving Ridge the top job.  Of course, Rick has also been angry with his wife, Caroline for betraying him with his “brother” Ridge.  Then there is Ivy who after seeing Rick and Maya together outside Maya’s mistress apartment tried to convince Rick to do the right thing.

While firing those disloyal to him may seem like the perfect revenge, it would also leave Rick short his key staff.  If he has any hope of making his control permanent he has to find a way to punish those who have hurt him without sinking Forrester Creations.

Firing three of the company’s designers would leave Rick with a staff of Hope, who is currently on leave, Wyatt in the jewelry marketing division who is also absent, and intern Aly who dreams of one day having a shoe line but has done precious little in that direction instead focusing on making goo-goo eyes at Oliver and discussing everyone else’s love lives.

Firings aren’t really an option for Rick.  Besides who wants to tune in every day to see Rick and Maya having sex on his desk  – euwww…Ridge, Caroline and Ivy are needed to keep the conflicts and storylines flowing.

And Rick will get at least one ally later in January, when Brooke returns.  Then there is the possible recast of Hope and her return to Los Angeles.  Wyatt too will return to the canvas come February and if he knows what is good for his relationship with Hope, he will side with Hope’s brother and mother…

Ridge Takes Over

Ridge suspected Rickie boy was up to something but couldn’t put his finger on it.  Eric and Ridge are both astute business men who have spearheaded their share of power play maneuvers in their time.  Hopefully one of them had Carter adjust the contract with an “out” clause.

Of added interest is the return of Steffy in this month, albeit only for a few episodes, but the addition of Ridge’s progeny back into the storyline could see Rick have a formidable team trying to upset his reign.  Thomas on his own was only ever a lack luster opponent for Rick in the power play stakes, but Steffy, who was responsible for returning control of Forrester Creations to the Forrester family last time Bill Spencer took control, is more than an adequate adversary for Rick.  That there is no love lost between Rick and Steffy adds another dimension.

Could Ridge and his children take control from Ridge?

Bill and Katie – A Wildcard Takeover?

But the real danger for Rick comes not from Ridge, but the wife he just betrayed in a most callous fashion.  Granted Caroline did have a dalliance with Ridge.  But it was a few kissed.  Rick’s response was to out and out cheat with Maya.  Then to add insult to injury, Rick pretended to reunite, with his wife to keep his job as CEO, then publicly humiliated her when he got full control.

Caroline has a right to be angry.  Rick may believe he comes from a rich and powerful family, but so does Caroline.  Uncle Bill has already proved by beating up Ridge on the day of the Couture Line preview that he will defend those he loves.

I think it’s safe to say Uncle Bill will not be happy with Rick’s treatment of his wife.  Spoilers are also hinting that a reunited Bill and Katie become a Spencer power couple in their own right.  Katie likely isn’t feeling too kindle towards Ridge, and with Bill sure to defend his niece, could Rick’s problems come not from Ridge but from Bill and Katie?

Things could get really interesting if Bill gets control of Forrester Creations and appoints Caroline, Rick’s discarded wife, as CEO.

It’s been a long time since the Forrester’s lost control of Forrester Creations.  Bill, Katie and Caroline co may just be motivated enough to do give Rick a taste of his own medicine…

Soap Opera Story Commentary:

This is the first time in a long while that the writers have managed to script a Forrester Creations leadership challenge that has viewers paying attention.  Mostly because it is entwined with the relationships of those concerned.

Hopefully, they capitalize on this storytelling magic in the coming months.  The Caroline, Ridge and Rick triangle was compelling, add in Rick’s tantrum, Eric’s ultimatum and Rick seeing Maya behind Caroline’s back and you have a multi-faceted storyline with many hurt feelings, anger, and potential for revenge.

Add Bill and Katie into the mix with their own takeover bid and you have most of the canvas involved in one plot.  It would be the kind of overarching storylines that Days of our Lives does so well (when they get it right!).

Let’s hope this landscape continues and Brooke’s return (and Hope’s possible recasting)  doesn’t see everything resolved neatly with a few astute words from the Logan’s who have been in Milan.


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